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A Happy Place
With a successful acting career and a fulfilling home life, Kristen Bell has plenty of reasons these days to feel good.
Tooth and Nail
As the head of ACCT Philly, Susan Russell leads a small army of animal lovers who fight to help every savable animal earn a second chance.
Under the Sea and Over the Moon
Three decades after the release of The Little Mermaid¸ Jodi Benson feels more connected than ever to the character of Ariel.
Making His Mark
On the new season of Ink Master, the Philly artist known as Fon leaves a lasting impression.
Temple’s Take
In Temple Grandin’s world, hope and perseverance make anything possible.
Best of Times
At the area’s premier retirement communities, residents find comfort, peace of mind, and a path to unlimited self-discovery.
Shining Examples
Dentists in the Greater Philadelphia Area earn “five stars” for their commitments to patient care, craftsmanship, and community.
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