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June 2016 Issue
Salty and Sweet
From Avalon to Wildwood, our picks for the best food and drink items to enjoy at the Jersey Shore this summer
Brushing Up
Smile! The Greater Philadelphia Area boasts some of the country’s finest dental health professionals
Early Riser
As bright-eyed host of the XPN Morning Show, Kristen Kurtis turns up the volume
Summertime Sensation
Crab cakes take center stage as star of the Jarrettown Hotel’s new spring/summer menu
Time to Indulge
Sure-bet alfresco destinations for sipping and savoring in the sun
The Fine Art of Being Peter Max
The Fine Art of Being Peter Max The iconic artist opens up about his passion, his fondness for the Shore and his upcoming exhibition
Reasons for Hope
Chester County Hospital builds upon its reputation as a regional leader in cancer care
Above and Beyond
For anyone with an interest in learning to fly, Infinity Flight Group delivers “a better way to travel”
Wisdom and Experience
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates of Chester County excels at enhancing patients’ quality of life
Deeply Rooted
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centers extends its reach
‘A Miracle Cure’
A revolutionary procedure available through St. Mary Medical Center improves the quality and duration of life for heart patients
Delivering Hope
Women struggling with infertility issues discover a “positive” experience through Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey
Alive Again
How The Garabedian Medical Clinic helps patients overcome the debilitating effects of Lyme disease
How We’ve Grown
For more than 60 years, Gwynedd Dental Associates has been offering dental care of the highest quality
The Long Road Home
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery offers comprehensive cancer care, through treatment and beyond
Exercising Independence
Freedom Fitness in Stone Harbor offers a welcoming, world-class facility in a location unlike any other
Restoring Confidence
Bryn Mawr esthetic and implant dentistry specialist Dr. Ernesto Lee excels at repairing even the most compromised smiles
Reconstructing Smiles
Aided by technology and a long-tenured staff, Dr. Michael Sophocles serves a new generation of satisfied patients
MIDI: The Future of Dental Implantology Is Now
The doctors of Amsterdam Dental Group discuss MIDI, an implant procedure at the forefront of dentistry
Safety First
Children’s Dental Health Associates has built a rigorous system of checks and balances to offer the highest level of pediatric dental care in the safest manner possible
Lost and Found
How the practitioners of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County help those struggling with the life-altering effects of hearing loss
Cornerstone Cheese & Charcuterie
This energizing BYOB fortifies Wayne’s reputation as a destination for great restaurants
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