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Family owned and operated for 40 years and counting, Holland Floor Covering continues its tradition of providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional service, with options to suit any budget
by Theodora Malison

Decisions on large-scale home improvement projects such as the installation of new floors are best made by consulting with family—the Hansbarger family, that is.

When it comes to remodeling, repairing or refinishing flooring surfaces, the family behind Holland Floor Covering in Newtown knows a thing or two. Dave and Judy Hansbarger founded Holland Floor Covering in 1973, and it has been family owned and operated ever since.

The Hansbargers’ sons, David Jr. and Roger, joined the business in the late 1980s and learned the industry from the ground up, while their daughter, Pam, joined the team in 1994. In the hands of the second generation, the business has truly flourished, expanding well beyond its roots to serve satisfied clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

“When we first began this business, we installed carpeting and commercial vinyl,” says David Jr. “From there we then decided to expand into wood flooring installation, and eventually branched out to ceramic tile, marble and finishing wood floors—all of which are a very large part of our business today. By the time we opened up our showroom, we had just about everything to offer.”

Such expansion enabled the company to integrate itself into the new construction market, in the early 1990s, which elevated the business to a higher level. 

“As a result we have great purchasing power which enables us to offer a wide variety of products at very inexpensive prices,” adds David Jr. “A large portion of our business in commercial and new construction is not necessarily seen at the showroom, as it runs out of our warehouse and corporate offices, located in the Newtown Industrial Commons.”

“We broke into these new markets, and from there it blossomed,” adds Roger. “In fact, custom builders and designers use our showroom as a design center. Customer service is the key; our service department is what impresses residential commercial and builder clientele.”

Customers are able to browse and select from a wide assortment of flooring, tiling and customizable finishes at the showroom on Swamp Road in Newtown. Although the array of options customers have to choose from can be daunting, the Hansbarger family and their experienced sales team provide guidance to help clients identify the ideal flooring suited to their individual lifestyle, aesthetic preference and budget.

“Someone might choose laminate flooring over traditional wood flooring due to a few factors, one of them being the disparity in price,” Roger notes. “If you’re looking to do a project that’s economical, a laminate may be your best choice. Some customers choose laminate based on how it’s manufactured, in that it’s much harder and denser than a hardwood. A large family or busy household with pets might decide on a laminate simply because the material works better in that sort of situation.”

For some clients, according to David Jr., everything all boils down to matter of opinion.

Before finalizing any flooring decisions, Holland Floor Covering helps clients weigh the pros and cons of each material.

“The main benefit of wood is that it’s a natural product and it’s aesthetically pleasing,” Roger adds. “With laminate, that natural beauty is hard to replicate exactly. Another benefit of hard wood is that you can rejuvenate the finish after so many years to fix scratching and other issues. When laminate is done and has run its course, you have to replace it.”

The company also helps clients understand the differences between factory finishing, or “pre-finished,” and custom “field finishing.” For some, pre-finished is a more attractive option because it is easier and quicker to install.

“Having an unfinished floor installed can be a very time-consuming process,” Roger states. “People may choose pre-finished floors over ‘finish in place’ for this reason and others. They prefer quicker installation, as opposed several days of installation, sanding, staining and clear finish. We’re finding that pre-finished flooring options are a popular choice because they are less disruptive to busy families and have a quicker timeline. Additives in manufacturer pre-finished floors also contribute to their strength and durability. Engineered hardwood floors are becoming more desirable because of the versatility of installation. In addition, this type of wood is environmentally friendly due to less lumber per square foot to manufacture.”

A new trend in porcelain tile is a wood plank visual. Just like laminate, tile manufacturers can replicate with great detail the look of real hardwood flooring. Holland Floor Covering has a large selection of “wood look” porcelain, ceramic and stone products that are popular for use in backsplashes, fireplace transformation and bathroom renovations. In addition to these offerings, Holland Floor Covering can provide expert installation on all of the products it sells. 

Roger adds that the days of carpeting are not long gone. What has shifted, however, are the particular areas of the home that homeowners want carpeted—namely, first-floor areas such as family rooms and second-floor areas such as bedrooms.

“Homeowners want to have at least one room in the house that’s comfortable and soft,” Roger says. “We’re finding that second floors are predominately carpeted because people love sinking their toes into the softness of the carpeting when they rise out of bed in the morning.

“Yarn producers of carpeting are always improving,” he continues. “They are constantly reinventing and developing softer carpets, which ultimately makes them more appealing to customers. In addition to softer yarns, manufacturers have also significantly improved the ability of their yarn to resist pet and food stains.”

The Hansbarger family continues to remain remarkably “hands on,” both in the business and within the community.

“Our showroom is right across from Council Rock High School [North], and we are happy to consider helping any student who comes in looking for support,” says Pam. “We’re sponsoring football, softball and basketball teams, and last month was our second year of being a premier sponsor of ‘A Cappella at the Rock.’ We want to be part of the community, and we enjoy giving back as much as we can here in Newtown, as well as our neighboring areas.”

In addition to student-led causes, Holland Floor Covering lends support to other local philanthropic initiatives, including the Bookin’ for Lookin’ race (raising awareness and funds to help cure blindness), the ColorFun 5K Run/Walk (supporting Girl Scouts World Travel) and Relay for Life (benefiting the American Cancer Society). It is also a longtime member of the Newtown Business Association. Holland Floor Covering’s signature cause is funding a cure for multiple sclerosis. Pam, who has M.S., notes that the company has raised more than $300,000 over the last 15 years through the Challenge Walk for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

Clearly, just as Dave and Judy Hansbarger did when they founded the business in 1973, the second generation of the family has worked to maintain customer satisfaction at every turn.

“When you go to a larger chain store, the people working there have not necessarily always been in the industry for a long period of time, and sometimes don’t have the experience,” Roger notes. “At Holland Floor Covering, we prepare the customer for the process and educate them on how things will proceed. We’re not perfect; we’re human, and we’ve made mistakes—but one thing we pride ourselves on is standing behind the product we installed and fixing anything that needs it.”          

Regardless of the need, Holland Floor Covering has a wide range of options to suit each client’s budget. If a client seeks flooring of the highest quality, they can have their pick of possibilities. Likewise, a client who seeks a lower-priced alternative will find a similar breadth of choices.

“Considering where we’re located and the level of service we offer, some may perceive us to be overpriced,” Roger says. “Instead, we encourage customers to get a no-charge, no-obligation estimate from us. Just come visit our showroom to see the products we have to offer and schedule your measure. You just have to give us an opportunity to earn your business.”           

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Photograph by Allure West Studios