Remaking History
The Plumsteadville Inn, an iconic Bucks County landmark dating back to the 1700s, builds on its history with a 21st century makeover
by Theodora Malison

“The Plum,” more formally known as the Plumsteadville Inn, has been an iconic landmark since the times of the American Revolution. Nowadays, The Plum’s historic charm, enchantment and numerous dining options attract crowds for all occasions. These can range from a casual drink in the tavern, to fairytale engagement proposals accompanied by a romantic dinner for two. Its slogan is “Burgers & Beer, Lobster & Cheer!”

Although its rich history remains an alluring attribute, The Plum has evolved considerably since its inception. Recent renovations, including the addition of contemporary hotel rooms, have helped The Plum extend its reach, marrying its past with 21st century upgrades to suit the tastes of any guest.

“Eight of the rooms have existed since 1751,” says Matt George, general manager of the Plumsteadville Inn. “By the mid-1900s, another addition was put on, which provided an additional five rooms. The suites, as they’re known today, have been open for roughly three years, in which time we decided to renovate the historic side on both the second and third floors. The third floor was just recently finished.”

These beautifully refurbished, tastefully furnished suites offer an array of desirable amenities to local and out-of-town guests. Although they were not part of the traditional building structure, their incorporation was a necessary and welcome addition.

“All rooms are finished with flat-screen televisions and possess Wi-Fi capability—even on the historic side,” George adds. “All of the rooms include their own coffee machines, bathrooms and central air. Prior to renovations, the rooms had outdated and nearly broken furniture. The walls were decaying, plaster was slowly falling off of the walls, and the windows had cracks and weren’t sealed tightly. We decided it was necessary to replace and fix all of these issues.”

All guests—businesspeople, tourists, families, newly engaged couples, etc.—have the option to choose from one of three single rooms, or two-room suites featuring a sit-in room, with a full bath. Or, for those looking to delve into The Plum’s full experience, one of the eight historic rooms located on the original historic part of the building constructed in 1751 are available. For groups, The Plum also offers room blocking.

“The suites have a more modernized feel, with king-size beds and brand new furniture,” George adds. “On the historic side of the building, we try to keep it more of a ‘bed and breakfast’ type of feel for the people used to the traditional aspects of the building. The floors are slanted, some have large cracks, but it all contributes to the historic American feel. All historic rooms have full-size beds, some have canopy beds. Despite their differences, all rooms do have the same amenities.

“We have the luxury of having a hotel and a restaurant in the same area, which is really a remarkable aspect of the inn,” he continues. “Back in the 1700s this used to be a stagecoach stop, with vast farmland and only a cottage when [original owner] Samuel Hart purchased the property. This piece of property has really evolved over a significant period of time, so it has undergone a plethora of renovations over the course of many years.”

While The Plum has indeed enjoyed success with the addition of its overnight rooms, the success did not itself come overnight.

“The rooms started off slow,” George adds. “We really did not advertise them initially, as we were new to the inn and hotel business. … As our demand has increased along with our advertising, we have seen more bookings, but we are still dominantly a restaurant that has a hotel. It’s a nice luxury for us to have for our restaurant patrons to have family or business associates stay close.”

Speaking of luxury, The Plum is conveniently located near an assortment of local wineries, among other Bucks County attractions, and overnight guests are supplied with a $10 voucher to The Groveland Grill for a delectable breakfast. For those who want to take their stay up another notch, The Plum’s latest offering, the “Enchanted Evening Package,” might be a favorable choice.

“With this package, we make our own twist on what we think is considered an enchanted evening at the inn,” George says. “Not only does it include one overnight stay, but it also includes one appetizer, two entrées and one dessert, which can be anything on the menu—no exclusions. It took us a good six months to formulate the package, as well as figuring out how to advertise it, promote it and overall make it work. It was truly a team effort.”

Among these fundamental renovations to vital aspects of The Plum’s business, is the renovation and shift in diversifying and expanding its audience to more than patrons who enjoyed the white tablecloth experience.

“At one point, this place was known for 100 percent fine dining,” George notes. “When we took over, we realized that wouldn’t necessarily work with today’s economy. We didn’t want to shift completely away from the old original feel, so we kept that here but made changes along the way to create a family-friendly atmosphere, not just limited to special occasions.”

From the spacious outdoor patio and scenic garden room overlooking beautifully hedged landscaping, to the rustic old-time feel of the tavern, The Plum offers numerous choices to those seeking assorted dining options or a venue to host their next event.

“I was sure that the winter and the fall would be our busiest time [for the hotel], but spring and summer have turned out to be our busiest seasons,” George says. “We tend to get a lot of traffic from weddings and local businesses for their events.

“We want this to be a place for all occasions,” he continues. “We wanted to cater to everyone—that was the biggest thing we wanted to change. If you want to propose to your fiancé, this is the perfect place—but if you want to watch a game and get cozy with a beer by the fireplace located in the tavern, it’s still the perfect place. We strive to cater to everyone, from businesses, families and couples, to out-of-town residents. Whatever the occasion may be, this is the place for everyone.”

Plumsteadville Inn
5902 Easton Road
Pipersville, PA 18947

Photograph by Allure West Studios