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Business Profiles
Family First
As a tireless advocate for her clients and their families, as well as her own, family attorney Susan Levy Eisenberg proves that, with hard work and dedication, it is possible to “have it all.”
Returning to Life
Patients affected by debilitating stroke seek to recover their abilities and their independence with help from Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center.
The Heart of Hospitality
Paxos Restaurants’ Jillian Fligge and Elyse Lovenworth aim to create a memorable experience for each guest of their company’s five locations.
Many Reasons to Smile
Dr. Annie Creato, owner of Kidsteeth Pediatric Dentistry, has created a vibrant and welcoming dental practice rooted in fun, family, and exceptional care.
Welcome Home
The female leaders of Lindy Communities go above and beyond to help clients, as well as new team members, to “come home to Lindy.”
Cued Up
At Royal Billiard & Recreation, homeowners find everything they need to transform their homes into destinations built for entertaining friends and family.
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