A Tenacious Ally
Known as a fierce client advocate, Tina Mazaheri of Mazaheri Law, LLC provides experienced representation for individuals who are dealing with divorce, custody and support matters.
by Leigh Stuart

Divorce is among the most challenging ordeals a person can endure in a lifetime. For this reason, anyone in need of dissolving a financial and marital partnership will require the expertise of a skilled trial attorney if they wish to successfully navigate the tumultuous waters ahead. For clients in the Bucks and Montgomery County areas seeking tenacious advocacy, Tina Mazaheri, Esquire of Mazaheri Law, LLC, with more than 26 years of litigation experience, stands ready to help.
“I am a passionate advocate for my clients,” she shares. “They entrust me to give them sound legal counsel about their children, their assets and in reality, their future success. I do not allow the individuals I represent to be mistreated in the legal realm and empower my clients to move forward with strength. I share with my clients that it is faster, cheaper, and easier to try to resolve a case out of court, but if that is not possible, I am a seasoned litigator who is not shy or quiet.” 
Mazaheri has concentrated her practice for the past 20 years on high-income divorce and support matters, as well as high-conflict custody cases. Her extensive experience early in her career gives her a solid base of knowledge to navigate her clients through complex family law matters, as many issues overlap in other legal practice areas.  
A true Renaissance woman, Mazaheri was one of the first women in the history of Bucks County to be appointed by the judges to the criminal conflict list, with multiple felony trials under her belt. Mazaheri was also appointed as a guardian ad litem in dependency court, working closely with the Children and Youth Social Services Agency, appointed to the Orphans Court conflict list in adoption and termination of parental rights cases, and handled civil litigation trials in real estate, personal injury, and employment matters. Mazaheri also served for 13 years as an Assistant and Litigation Solicitor for Bucks County, handling federal civil rights cases and labor arbitrations. She also holds a real estate broker’s license in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mazaheri puts her vast experience to work for her clients.   
Born and raised in Doylestown, Mazaheri is a proud graduate of Central Bucks East High School, as well as a lifelong resident of Bucks County.  
“I am a native of Doylestown and, as such, am very tied to the community in many ways,” she says. “My background helps my clients, because I am able to give them insight into making decisions that are well grounded. Whether a client needs help with financial advice, or finding a therapist, or parenting assistance, I have an extensive professional network because I have spent my entire life in this community.” 
Most of Mazaheri’s clients seek out her services because they are looking for aggressive representation. That noted, one can’t underestimate the human aspects of her work—helping clients and their children navigate through difficult times. Mazaheri emphasizes the importance of a level head in such emotionally taxing situations. 
“While my clients have difficult issues to work through, and I empathize, it is my job to look at matters with objectivity to be able to give my clients appropriate legal advice,” she says.

Part of the Community  
An undergraduate journalism major at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Mazaheri has long had a passion for finding facts. She nurtured this passion while earning her Juris Doctor and LL.M. in Trial Advocacy degrees from Temple University School of Law. Once she earned her law degree, Mazaheri quickly became a force of nature in southeastern Pennsylvania legal circles.  
Two accolades she received from her peers, out of more than 800 lawyers, that she’s particularly proud of are the Arthur B. Walsh, Jr. Award for performing the most free legal services in Bucks County in a given year, and the Mark E. Goldberg Award given to the individual who demonstrates an ongoing commitment to community service outside of the legal profession.
Mazaheri, a first-generation American, was honored to serve as the keynote speaker at a United States Immigration and Naturalization Service ceremony at the invitation of a Federal Magistrate Judge, talking about the importance of community involvement. She learned from her parents, who emigrated from Iran to Doylestown in the early 1960s, and proudly follows in their footsteps. 
Mazaheri is the founding Secretary of the Doylestown Historical Society, serving on its Board for more than 20 years and currently shares the role of Vice Chair, served the longest term as the President of the Charitable Foundation of the Bucks County Bar Association, on the Board of the Central Bucks Cares Educational Foundation and many others. She’s quick to note, however, that her philanthropic endeavors do not diminish the amount of time and energy she devotes to helping clients achieve their goals or her advocacy on their behalf. 
“I had the privilege of growing up in a family that was very involved in giving back,” Mazaheri says. “That’s how I learned—by seeing and doing. I take the same approach to the work I do professionally. I try to give clients sound legal advice that makes the best sense for them and fosters a healthy environment for their children.”
Now, after more than 25 years in the legal profession—including nearly two decades as a sole practitioner and proprietor of an office at the foot of the Justice Center in Doylestown—Mazaheri considers herself “very lucky.”
“I like what I do,” she says. “Every day is a different task, and I’ve learned about so many different industries. No two cases are alike, and no two families are alike. I feel privileged that my clients have come to me to seek counsel about the most important parts of their lives. What I give back is my years of experience as a family law attorney, from cross-examining experts on complicated financial matters to negotiating resolutions in highly charged cases.”

Mazaheri Law, LLC
116 Union Street
Doylestown, Pa.
(215) 345-6400

Photograph by Jeff Anderson

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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, April 2020.