Taking Charge
Repko Law, LLC
by Jill Lupine

Life is often full of unexpected difficulties. Some problems are nothing more than mere annoyances. Others, though, will dramatically alter our lives. From the loss of a loved one to a divorce, from an auto accident to being arrested for a crime, many of our experiences happen when we least expect them, and most occur when we are unprepared. But when a life-altering event does happen, the attorneys at Repko Law, LLC stand ready to help.

With decades of experience behind them in various areas of practice, all of the attorneys at Repko Law, LLC help clients who face legal complications. Throughout his career, Robert Repko has worked tirelessly to help people get through these tough times in life. He and his team understand that any situation requiring a lawyer usually forces a person to confront a great deal of change, uncertainty and, oftentimes, loss. As a result, they have dedicated their practice to taking a handson approach to solving clients’ problems from the start.

“When clients come to our office, we immediately begin to assess their situation, discuss their goals and work with them hand in hand to make sure they understand their options,” Repko says. “We educate them about the process they will face, and how the law affects the particular facts of their case. We then create a strategy that is tailored to achieving their individual objectives. We want them to make the choices that are best for them and not just for the present moment. It’s simply not enough to give someone advice on how to solve a current problem without looking at how their potential decisions may affect their life, and their case, in the future. So regardless of the issue, we analyze every situation to see how it may impact each client’s life, and their case as a whole, at that moment and later on. This way each client will have an opportunity to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

For example, says Repko, “Divorces generally affect every aspect of a person’s life and often involve more than one concern or issue. It’s more than just the end of a marriage. Divorce can include issues of custody, support, alimony and the division of the parties’ marital estate. Sometimes it even involves domestic violence and abuse. So when a client asks us to handle their divorce, we never look at each of these issues independent of the others. Rather, we help clients understand how each issue is interrelated, and the effect each may have on the others, based upon the unique facts and circumstances of their case. It is only then, after we have performed this analysis with the client, that we can give them the guidance they need to help make the best choices for their lives.”

Getting Results
At Repko Law, this approach isn’t limited to just helping divorce clients. According to Repko, “Our philosophy of practicing law, one in which we focus on developing relationships with clients to help them truly understand their situation and options, extends to all areas in which we practice. For example, when clients come to us with a driving under the influence/driving while imbibing (DUI/DWI) charge, we examine their case on an individual basis. We help them understand the process, go through the range of potential penalties they face and examine their eligibility for participation in diversionary programs, such as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition). We also give them guidance on how their case may affect other aspects of their lives, such as possible license suspensions or student-aid eligibility, if they were in possession of illegal drugs when stopped by the police.

“With more than 30 years of combined experience practicing criminal law,” he continues, “we are able to provide clients with a careful analysis of their case, insightful advice to help them decide how best to proceed, and effective representation from the beginning through the end, regardless of whether that is by a trial with a jury or judge, to a plea agreement or placement into a diversionary program.”

At Repko Law, LLC, all of the attorneys have spent their careers helping people get the results they deserve with compassion and diligence. As trusted counselors, they consistently exceed clients’ expectations with responsiveness, performance and professionalism. Whether it is through aggressive advocacy, mediation, negotiation, trial or settlement, the attorneys at Repko Law, LLC are experienced in helping people get through the most trying circumstances they face. They are there to make sure that each client has the opportunity to make the best choices for their lives, and the lives of their families, for that moment and for the future.

So if you, or anyone you know, are facing a legal problem, call Repko Law, LLC. They can help, especially when your next move has to be the right one. 

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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life Magazine, January, 2018.