Hormones Matter!
by Suburban Life--Editorial Staff

“Women deserve to look and feel their best at any age. As a woman ages, she wants and deserves to know what is going on with her hormones causing frustrating symptoms,” states Dawn Cutillo, founder of BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers franchise and author of The Hormone Shift. “Being in the health field for over 28 years, I observed a trend in women over 35 that both the medical community and the health and fitness community were not addressing. Women are intuitive and they know when something is ‘off ’ with their body but no one explains this to them. I wanted to have a safe and comforting environment where women could go to validate this truth and start the process of balancing their bodies within a few days. That’s when I started BeBalanced.”

Many health professionals are unable to figure out why the traditional “calories- in-calorie-out” dieting method does not work for women as they age. According to the experts at BeBalanced, over 50 million women in the U.S. are in their perimenopause and menopausal years where hormonal imbalances can become almost intolerable. BeBalanced aims to solve this mystery.

“Our cutting-edge program using ‘Natural Hormone Balancing’ helps women who have tried many other weight loss strategies only to end up frustrated when they do not work, or they work temporarily,” says Amy Reardon, owner of the Bryn Mawr BeBalanced franchise. “This is because for many women their issues are hormone-related and often not due to poor diet or lack of exercise”.

“Hormonal imbalances are worse today in our modern day society,” Cutillo adds. In return, this stress causes women who tend to multi-task, to have high stress hormones, like cortisol. The high demand for cortisol will cause the body to run out of the reserves to make it. The body takes the sex hormone, progesterone, and converts it to make the needed cortisol.”

This she says, leaves a women low in progesterone and higher in estrogen, also referred to as ‘estrogen dominance’. This simple imbalance leads to stubborn weight, especially around the midsection and makes it almost impossible to lose weight no matter that the woman does.

Estrogen dominance, she adds, also causes all PMS and menopausal symptoms that correlate with mood, sleep, energy, thyroid, to name a few. This imbalance also makes it difficult for a woman to enjoy her life or even make good lifestyle choices. By balancing the hormone insulin, and sex hormones while decreasing cortisol, BeBalanced clients not only lose weight quickly but see dramatic and quick improvement in mood, sleep and energy. This is done with a hormone balancing diet, sound wave relaxation therapy and professional supplements.

“Our philosophy is ‘Natural Hormone Balancing’ which is much safer, faster and less expensive than traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or bio-identical HRT,” Cutillo explains. “ With these HRT therapies, some symptoms go away but they cause more symptoms and almost always cause added weight.”

BeBalanced also ensures clients keep their weight off by detoxifying, eliminating excess Candida yeast and pinpointing food sensitivities so the client learns to eat “smarter” by avoiding foods that cause weight gain and symptoms. In addition, clients use natural hormone balancing creams that aid in hormonal balance, causing a decrease in cravings and bloating, and ensuring PMS/Menopausal symptom relief, allowing women to feel well enough to make the best lifestyle choices.

Until now, Cutillo says, women often suffered or accepted these hormonal changes with age. BeBalanced has already made a significant change in women’s lives by helping over 7,000 women reach their weight loss and health goals in their Pennsylvania budding franchises.

“ When a woman loses that last stubborn 15-20lbs, her mood improves, she sleeps deeper, no longer deals with hot flashes,” Cutillo notes. “Not only is her life improved, but her family and career benefit as well. Our centers are improving the quality of women’s lives by balancing their hormones.

“An added long-term benefit is slowing the aging process and decreasing the chances of high blood pressure, diabetes, and estrogen receptor positive breast cancer,” she continues. “ We deliver what we promise and women need to know that there is hope and that we offer so much more than weight loss.”

To get answers on hormonal changes happening in your body and receive a free complimentary hormone assessment, please con- tact one of our local centers, or visit BeBalancedCenters.com

“Natural Hormone Balancing & Weight Loss”:

  • Works great for women of all ages but focuses on ages 35+ who find it difficult to lose weight. 
  • Corrects the underlying source of the weight gain, imbalanced hormones.
  • Targets fat cells in the areas the body stores excess
  • Allows for easy compliance due to fast results
  • Prevents hunger and cravings, while providing higher energy and clearer thinking.
  • Provides immediate relieve from: Hot Flashes/Night Sweats, Headaches, Mood Swings, Depression/Anxiety, Low Libido, Bloating, Insomnia, heavy periods and PMS!

“I’ve always wanted to do something fulfilling and rewarding in my day to day career, and I have found that with BeBalanced, to be able to deeply impact the lives of my clients and their families, and be part of a health movement that is finding a natural way to resolve some every-day symptoms that people suffer from, is very rewarding.”
Mary Guarino, Blue Bell BeBalanced Owner

“I love working with clients to help them feel better, look better and live better. It feels amazing to make a difference in people’s lives each day when I go to work. I had a women tell me yesterday, “I have a new lease on life just in time for my 65th birthday.” That’s why I love what I do!”
Amy Reardon, Bryn Mawr BeBalanced Center Owner

BeBalanced stands behind its program offering a minimum weight loss guarantee unheard of in the weight loss industry!

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life Magazine, March, 2017.