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Top Attorneys
Outstanding in His Field
As both an elite athlete and a high-performing attorney, Terry D. Goldberg is driven by the will to win.
Karen Ann Ulmer P.C.
The legal team of Karen Ann Ulmer P.C. guides clients through the unsteady terrain of divorce and other life-changing legal matters.
40 Years of Fighting for Workers
Led by founding partner George Martin, Martin Law has been a tireless defender of injured workers for four decades and counting.
Fighting the Good Fight
In matters of civil rights and employment discrimination, attorney Mark B. Frost seeks justice for those whose rights have been violated.
The Eye of an Advocate
Shelly Law Offices takes an honest, empathetic, and impassioned approach to seeking justice for injured clients.
Winning Matters
As she celebrates 25 years as a solo practitioner, attorney Carla Risoldi reminisces and looks ahead.
A Clear Path Forward
As families of children with special needs plan for the future, Alissa B. Gorman of Semanoff Ormsby Greenberg & Torchia, LLC, offers solutions.
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