Healthy Start
At Advocare Main Line Pediatrics, children receive the most advanced treatment in a nurturing, community-minded practice with a small-town feel
by Lindsey Getz

Whether it’s for a routine wellness visit or in search of relief during one of those dreaded “sick days,” parents can expect to spend a lot of their time at the pediatrician’s office when their children are young.

There is nothing more important than a child’s health, after all, which is why it’s so important to find a pediatrician who has earned the trust of patients and parents alike. For many families living on the Main Line—including the families of other physicians—Advocare Main Line Pediatrics has become the obvious choice for pediatric care.

Known for its physicians’ exceptional skill, nurturing bedside manner and commitment to the local community, Advocare Main Line Pediatrics has been caring for the region’s infants, children and adolescents for more than three decades. With locations in Narberth and Paoli, the practice offers operating hours seven days a week. Physicians treat children from birth through college, dealing with general pediatric issues ranging from the common cold to complex issues such as diabetes. The practice also provides onsite mental health care, which is a relatively new offering.

“About a year ago we brought in some therapists to practice on site in order to meet the mental health needs of our families,” explains Kristen Kucharczuk, M.D., Ph.D., a board-certified pediatrician with Advocare Main Line Pediatrics. “We know that pursuing mental health services can be intimidating, but we found that bringing them in house—to a place where families are used to coming—takes away a lot of that uncertainty.”

Similarly, Advocare Main Line Pediatrics offers adolescent gynecologic care on site through one of the practice’s nurse practitioners. This service has also been incredibly well received by patients’ families.

“This is an excellent transition for teenage girls,” Dr. Kucharczuk says. “You don’t have to have your first Pap smear in an unfamiliar office with an unfamiliar doctor.”

A Tight-Knit Community
In designing the practice, physicians and administrators wanted Advocare Main Line Pediatrics to be a place where children and their parents feel comfortable. Patients benefit from the wisdom and expertise of the practice’s six physicians—three male, three female—and four nurse practitioners, many of whom live in the community.

“It’s neat to be a pediatrician who practices where he lives,” says Michael Devon, M.D., FAAP, another board-certified pediatrician with Advocare. “I see a lot of my patients and their families out in the community, and I enjoy that.”

Dr. Kucharczuk agrees.

“Not only do we practice in the community, but we live here, too,” she says. “I see my patients at the grocery store, in a restaurant or at a soccer game, and it gives a small-town feel, which I think people appreciate these days.”

In fact, Dr. Kucharczuk describes the practice as a “good marriage between advanced medicine and small-town treatment.”

“In other words, we’re small enough that we really do get to know each and every patient and their family,” Dr. Kucharczuk continues. “It’s that ‘good old days’ feel where you really know your doctor. But that doesn’t compromise our skill. Parents can rest assured their children are receiving top-quality medical treatment with well-trained doctors.”

While Advocare’s physicians go above and beyond to provide exceptional care in a nurturing atmosphere, Dr. Kucharczuk adds that members of the support staff play an equally important role in creating a positive experience for each patient.

“It would be remiss not to talk about the office staff and our nurses,” she says. “Our nurses are just as engaged as our doctors. And our office staff is caring and attentive. They get to know all of the patients’ names in the same way that the doctors do. And patients come to appreciate seeing the same smiling faces every time they walk into the office. The staff and nurses play a really big role in creating that goodwill feeling that people have when they come here.”

It’s that “good will,” that level of care, that Dr. Devon believes sets the practice apart.

“We’re just a really caring group,” he says. “And you get that high level of care from the time you walk in until the time you leave. From the clerical staff to the medical staff, everyone genuinely cares. I feel good that my own kids receive their care here.”

Likewise, many area physicians bring their own children to Advocare Main Line Pediatrics, which Dr. Kucharczuk considers “a high-level compliment.”

The Convenience Factor

The practice’s flexible hours are also incredibly appreciated by busy doctors—not to mention busy parents. The practice offers hours seven days a week, with “sick hours” on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as evening hours Monday through Thursday. Also, for one hour each day, Monday through Friday, the practice carves out time for “walk-in hour.”

“Our families love the walk-in hour,” says Dr. Devon. “It operates like an urgent care [facility] in that you don’t need an appointment. It’s really great for kids that are of school age because there are days you just don’t know if they’re really sick or not; something might be off, but you’re not sure. That can all be figured out before the school day starts, and parents love that.”

“We’re incredibly accessible,” adds Dr. Kucharczuk. “Basically if your child is sick—you’re going to be seen. It’s very easy to get an appointment here. Having kids of my own, that’s something I really appreciate.”

While the practice sees patients with a variety of medical issues, physicians also know when it’s appropriate to refer a patient to a specialist. Better yet, Advocare doctors maintain a strong working relationship with many of the region’s top physicians in pediatric cardiology, pediatric immunology and various other pediatric subspecialties.

“The bottom line is that we deliver really good care,” adds Dr. Devon. “We know there are a lot of practices in this area and families have a lot of options. It keeps us at the top of our game as we continue to welcome new families to our practice.”

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Photograph by Alison Dunlap