Back on Track
Patients turn to Aligned Medical Group, P.C., to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and other ailments that keep them from living life to the fullest
by Amanda Hamm Hengel

We all know what it’s like to deal with an aspect of our well-being that isn’t quite optimal. Whether it’s a back ache or neck pain that just won’t go away, or stubborn weight that seems to be lingering despite our best efforts, we can often make it through the day, but not without some suffering.

Seeking treatment for these conditions without seeing results can make the situation even more frustrating. Knowing you have a problem but not being able to get answers is one of the most difficult things to deal with, on top of the emotional and physical challenges you may be facing.

Fortunately, the physicians at Aligned Medical Group in Paoli do not believe in letting questions go unanswered. It is their primary focus to help patients find the solutions they’ve been looking for, and to get them back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

“We can help people get better faster,” says Joel A. Stutzman, D.C., owner of the facility. “Using all the different avenues here, we can help them and get them motivated to be more responsible for their health. We can also show them things to do at home so that when they leave here, they can continue feeling better.” Dr. Stutzman is joined at the practice by Nirav S. Patel, D.C.; Sarah L. Cole, D.C.; and Sheldon Lebovitz, D.O.

“The Aligned Medical Group doctors and therapists all work together to find a solution to not just make our patients feel better, but actually cause them to get better,” says Ashley Harris, front desk manager. “Each patient is treated as an individual with a unique condition and with unique treatment needs.

“It is the facility’s varied services that allow for this individualized and integrated care,” she adds. With four physicians at the practice, including a medical doctor and nurse who joined this year, Aligned Medical Group takes a cohesive approach to treatment. This means patients are not relegated to just one solution but instead have many avenues to pursue.

Because the practice was initially focused solely on chiropractic care, Dr. Stutzman says the majority of Aligned Medical Group’s patients have some type of musculoskeletal pain. But thanks to the variety of services offered, the doctors of Aligned Medical Group can offer patients a variety of treatment options that may take care of the root cause of their pain.

“We don’t need to send them down the road for a different kind of treatment, so there’s no delay,” Dr. Stutzman says. “All of the doctors collaborate and we’re able to share the same records, so it really makes everything very efficient.”

The physicians perform ultrasound-guided joint injections for pain, inflammation and arthritis, as well as trigger point injections that can help reduce muscle tension. They also offer physical medicine, rehabilitation and massage. In fact, one-third of the 6,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to exercise and rehabilitation.

The office allows patients to benefit from specialty services too, with treatments including nonsurgical Vax-D decompression and the implementation of the Graston technique, a special instrument-assisted method that addresses surgical scar and soft tissue tightness.

“When a patient is post-surgical, sometimes things are really tight,” explains Dr. Stutzman. “We use the Graston technique to help mobilize the scar and loosen them up.”

Aligned Medical Group also offers medical assistance to patients looking to lose weight, a service Dr. Stutzman describes as truly advantageous for those who simply cannot reduce their waistline. “It’s so hard to lose weight, and then to maintain that loss,” he says. “We see people dropping pounds like crazy with our medical weight loss program.”

With the medical weight loss, prescriptions are used to aid in the process, helping to achieve faster and better results. With the addition of a medical doctor to the practice, there is always someone on site to supervise the use of, and answer any questions about, prescriptions that may be given.

The treatment of the majority of patients takes less than two months, according to Dr. Stutzman. Most treatments begin with a free consultation with the physicians, so patients can see how the doctors can help them. “We go through their medical history and give them an examination and treat them [during the first visit],” says Dr. Stutzman. “We then have them come back within a day or two, to see how the treatment helped, and if there are any changes to their condition. We then go over their goals, what they want to do, and we give them a plan based on what they’re looking to achieve.”

All of these services are offered in a warm, professional and welcoming setting that puts patients at ease. This, along with the dedication of the physicians at the office to help patients get better, makes for an office experience like no other.

“I have watched patients come into the office in so much pain before their first visit,” says Harris. “Many of them cannot sit down, walk, sleep or even play with their children. When I first started working here, I wondered how we could help these patients. Throughout the course of their treatment plans, I began to notice what set us apart from many other offices. Our team treated the root of the issue and refused to simply mask pain.

“Now I have watched so many of these same patients walk out with a smile on their face, returning to the activities they loved before their injuries,” she continues. “Watching these patients come into our office and seeing how their lives have changed because of our team of doctors and staff is the best part of my job.”

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Photograph by Jody Robinson