Dare to Bare
Dr. Earl Bryant sculpts the “hard to hide” areas to boost confidence and help patients feel younger
by Jenny Graham

Every person has aspects about their body they would like to change. While areas such as the stomach, thighs and upper arms are covered by clothing, some areas, such as the chin and male chest, are far more difficult to hide, especially in the warmer months. And, for many individuals, these problem areas are not simply a passing thought but a daily struggle.  

“A significant number of the patients who come to us for help with their ‘hard to hide’ areas have become so self-conscious that they refuse to have their picture taken, even in group shots,” explains Dr. Earl Bryant, the founder of Physician Transformations LLC in Newtown Square. “Men who suffer with enlarged breasts wear layers of clothing and completely avoid taking off their shirts, even at pool parties, the beach, during a sweaty sporting event or even during moments of intimacy.” 

Fortunately, Dr. Bryant has a number of solutions at his disposal to allow his patients to get back into the swing of life with confidence.

As a full-service medical aesthetics practice, Physician Transformations offers a wide array of treatment options, including full-body liposculpting using the latest liposuction and laser technologies as well as the revolutionary noninvasive CoolSculpting procedure. Dr. Bryant, who is a cosmetic surgeon and a board-certified emergency physician, specializes in the removal of fat.

While Dr. Bryant’s first suggestion to patients is to look at lifestyle—including dietary choices and exercise regimen—he knows there are stubborn areas such as “the mommy pooch,” muffintops, saddlebags, love handles, male chests and double chins that people are often unable to address, no matter how much effort they expend.

“Liposuction has gone through a big transition from when it appeared 30 to 40 years ago. It used to be much more invasive and traumatic, but over the decades it has evolved into a safe and effective procedure to remove fat from areas of the body,” Dr. Bryant says. “Both [SmartLipo and Vaser Liposelection] help to extract fat more safely and with better overall results.” Dr. Bryant utilizes instruments no larger in diameter than a strand of uncooked angel hair pasta, with a corresponding incision no larger than a freckle. All of Dr. Bryant’s procedures are performed on an in-patient basis while the patient is awake but feeling no pain, eliminating the risks of general anesthesia. Patients have their procedure and walk out of the office a few hours later ready to start their journey to a more confident life.

For those patients looking to contour their bodies in a completely noninvasive way, Dr. Bryant uses CoolSculpting to freeze away stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, flanks and thighs. This revolutionary technique allows patients to sculpt their bodies with no downtime.

Although Dr. Bryant’s procedures are minimally invasive, his results are anything but minimal. Many of his patients have described the tremendous impact that their procedures have made on their overall sense of well-being. One such patient is Carrie Booth, who asked that her real name not be used, and who says that the No-Cut Chin Lift performed by Dr. Bryant provided life-changing results. “Having the procedure has completely changed my self-image,” says Booth. “I can finally look at a picture of myself and feel good about it.”

Another patient whose life was turned around by Dr. Bryant is Mark Schafer, who sought out Physician Transformations based on the office’s reputation for success in the treatment of gynecomastia.

“My chest had always been a source of embarrassment for me and caused me to live most of my life hiding under big shirts, and avoiding beaches, pools and many of the activities that many men enjoy,” Schafer says. He recalls the process of vetting a number of local experts, including a number of physicians who charged a consultation fee, before deciding ultimately to put his trust in Dr. Bryant. “[Dr. Bryant] is very accommodating … down to earth, friendly and reassuring. He is just an all-around nice guy.”

Beyond this approachability and demeanor, Schafer found Dr. Bryant to be just as skilled as he had hoped.

Since his surgery, Schafer says he feels like a new man. “My life has changed drastically. I no longer try and hide from the world,” Schafer says. “My posture has improved because, again, I am not afraid to show my chest. I am more self-confident and happier overall.”

“It makes a huge difference for [people] to wake up and look in the mirror and like what they see,” says Dalia, the office manager for Physician Transformations. “As much as we want to focus on who we are as people on the inside, in reality it is a combination. What we see on the outside informs how we feel inside and vice versa. We are physical as well as mental beings.”

Though Dr. Bryant maintains a thriving practice, he still continues to serve as a member of the clinical staff at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he trains residents and works as a clinical practitioner several days a week. He is also an Associate of the American Society of Liposuction Surgery, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. 

In addition to offering laser body sculpting and CoolSculpting, Physician Transformations is a full-service medical aesthetics practice offering laser facial rejuvenations procedures, laser hair removal, spider-vein treatments, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and a variety of medical-grade skincare products.

“What makes us special is that we have the ability and integrity to choose our patients carefully,” says Dalia. “More than getting patients through the door, we want them to get good results; we want them to be happy and to feel good about themselves and about us.”

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Photograph by Jody Robinson