Getting Results with James A. Vito, D.M.D.
The combination of extensive training, outstanding credentials and artistic sensibilities enable Dr. James A. Vito to rehabilitate even the most damaged smile
by Jenny Graham

James A. Vito, D.M.D., is very distinctive in the world of dentistry. He possesses a unique skill set that allows him to treat all levels of dental issues that his patients present with—from the simple to the incredibly complex. His education and experience, paired with cutting-edge in-office technology, enables him to perform the most intricate procedures with confidence and predictability while offering extraordinary results in terms of smiles that restore the health, function and esthetics to even the most hopeless situation.

The biggest problem, as he sees it, is that patients are “not aware of the severity of their dental issues until it’s too late.”

“Most dental issues are painless,” he says. “Even with the most severe cases, patients are not in that much discomfort. Additionally, patients are often in denial about how dire their situation is because there is no pain. Periodontal disease is a relatively painless, destructive disease that affects the supporting jawbone holding the teeth in your mouth. Tremendous amounts of the supporting bone can be lost in a relatively short period of time. This can result in teeth so compromised that they need to be extracted because there is no longer any bone holding the teeth in the patient’s mouth.

“What people need to comprehend,” Dr. Vito continues, “is that plaque is very destructive. When it is allowed to remain above the gum line, it will create cavities. When it is allowed to remain below the gum line, it results in bone loss. When it is allowed to remain both above and below the gum line, it results in major dental problems.”

These patients become “dental cripples,” as Dr. Vito calls them. “They are missing multiple teeth, [and] the remaining teeth begin to shift where spaces begin to occur, interfering with a patient’s bite. In severe cases, these patients can develop TMJ symptoms. In these situations, it then becomes a process to rehabilitate and rebuild these patients’ mouths with bone grafts, dental implants and crowns.

“Once teeth are extracted,” he continues, “then it becomes a more complicated situation to resolve involving more time, more procedures and more money.”

This rehabilitative dental process, Dr. Vito explains, can take anywhere from several months to several years to complete. The difference depends upon the complexity of the problem and the number of procedures needed to resolve the situation.

“The toughest part of my job is getting patients to understand the complexity of their dental problem and what is involved in resolving the issue,” says Dr. Vito. “I understand that patients want their problem resolved as expeditiously as possible, but that is not always a possibility, especially when someone is missing multiple teeth, has active periodontal disease and has an unstable bite, as well as TMJ issues.”

In situations such as these, it takes time, patience and, of course, money to resolve that individual’s complex dental issues. Dr. Vito understands the financial burden that comes along with having major dental work performed, and his practice aims to help each patient realize his or her goal of having a beautiful and functional smile.

“Sometimes, because of the costs involved, these complicated cases must be designed in such a way where I can stabilize the patient and then finish their case over time without fear of anything breaking down while treatment is ongoing,” he says. “This is where patience comes in.”

This philosophy of staging treatment leads to the same predictable results as would be achieved if finances were not an issue and treatment was completed in a shorter period of time. Long-term predictable results are the hallmark of Dr. Vito’s extensive list of longtime patients. Some, in fact, have been patients of his for nearly all of the 30 years he has been in practice. In fact, some remain patients for continued care long after moving out of the Philadelphia area.

“We see patients from California, Florida, Utah, New York and Europe,” he says, “which is a testament to the level of personal dental care we provide.”

Dr. Vito trained at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and is a graduate of the school’s prestigious Periodontal-Prosthesis Program. Dr. Vito also completed a general practice residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center, during which time he received the Dr. Benjamin Lebby award for “Outstanding Performance as a Dental Resident.”

Dr. Vito is certified as both a Periodontist and a Prosthodontist. He is among the few dentists in the nation to have two board certifications in the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants.

All of these qualifications speak to his ability to handle the entire spectrum of a person’s general and advanced dental needs, and all within his Wayne office. For all these reasons, Dr. Vito has been consistently recognized by colleagues, peers and patients alike as one of the premier cosmetic and dental implant dentists on the Main Line since coming to Wayne in 2001.

Dr. Vito also offers IV sedation by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist for the fearful and apprehensive dental patient.

In addition to the general and advanced adult restorative dental services Dr. Vito provides for his patients, he also offers facial aesthetic services such as Botox and dermal fillers to improve and enhance the overall dental aesthetics of his patients.

“My staff and I are always grateful and humbled when a patient thanks us for taking care of them and resolving their dental issues and giving them a smile that is healthy, functional and aesthetic,” says Dr. Vito. “We give our patients their lives and their dignity back.”

Dr. Vito also stresses the importance of preventative care. The best prevention, he believes, is a good hygiene program—and, for many, this will mean more frequent visits.

“Most adult patients need to be seen on a three- to four-month maintenance schedule,” he says. “This is based on science; being seen every six months as dental insurance dictates does not mandate good health.

“All of our patients, with very few exceptions, are seen every three months for their hygiene maintenance,” he continues. “This is especially true of our patients that required multiple dental procedures to restore the health, function and aesthetics of their smile.”

Dr. Vito invites anyone interested in experiencing his office’s standout brand of high-quality, personalized dental care firsthand to call the office at 610-971-2590 or visit his website,, for more information.

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Photograph by Jody Robinson