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Top Attorneys
As One Story Ends ...
Not every marriage lasts forever. If and when divorce becomes necessary, having the right attorney can help to improve one’s hopes for a fulfilling future.
So You Want to Live Forever …
Making estate planning a priority early in life can provide peace of mind and ensure the preservation of one’s legacy long after he or she has moved on from this world.
Putting Families First
Leslie Spoltore, a family law attorney with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, is passionate about helping others, both in and out of the courtroom.
2017 Top Attorneys
The Greater Philadelphia Area’s leading legal experts as chosen by our readers.
An Advocate for Elder Rights
Attorney Debra Speyer has devoted her life to helping the elderly, and their loved ones, attain justice and peace of mind.
Law Defenders
Our 2017 Top Attorneys listing, highlighting over 200 attorneys who will fight for your best interests in and out of the courtroom.
Experience Is What Matters Most
Bernie Zbrzeznj and Jennifer Brandt of Cozen O’Connor have 60 years combined experience in family law and are there for your every need when going through a divorce.
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