Survival of the Fittest
Tone the body and hone the mind, all while lifting the spirit, at the area’s premier fitness centers
by Jill Lupine

New Year’s Day has come and gone, meaning we have a new hill to climb—to conquer with bold ambition—with 365 days, give or take, to reach the proverbial peak.

Many of us began 2015 with a belly full of fire and the best of intentions to finally getting around to doing whatever it is that we’ve been putting off for too long: a change in careers, an end to a toxic relationship, the crossing off of something on the must-see-before-I-die list and, a perennial favorite, getting into better shape.

Improving the way one’s body looks and feels and performs can be an incredibly challenging task, especially for someone who is either new to fitness or seeking to reconnect with a leaner version of oneself after too much time away from the gym. Whether it’s a matter of building muscle to stave off the effects of aging, preparing for an upcoming endurance race or simply shedding a few pounds in the middle, reaching the so-called Promised Land requires tremendous commitment. The rewards, however, are nearly immeasurable, extending far beyond the joy of liking what we see when we look in the mirror.

A more active lifestyle not only hones the body but also sharpens the mind and improves self-confidence, with the potential to enhance one’s quality of life for the years ahead. Most of us will need some guidance, or at least some well-placed encouragement, along the way. Fortunately, our area offers an abundance of options for fitness-minded folks of all ages. The following can’t-miss destinations help members get to where they need to be, tracking members' performance to spur them along while leaner, meaner versions of themselves gauge success in measures of sweat and the sweet satisfaction of self-improvement.

Best of Fitness 2015
A body in motion stays in motion, as the saying goes, so start moving toward the top of the mountain with help from the Philadelphia area’s premier fitness—our Best of Fitness, Class of 2015.

acac Fitness & Wellness Centers
West Chester, Exton
610-431-7000 | 610-425-3188 |

Visit for details on various locations in Philadelphia and the suburbs.

Anytime Fitness
484-879-6106 |

Bill’s Gym
215-641-4836 |

City Fitness Philadelphia
Visit for details on locations in Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital, Northern Liberties and South Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Cornerstone Fitness Clubs
Visit for details on locations in Doylestown, New Hope and Warrington.

Doylestown Rock Gym
215-230-9085 |

East Coast Karate Institute
Visit for details on locations in Glen Mills and Newtown Square.

Ellis Athletic Center
Newtown Square
610-355-7360 |

Fitbody Personal Training
610-209-8047 |

Newtown Athletic Club
215-968-0600 |

Optimal Sport Health Clubs
Visit for details on locations in Newtown and Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Rock Gyms
Visit for details on locations in Oaks, Philadelphia and Valley Township.

Plank Studio
610-688-0107 |