Slim Chance
With the holidays looming, health-conscious people seek the elusive gift that keeps on giving: a leaner, healthier body
by Jill Lupine

“Lose weight.” Such an aspiration is one to which most Americans can relate. It was, after all, the No. 1 New Year’s resolution leading up to January 1, 2014, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology. It will likely be at the tops of most people’s lists when the calendar prepares to turn over to 2015.

But, the question remains, will most people succeed in achieving their goals? If the past is any indication, the odds are not in their favor. The percentage of people in their 20s who achieve their resolution each year, the journal suggests, is 39 percent. The percentage of people over the age of 50 who achieve their resolution each year: a dismal 14 percent.

The primary reason behind why such resolutions fail—the why—is simple: In most cases, reinventing oneself requires a significant change of behavior, which, for creatures of habit, can be extraordinarily difficult.

In other words, regardless of a person’s weight, health or circumstances, one essential element must be present in order for him or her to reach a goal tied to improved health, wellness and, particularly, fitness: commitment. Committing to a fitness program gets easier—and tends to result in other positive benefits, such as healthier eating and sleeping habits—if one’s chosen activity is something enjoyable and of interest, according to Frank Borusiewicz, owner of Anytime Fitness in Exton.

“This way it will turn into a hobby or lifestyle well past the New Year,” he says. “Getting healthy is never one thing; it’s a puzzle. Typically, if you put a focus on exercising, other areas of your life will then follow suit: eating habits, smoking, drinking. You will now be more self-conscious before eating a doughnut at 11 p.m.”

To stay on target, Borusiewicz recommends developing a strong support network, both personally and professionally—i.e., long-term success can be helped by surrounding oneself with positive things and positive people. Borusiewicz, for his part, says he will keep in touch with clients—through e-mails, texts, phone calls, even birthday cards—to make sure they are maintaining their health long after they have met their immediate health and fitness goals.

“You need to practice what you preach and never settle,” he says. “Health and exercise are always evolving, changing, improving. So you need to, too.”

Besides the age-old formula of achieving better health through blood, sweat and tears in the gym, people have other options available to them. These options include programs designed to stabilize the body chemistry, correct hormonal imbalances and, essentially, re-wire the body to burn fat. One such program is the Ultimate Fat Loss System from Vince Fraumeni, D.C., which has multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia area. When prescribing a plan for a client who is looking to lose excess pounds and achieve a better and more pleasing body shape, Dr. Fraumeni consults data ascertained from a client’s body composition analysis.

“This quick test will tell us how much of the body is made up of muscle mass, fat mass, water mass and bone mass,” he says. “On a typical diet, calories are reduced and water is lost. The result is a difficult process, tiredness and short-term results. Most people will report losing weight only to find themselves gaining it back.

“On our program,” he continues, “we are able to hydrate the body on a cellular level by uncovering mineral imbalances that occur over time. By hydrating the cells, we are able to induce metabolic fat burning. Our average person will burn between 2,000 to 7,000 calories of fat every day, while increasing water mass. In this way, the person feels energized, with no hunger or cravings.”

The technology at the root of the Ultimate Fat Loss System addresses the underlying cause of the body’s propensity to store fat rather than burn it. Once the “switch has been flipped,” Dr. Fraumeni suggests, resulting positive changes to one’s lifestyle tend to come naturally. Because of this, he suggests, many clients tell him the system is “the easiest thing they’ve ever done.”

“Think about it,” he adds. “If we can change the brain’s signaling that creates cravings and cause you to crave healthy foods, this changes everything.”

Dr. Fraumeni communicates with his patients on a daily business, offering specific guidelines and tools to maintain a healthy weight, while seeing them for regular “check-ins” to make sure they are hitting projected targets. He says clients who stick to the plan experience a 95 percent success rate—losing weight and keeping it off for an extended period of time—because, in his words, “when we fix the broken metabolism, it actually makes it hard to fail.”

“Weight loss on this system is really a side effect,” he says. “This program is truly a life transformation in a very easy package. Most people with abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and thyroid challenges will see significant improvements in the first few weeks: better skin, better hair, better nails, more energy, better sleep, just to name a few of the changes we expect to see. Does that sound like a diet plan?”

Dr. Fraumeni assures patients they will lose at least 20 pounds by sticking to the 40-day plan. With the holidays on the way, however, some people might be looking for even quicker results—or supplemental treatments to tone and tighten the body.

In the Philadelphia area, a number of talented medical professional offer surgical, minimally invasive and other medically guided treatments to shape the body. Leading providers include The Institute for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine, with offices in Doylestown and King of Prussia, specializing in liposuction and other body-contouring services; Buinewicz Plastic Surgery and Le Medspa, with offices in Doylestown and Flemington, N.J., specializing in medically guided weight loss and management, as well as surgical options for fat reduction and body contouring; and Young Medical Spa, with an office in Center Valley, specializing in various body-sculpting techniques.

Regardless of age, background or reasons for wanting to make a positive change to one’s wellness and appearance, one thing should be apparent: Health-conscious people have more options than ever for achieving a healthier, slimmer body for the winter holidays—and long after the confetti of New Year’s Eve has been swept from the streets.

Results without the Weight

Whether someone wants to lose weight, tone and tighten the body or simply follow a healthier lifestyle, he or she has multiple options in the Philadelphia area.

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Buinewicz Plastic Surgery/Le Medspa
Doylestown and Flemington, N.J.

Dr. Robert Fortino Premier Weight Loss Physicians
Philadelphia and Turnersville, N.J.

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Ultimate Fat Loss System
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