The First Name in Dental Care
In Alpha Dental’s soothing, spa-like environment, patients discover top-quality service and expert care in the skilled hands of Dr. Arpan Patel
by Glori Gayster

Alpha Dental, the practice of Arpan N. Patel, D.M.D., is committed to preeminence in all areas of dentistry. Formerly known as Oxford Valley Dental Excellence, Dr. Patel’s full-service practice employs professionals with expertise in general dental and preventative care. The practice offers a full suite of specialty services, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry, dental surgery and periodontal treatment.

In addition to being committed to excellence, Alpha Dental aims to offer patients the same level of satisfaction, and accountability of service, that one might expect of a major retail outlet. Dr. Patel says, “Whether or not a person receives treatment, we want them to walk out of the office and say, ‘Wow, that was amazing!’”

Patient-Centered Philosophy

Patients have always been the first priority at Alpha Dental. This was true even before the practice opened its doors. In creating the office, Dr. Patel and his staff labored over every detail as it relates to patient psychology, so an optimum environment of comfort is be maintained for even the most fearful or hesitant patients.

As the first “dental spa” in the tri-state area, Alpha Dental carefully planned everything, from the latest techniques and technology to the office’s curved walls and calming colors.

“Studies show cool shades of blues and greens are calming,” Dr. Patel says. “Earth tones are equally as soothing. As the ocean and seashore can be relaxing to many, patients are welcomed into a peaceful and serene environment.”

The office design is only one piece of the Alpha Dental magic, however. Dr. Patel points out the main reason people avoid the dentist stems from a fear that it is unsanitary. Dr. Patel and his professional team allay such worries with a combination of the latest technology, the most advanced techniques and the highest level of compassionate care. “We take [hygienics] very seriously and routinely conduct sterilization testing,” he says. “Our office looks as new today as it did when we first opened.”

Patient satisfaction is also ensured through the use of cutting-edge technology. “Most of our treatments are done using a laser, and we are able to avoid drills and needles,” Dr. Patel explains. “We also have professionals who are skilled in sedation dentistry and offer nitrous oxide for those who need just a little calming, or to be put to sleep for their treatment.”

Alpha Dental uses state-of-the-art diagnostic radiographs and painless oral cancer screenings. Cosmetic options, including porcelain crowns, veneers and teeth whitening, complement restorative treatments such as dental implants, removable dentures and full-mouth rehabilitations. Dr. Patel is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and, since receiving his dental degree, has taken several post-graduate courses in varied fields of dentistry. In addition, he and the entire staff engage in continuing education on a regular basis.

Dr. Patel explains that communication is of utmost importance to him and his staff. “We are extremely conscientious to use layman’s terms when describing care and treatment,” Dr. Patel says. “Patients can be easily scared by very technical diagnoses. … I also stress the importance of sitting with patients and discussing their care on an eye-to-eye level. It is far less intimidating.”

With an emphasis on patient comfort, the practice’s approach to treatment starts with listening to patients, then completing a thorough examination. The results are carefully reviewed before the diagnosis and related treatment options are explained fully. Alpha Dental continuously surveys its patients, and practice managers follow up on any matters that fall short of expectations.

“I am proud to provide my patients with the best in dental technology, treatment options and patient comfort,” Dr. Patel says. “It is a pleasure to address all questions and concerns.”

A Foundation of Excellence
Alpha Dental’s distinction starts with the strength of its mission: “To understand and satisfy the needs of all patients by developing educated and appreciative patients.” Dr. Patel says, “Our goal is to establish long-lasting, personal relationships by offering the highest-quality dental treatment, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and skilled staff.”

Dr. Patel goes on to explain that dental excellence is based on three core components: physiological health, functionality and aesthetics. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to a variety of serious health conditions, so proper care is essential. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, gum disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease and low birth weight in babies. Other potential health problems associated with poor dental hygiene include diabetes, cancer and digestive issues.

The second component, functionality, relates to the one’s ability to chew and break down food, both of which are important for proper digestion and nutrition. It also impacts pronunciation and everyday comfort.

Despite the importance of the first two, it is the aesthetic component that is the most obvious, as smiles build confidence and can make a great first impression. However, a genuine smile can also reduce stress, increase productivity and even give a jolt of positivity to the immune system. “From porcelain veneers to natural tooth-colored fillings, we correct chipped, cracked, discolored and unevenly spaced teeth,” Dr. Patel says. “We carefully consider each of these elements when evaluating and planning patient treatments.”

The Total Package
At Alpha Dental, all aspects of dentistry are performed under one roof.  As such, patients are assured of receiving the best personal care. They are comforted in having a familiarity with the staff and knowing their dental history is well documented. “Patients are greeted by name, and we treat generations of families, making sure we provide patients the individual attention they deserve,” Dr. Patel says.

Alpha Dental accepts most insurance plans, including PPOs and indemnity coverage. It also offers various financing options and in-house dental insurance for individuals, families and businesses, accepting most methods of payment. The practice can even assist with third-party payment planning.

Like most people in today’s world, time is extremely valuable. Dr. Patel and the staff at Alpha Dental recognize the importance of being prompt. The practice also offers extended hours—until 8 p.m. on some evenings, as well as on Saturdays—and emergency dental services.

“In the end, it comes back to our mission—‘To understand and satisfy the needs of all patients by developing educated and appreciative patients,’” Dr. Patel says. “We live and breathe it every day.”

Arpan N. Patel, D.M.D.
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Photograph by Allure West Studios