Prepare for the Worst
Colonial Generators and Cummins Power Generation are changing the game when it comes to emergency standby power
by Lindsey Getz

Imagine if you never lost power, even when the power went out.

After Superstorm Sandy, many eyes were opened to the value of being prepared for an emergency weather situation. Following that storm, generator sales spiked. Those who had them installed in our region were pleased when they were able to retain power during the February 2014 ice storm that lead to more than 588,000 homes losing power for almost a week. Unfortunately, these scenarios are likely to become even more common since it’s estimated that the United States would have to spend nearly $4 trillion to upgrade the aging power grid. And while there hasn’t been an affordable solution for reliable emergency power in the past, one company is looking to change that.

Colonial Generators, a part of the well-known Colonial Home Services family, is one of the leading emergency generator installation companies in the Northeast. The company has simplified the process of purchasing, designing, installing and monitoring standby backup power systems. In the same way that Colonial Marble built its name and reputation on affordable, all-inclusive pricing for countertops, Colonial Generators is coming to the market with a similar approach. In terms of reliable emergency power, it’s unprecedented.

“There is no one else in the marketplace doing anything like this,” says Mike Mazzola, vice president of operations for Colonial Generators. “Not only have we partnered with the four largest generator manufacturers in the world but we also created a strategic alliance with Cummins Power Generation, the world’s leading engine manufacturer. We’re leveraging these relationships to bring the consumer much larger machines that will power the entire home in our all-inclusive extremely affordable Colonial Package. This program will take care of 85 percent of the homes and small businesses out there.”

When an outage occurs, Colonial Generators restores power automatically within 10 seconds. It keeps the lights on. It keeps the water running. But, most importantly, it keeps everyone safe and sound.

“We monitor your systems 24 hours a day so you never have to worry,” says Mazzola. “We can manage your generator from anywhere. We proactively test your system before any major weather event so that you can always have peace of mind. And on top of it all, everything is included.”

The entire process is simplified: a one-day installation, with a smart switch that automatically manages a home’s largest appliances, with no hidden fees and flexible financing. A homeowner can have the security of never worrying about outages again for as little as $125 per month. That means never having to fret about frozen pipes, flooded basements or ending up in an overcrowded, expensive hotel or being shacked up with extended family for weeks on end. Colonial Generators wants clients to know that even when the power goes off, life goes on. For those who may require a smaller or larger solution that is outside of the primary package, the company also has the power to design small and large systems.

Affordability has been a driving force in setting the company apart. “There are also financial benefits to consider,” Mazzola adds. “Many insurance companies are giving discounts on your homeowner’s insurance if you have a generator installed. There are also tax benefits as well as overall improved resale value on your home.”

Of course, the main reason home or business owners might consider a standby generator is simply to ensure there is no interruption in their daily lives. When you’re a business owner who can’t afford to have the loss of revenue, what do you do when you have no lights, no ambiance, the kitchen equipment goes down, cash registers stop working and, more importantly, customers start leaving or never come in? As Mazzola puts it, an emergency generator is “an insurance policy against a power outage.”

As part of the company’s package, Colonial will be monitoring every machine 24/7. As a storm approaches, and a generator is down, Colonial will send someone out ahead of the storm to service the machine. There is no one doing that currently in the marketplace. “It’s one of those things where you don’t know it’s there until you need it,” Mazzola says. “But you absolutely want it to work when you do. So part of our package will be constant monitoring on every machine that we install.”

For customers who have bought a package or are contemplating the purchase and get caught in a storm before that system is installed, Colonial will also have a huge inventory of “traditional” portable machines that can be dropped off to help get them through.

“The statistics show an almost quadrupling of power outages across the country,” Mazzola says. “Coupled with the fact that we’re becoming more reliant than ever on power and that the weather patterns are indicating more and more storms in our future, generators are going to become a no-brainer. Experts predict they will become standard in homes within the next 10 years—the way central air has become standard today.”

While generators have been out there, up until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive solution to having one not only purchased but also installed and monitored.  Homeowners might be able to run to the nearest big-box store after a power outage, but they still need to hire someone to design the system, apply for the permits and do the installation. What’s more, once the system is installed, homeowners are usually on their own. Now, all that is changing.

“We are simplifying the marketplace with our solution,” Mazzola sums up. “And, as a result, we expect to be the leader in emergency power generation.”

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