The Right Direction
At Right Steps Boutique Preschool & Childcare Center, little ones build a strong foundation for the future
by Pete Croatto and Leigh Stuart

Years ago, John and Regina Reydler were searching for a place where their young children could enjoy a welcoming, safe and enriching environment in which to develop. The Reydlers quickly learned that the atmosphere they sought simply didn’t exist at the time—so they invented it.

In 2004, guided by the notion that “our children deserve the best,” the Reydlers founded Right Steps Boutique Preschool and Childcare Center in Richboro. Although two of the Reydlers’ three children—ages 16 and 14—have long since graduated from the program, countless other families throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area are giving their children a strong start through Right Steps. Of Right Steps’ three facilities, including locations in Richboro, Churchville and Rittenhouse Square, the Richboro center is the flagship. This past year, the Richboro location saw complete renovations and dramatic expansion of its entire grounds.

“As a parent, of course you wish your child, when he or she grows up, is going to a great college and going to get into the best high school,” John says. “Studies show the human brain develops most rapidly between birth and age five, so we figured, why not start at the beginning and expose children to a variety of experiences to prepare them for their lifelong educational journey. The younger they are, the easier they take everything in, so we figured, why wait? Why not expose them to everything we can at the early age?”

And when the Reydlers say “everything,” they mean it. From art and science to music and math, Right Steps offers it all for children ages six weeks to six years old. Even advanced and unique activities such as gymnastics and ballroom dancing have their place in the Right Steps world.

The foundation of Right Steps’ philosophy lies in the Reggio Emilia approach, which “addresses each child’s intellectual, emotional and social potential,” by exposing children to beauty, harmony, health and emotional warmth. 

“It’s a creative way of teaching children in early childhood education,” explains Regina, a former preschool teacher who holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. “Reggio emphasizes learning through play and real experiences in life. It’s basically about the environment you create for children so when children come to your daycare, it’s close to their natural environment at home. … It’s a smooth transition for children coming from home to the childcare environment. … It’s a fascinating environment and it’s very creative, it’s incorporating a lot of movement and art.”

Right Steps also knows the role of nutrition in helping little ones to grow into healthy young people. For this reason, nutrient-rich delicious meals are part of the package at Right Steps. Each day, children receive four delectable, kosher-style meals that feature only the freshest ingredients. Right Steps also takes strides to ensure they utilize as many organic ingredients as possible. There are even vegetarian options available.

“Our diet was designed by nutritionists,” John explains. “It is very well balanced.”

He adds that there is no place for processed foods at Right Steps. “We provide four home-cooked meals, including organic milk and some organic fruits and vegetables in season,” he notes. “It is all natural.”

From organic to cutting edge, Right Steps covers the gamut. Technology plays a central, but not overpowering, role in the days of young people at the various Right Steps locations. While the Reggio Emilia approach centers on individualized attention and tactile experiences, Right Steps understands the importance of new technology in the classroom. Each center features SMART Board technology that children can utilize. Additionally, advanced audio equipment can hone children’s listening and reading skills, as well as their vocabulary.

Safety is paramount. All staff members are trained in CPR and first aid, a measure that goes above and beyond state requirements but which John and Regina felt were vital skills for their employees to have. In addition, all of the Right Steps facilities feature advanced, 24-hour closed-circuit monitoring equipment and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology at all entrances and exits, as well as fingerprint software. The closed-circuit television system, which features surveillance cameras both indoors and out, ensures only authorized individuals are able to access the facilities.

In addition, Right Steps uses specialized technology to provide parents with updates on their children throughout the day.

“We use software which allows teachers to update you, as a parent, all day long,” John explains. “You get [updates] on your cell phone, on your email. … You get pictures, you get videos of what your child is doing all day long. You know in detail every day, all day long, what your child did, what your child learned, what your child ate—everything.”

Regina notes this is a particularly spectacular feature for new mothers.

“Especially for first-time parents, who can be extremely nervous during this transition period, I find it can be very calming for these parents to get the updates during the day,” she says. “Sometimes children can have separation problems when they start childcare for the first time and when they appear upset when they are dropped off, parents will worry all day if their child is OK and their entire day can be potentially ruined. When our teachers send out smiling pictures of the children, sometimes within five minutes of the parents dropping off the children, it lets the parents know they are doing great and it makes them feel better ... and that can make their day completely better.”

Another feature putting parents’ minds at ease is Right Steps’ voluntary participation in the Keystone STARS initiative. This initiative of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning of Pennsylvania has, as explained on its website,, the goal of improving, supporting and recognizing “the continuous quality improvement efforts of early learning programs” throughout the state. Of the approximately 3,000 daycares in Bucks County and surrounding areas, John notes, only a small percentage had four-star ratings—the highest possible score—and Right Steps was among this elite group.

“Our professional staff receive 24 hours of training a year and many of our teachers have bachelor’s degrees,” Regina explains. “Our directors continue to mentor the staff to further their education and Right Steps participates in a program that pays for our teachers to get their CDA [Child Development Associate], associate’s, bachelor’s and even master’s degrees. Many of our teachers have been with us from day one.”

“That should [say] a lot about our quality of education and care,” John adds.

With such a bevy of activities and opportunities for growth, safety measures and technological advances, it’s no wonder so many parents choose to set their children on the path to bright futures through Right Steps.

Right Steps Boutique Preschool & Childcare Center

29 Tanyard Road
Richboro, PA 18954

48 Churchville Lane
Churchville, PA 18966

Rittenhouse Square
1535 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Photograph by Allure West Studios