A Higher Degree of Practice
At Griffith Dental Group, Dr. Jane Griffith and her expert team offer the full spectrum of dental care to patients of all ages, all under one roof
by Amanda Hamm Hengel

There are everyday dental practices, and then there is Griffith Dental Group. This unique practice takes a team-based approach to dental care, with dental specialists and general dentists based in a central office location. This ensures that each patient and his or her family receive the most comprehensive dental care available in the area.

“There are very few practices that have specialists within their offices,” explains Jane A. Griffith, D.M.D. “This allows us to develop a treatment plan in the office, and the patients do not have to go anywhere else.” The in-office specialists at the Hatboro-based practice include a periodontist, endodontist and prosthodontist, along with two hygienists and three general dentists. Dr. Griffith herself is also highly trained in Invisalign, as well as cosmetic and geriatric dentistry. Regardless of their specific area of practice, every professional at Griffith Dental Group emphasizes prevention and education to enhance not only patients’ oral health and but also their overall health.

“In our practice, we focus on how dentistry and complete health go hand in hand,” she says. “We realize that diseases of the mouth, like periodontal disease and caries, can increase the risk for cancer and exacerbate rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. It is also critical for those patients that have joint replacements and heart disease to have regular dental checkups and maintain excellent dental health.”

Periodontist Jonathan Waasdorp, D.M.D., focuses on advanced implant and reconstructive surgery, as well as comprehensive periodontal care and periodontal plastic surgery. As endodontist Larissa Strelkov, D.M.D., performs root canals, she eases the patient’s concerns with her warm and gentle manner.  Marie Valentine Lim, D.M. D., is a board-certified prosthodontist with advanced training from the prestigious University of Washington. Along with Dr. Waasdorp, she treats the most complex of dental cases, giving patients the smile that they have always wanted.

Serving the Philadelphia area for more than 25 years, the group practice is also unique in that the vast majority of its dentists graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. Drs. Waasdorp and Lim are now faculty members at the university, while Dr. Strelkov previously taught there.

“We all have the same treatment-plan philosophy and were educated in the same manner,” Dr. Griffith says, noting that Penn is one of the top 10 dental schools in the country. “We have a shared knowledge that helps us all to work well together.”

In addition to offering a range of dental services, Griffith Dental Group also treats a wide range of age groups from a variety of locales. Whether patients are 3 or 93, from Allentown to New Jersey, the dentists at Griffith Dental Group do whatever they can to ensure good oral health for all of their patients. The practice constantly upgrades and improves its technology and materials in order to provide our patients with the latest that is available. This year, for example, Griffith Dental Group will incorporate laser technology to treat periodontal disease in the most effective manner possible. “Our high level of care, service and technical skills are so embraced by our patients that they continually refer new patients to us,” Dr. Griffith says.

When Dr. Griffith graduated from Penn, she was one of nine female students in the graduating class. Today, the percentage of female students is more than 50 percent. Dr. Griffith says a lot has changed in dentistry since she started practicing, but one thing that has not changed is the expectation people have for a kind and caring environment when they visit their dentist, and that’s exactly what Griffith Dental Group offers to its patients.

“We offer numerous comfort measures to our patients, including warm towels, water bottles, comfortable chairs, TVs and music, as well as a beverage center and lip balm,” she says. “It’s a lot different than it used to be.”

Interestingly, Dr. Griffith started her career as a nurse but family ties urged her to make the move to dentistry. Her grandfather and a number of other family members were dentists, and she wanted to be a part of a profession that would allow her the flexibility to spend time with her family. An athlete, gardener, cook and fly fisher, Dr. Griffith has come to appreciate the artistic side of dentistry, and she enjoys sharing her passion with her patients.

Whether a patient needs regular cleaning or advanced treatment, Dr. Griffith and her colleagues at Griffith Dental Group are prepared to offer the highest degree of quality, service and care. In addition to preserving the health of its patients, the practice strives to ensure the health of its surrounding community by giving back. This year, for example, Griffith Dental Group is participating in “The Tribal Challenge” to benefit the local YMCA and other local charities. Clearly, whether by providing patients with expert dental care or by creating opportunities to enrich the lives of others away from the dentist’s chair, Griffith Dental Group is a practice that is 100 percent committed to making people smile.

Griffith Dental Group
41 Byberry Ave., Suite 2
Hatboro, PA 19040
215-672-2244 | www.griffithdmd.com

Photograph by Felicia Perretti