Eye for Design
by Theodora Malison

Bucks County mothers—both seasoned and expecting— received a much welcome addition this past October, when interior design expert and founder of Rittenhouse Home Jennifer Poe introduced the area’s first ever luxury baby and children’s boutique. As Poe did with Rittenhouse Home, she sought to make her vi- sion a reality—or in this case, tap into a niche that she says wasn’t within her proximity.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘why should I be traveling 45 minutes to these big-box stores to come out with nothing?’”

A mother herself, Poe has created a one-stop shopping destination for all mothers—sans considerable travel time.

What was your inspiration behind opening Luxey Little Ones?
Rittenhouse Home was always a passion of mine and sort of formed organically after realizing my passion for interior design while designing my own homes. I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia after I had children, so I believe this also helped with everything. I have been really blessed to have such a great following and even greater projects to work on over the past few years. I was expecting my fourth child at the time, and as I was doing baby shopping I realized I wasn’t finding what I was truly looking for. I personally love boutique shopping. That’s when I decided I wanted create a store that carried quality items for all moms.

Did you hone your interior design talents from Rittenhouse Home to decorate the interior of this new space?
Yes, absolutely! One notable aspect is that I decorated the interior with wide-plank antique flooring. You can tell the store definitely has my style and aesthetics.

What are some of the products and brands you carry?
We carry everything from clothing up to size 6, gifts, accessories, essential equipment such as high-chairs and strollers, décor, bedding and furniture. Brands we carry are Nuna, Mima and Stokke for our equipment and gear, and I believe I’m one of the only retailers in the area that carries these brands. We also have Appaman, Halabaloo and Oh Baby.

How is Luxey Little Ones changing the game for mothers or mothers-to-be in the area?
Aside from the boutique experience, there’s a huge interior design aspect that we offer, as we have a team of nursery de- sign specialists. We carry high- end furniture from Newport Cottages and AFK fine furniture, among other top brands. The wonderful thing about our store is we carry furniture, gifts and everything a mother needs for her baby, but we can also design the nurser y for you. You can purchase your crib and anything you want for the nursery and we can help with the design process along the way. I’m also bringing a lot of the European brands that mothers won’t find in larger retail stores. I’m bringing in the best in gear and products that I trust as a mother of four children myself.

What have been some of your top-selling products thus far?
I’d have to say the clothing has been the most popular because we sell clothing you can’t quite find elsewhere in larger stores. The boutique experience really provides mothers with items you don’t see everywhere. We offer a full line of clothing up until five years old, including special occasion and holiday dresses. We also have been selling a lot of strollers and cribs, but the clothing tends to remain No. 1. How has your business with Rittenhouse Home helped you take on this new endeavor?
It’s awesome to think that I can now encompass the whole home. Sure, I can re-do a kitchen and a living room, but now with Luxey Little Ones I can also do the nursery. There’s great crossover between the two businesses. It’s wonderful.

You mention there’s crossover between the two stores. How are your two businesses similar in other aspects?
When you walk into either store, you’re somewhere special—especially with Luxey Little Ones. It’s very unique, and it’s beautifully styled and de- signed because that’s the interior designer in me. When you walk into the store, everything is new that hasn’t been seen everywhere and anywhere.

Lastly, how have your customers responded to the new store?
The feedback and customers have been fantastic. One of the greatest things about the store is that it appeals to a wider range of ages; current mothers, expecting mothers and even grandmothers. The grandmothers go crazy spoiling their new grandchild or current grandchildren. Our customers love the fact that I’m a mother of four children and can speak to them on how these products function. There’s a certain level of trust there which I think they find comforting.

Luxey Little Ones
9 N. State St. Newtown Pa. 18940
(215) 579-0402

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life Magazine, February, 2017.
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