Smile Bigger, Laugh Louder, Live Better
At Bucks County Orthodontics, Dr. Todd Welsh and his team improve patients’ lives by creating perfect smiles that last a lifetime
by Bill Donahue

Todd M. Welsh, D.M.D., remembers a time when he didn’t want to smile. Like many other children his age, his bite was less than perfect, so his parents invested in orthodontic treatment to adjust his smile. He wore braces dutifully from ages 9 to 13, and he also needed advanced restorative treatment to replace two missing front teeth. After his treatment had concluded, his renewed level of confidence made him want to devote his life to sharing this gift with others. By the time he was 15, he knew he wanted to be an orthodontist.

“My result made a huge difference in my life,” says Dr. Welsh. “It made me want to smile again, and it also made me want to be a positive influence in people’s lives. The experience of needing follow-up restorative work to address my missing teeth drives me to take a multidisciplinary approach in providing my patients with the best and most efficient result possible.”  

Dr. Welsh received his undergraduate degree from Dickinson College in his hometown of Carlisle, Pa., and he continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia (UPenn). He graduated with honors in 2000 and completed a general dentistry residency as chief resident in 2001. Following several years in practice as a general dentist, during which he completed a fellowship in oral surgery and teaching at UPenn, Dr. Welsh chose to pursue his orthodontic training. He graduated from his orthodontic residency at UPenn in 2005.

Today he treats patients of all ages at his Doylestown-based practice, Bucks County Orthodontics. The practice was formerly known as Orthodontic Specialists of Bucks County, under the leadership of George A. Bullock, D.M.D. Dr. Bullock was a well-respected orthodontist, as well as a pillar of the community, and Dr. Welsh has been carrying that tradition forward since taking over the practice approximately one year ago.

Due to his years as a general dentist and his experience working with leading oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists and other dental professionals across the country, Dr. Welsh excels at providing each patient with a comprehensive treatment plan that takes into account one’s overall dental health and facial aesthetics. As a result, patients leave his care with the foundation for a beautiful, functional smile built to last a lifetime.

“My job as an orthodontist is not just to make my patients’ teeth straight and correct their bite but also to consider every option that fits into their treatment,” he says. “I view myself as an educator; sometimes the best thing you can do is make certain patients understand all of the options that are available to them so they can make educated decisions for themselves that best fit their lifestyle.”

Bucks County Orthodontics offers various forms of treatment, everything from traditional stainless-steel braces to translucent Clarity braces that won’t stain or discolor. Other options include self-ligating braces, which are made from the same materials as traditional braces but forgo elastics, meaning shorter treatment times and less pressure on the teeth, as well as lingual braces (placed on the backs of the teeth) for patients who may have aesthetic concerns regarding traditional braces. Also, Dr. Welsh is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign, a system of clear, custom-fitted aligners used to correct certain orthodontic bite problems.

As a supplement to braces or aligners, Dr. Welsh offers accelerated orthodontics by utilizing the AcceleDent system as a tool to reduce overall treatment time by up to 50 percent. This FDA-approved treatment features a mouthpiece with a built-in activator that uses precisely calibrated micropulses to gently accelerate the movement of teeth as they are guided by orthodontics. Patients wear AcceleDent in automatically timed increments of 20 minutes per day while performing other activities. AcceleDent moves teeth into their corrected position in quicker fashion, while “taking away almost all of the discomfort associated with moving teeth,” says Dr. Welsh. As one of the only providers of this technology in the area, it has become a convenient treatment option for a growing number of Dr. Welsh’s patients, including S. Trimbur.

“AcceleDent has been well worth the investment,” says Trimbur, who opted for AcceleDent in addition to Invisalign treatment. “Long term, my treatment time has been reduced by half. Short term, AcceleDent has alleviated tightness and discomfort during these first eight weeks. I highly recommend the product.”

Although a great result is Dr. Welsh’s first and foremost priority, he also aims to ensure that his patients always feel comfortable and that they are in the most qualified hands. Four members of his support team have been treating patients for more than 15 years; overall, the team has more than 225 years of combined experience. Also, the practice’s soothing, spacious office provides complimentary Starbucks coffee, tea and Wi-Fi service for all patients and their families, while child-age patients enjoy hot chocolate, multiple game stations and a “Smile Theater” space that shows child-friendly films.

“We want people to enjoy their experience,” he says. “Our families are very busy, so if we can offer them a few minutes to themselves where they can relax and enjoy our free Wi-Fi and a good cup of coffee, we’re going to ensure that happens. We also run contests on social media, have multiple giveaways, dress up for Halloween and find many other ways to make visits fun for all of our patients. If our patients aren’t enjoying their experience, we aren’t doing our jobs.”

The practice also offers a private treatment room apart from the open operatory. This is especially popular among adult patients, who now account for more than 25 percent of Dr. Welsh’s total patient population. “Orthodontic treatment should not be stressful, and it doesn’t have to be,” he says. “I have patients from ages 5 to 75. Regardless of their age, I work with them to make their lives as easy as possible.”

Barring emergencies, the practice sees patients five days a week, offering early morning and evening appointments to accommodate patients’ hectic schedules. Such devotion to simplifying patients’ lives extends to issues such as insurance. The practice’s administrative staff “takes care of everything,” says Dr. Welsh, by guiding patients through the process with their insurance company so there are no surprises along the way. The practice has also introduced a 24/7 patient portal on its website, through which patients can check appointment times and account information on their own time.

To supplement his training and experience, Dr. Welsh is devoted to continuing education in orthodontics and allied disciplines. He leads a monthly Spear Study Club for local dental professionals, who learn about team-based, multidisciplinary topics that can help provide each patient with the most efficient and effective dental care possible—everything from full-mouth reconstructions to temporomandibular joint pain to the creation of healthier bone environment for dental implants.

Apart from the study club, Dr. Welsh maintains membership in various professional organizations, such as the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists and the Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists. He is a member of local organizations such as the Doylestown Rotary Club and the Doylestown Chamber of Commerce. He is also involved in multiple philanthropic causes throughout Bucks County. This year, for example, the practice provided support to more than 30 community and philanthropic organizations, including CBAA Coaches vs. Cancer, the Central Bucks Family YMCA and Relay for Life of the Central Bucks Middle Schools.

“Doylestown is a great area; my family and I love it and we are all lucky to be part of it,” he says. “If something is important to our patients, we want to be involved in it. We are continually giving back to our community by supporting charities and sponsoring sports teams and other groups that matter to our patients and their families. We want to give back to the community that allows us to be a part of their lives.”

Whether he is contributing to the community or providing customized treatment programs, Dr. Welsh strives to do much more than straighten patients’ teeth.

“A healthy smile is a functional change and a cosmetic change, and this can have a big impact on someone’s health and on their life in general,” he says. “The more self-confidence you have, the better you do at so many things because you just feel better about yourself. These are little things that add up to making a big difference in the outcome of someone’s life.

“Smile bigger, laugh louder, live better—that’s our motto here,” he continues. “It’s all about our patients having a better, more confident life because of the treatment and experience we give to them.”

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Photograph by Allure West Studios