The Total Package
In the attorneys of Angst & Angst P.C., clients gain honest, straightforward and determined representation, both in and out of the courtroom
by Lindsey Getz

Generally speaking, situations that necessitate the hiring of an attorney can lead to some of life’s most stressful and uncertain times, which is why finding expert legal representation is so critical. Identifying this person can help alleviate much of that stress that might arise in the course of navigating the often turbulent legal process.

At the offices of Angst & Angst P.C., the skill and courtroom experience of attorneys Robert E. Angst and Valerie Rosenbluth Angst put prospective clients at ease. Robert admits he might not always be immediately reachable on the phone, but that’s only because he spends so many of his days in the courtroom. And, in truth, that’s what clients need in an attorney—someone who knows the court system inside and out and puts in the hours to represent clients with skill and determination.

“I feel our level of knowledge of the court makes clients feel more comfortable once they start the process,” he says. “We do spend a lot of our time there, and even when we’re not in court, our cases are on our minds. We work 24/7.”

Adding Value

The firm opened its doors in Doylestown in 1998. In 2005, following many years of success, the attorneys opened a second office in Harleysville to meet the needs of a growing client base.

Together, the couple has been practicing law for more than two decades. Although the attorneys can effectively represent clients in various aspects of the law, they concentrate their respective practices in areas such as bankruptcy, family law (particularly divorce) and personal injury, among others. 

“We each have our own areas of expertise but are able to bounce ideas off each other and capitalize on the other’s knowledge,” Robert says. “That has allowed us to offer clients a lot more value because they are getting both of our experience. Valerie has an incredible understanding of the court’s equitable principals.  Both are very important when it comes to divorce.”

While he earned his juris doctor from Villanova University School of Law, Robert had a strong background in finances prior to law school; he received his undergraduate degree in accounting and economics/business administration from Ursinus University. This expertise enables him to bring something very unique to the table for his clients amid family law disputes.

“Finances are a huge part of the divorce process, and my background has been incredibly helpful in that area,” he says. “Whether it’s dealing with creditors or dealing with debt, a good understanding of finance has been incredibly beneficial to my clients.”

Compassionate Representation
While experience, knowledge and skill are the primary characteristics clients seek in an attorney, they also value someone who truly does care—someone who has their best interests at heart. The Angsts take this very seriously and understand that clients are coming to them during what are often some of the most difficult periods of their life. This is particularly true in cases of divorce.

“Divorce is complex and sometimes even a time of crisis,” Robert says. “Although I’m busy in court, I make sure I am reachable when I need to be. In some cases the evening might be when a client really needs an attorney—if there’s a domestic dispute or the police have been called in. I make myself available for that.”

Although divorce may be a time of crisis, the Angsts do their best to help clients remember that these crises are of the short term, instead guiding clients to focus on a not-too-distant future time when the dark clouds have passed.

“We recognize what a trying time this can be for clients and aim to make it as least stressful as possible,” he adds. “We want them to know that this stress is not going to last forever.”

Along with a commitment to helping clients cope with current realities, the firm values honesty and straightforwardness in communication. If the attorneys believe going to court over a situation is not necessary or helpful, they will not subject clients to the experience. On the other hand, if going to court is in a client’s best interest, the attorneys will fight diligently for the best possible result.

“Sometimes we’re able to save clients’ money by keeping things out of court,” Robert says. “We have enough experience going through the court system to know when something should stay out of it. Clients can expect honest and straightforward advice from us regarding their best options. We are not the type of attorneys who are going to drag you through the court system when we don’t think it’s necessary or the best option.

“Because of our long history in the courtroom, we have a strong understanding of what the court is going to do,” he continues. “That allows us to manage the case in a way that will be a benefit to the client—not only in terms of saving time and money but also in a way that is less stressful for the client.”

Angst & Angst P.C. has established itself as a reputable, responsible and respected law firm throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. The firm and its attorneys are well known in the local community, which is something that the Angsts value.

“We’re proud to have built a good relationship within the community,” Robert says. “Clients continue coming back to us or referring us because we’ve built and maintained a valuable level of trust.”

Angst & Angst P.C.

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Photograph by Jody Robinson