Forever Young
Remain healthy with Dr. Dennis Bonner’s age management program
by Stephanie Twining

If you are looking to increase your energy level, (including sexual energy,) reduce body fat, increase lean muscle and bone density, improve your cognitive function, and strengthen your immune system into your 60s and 70s, Dr. Dennis Bonner’s successful Optimed program can help.

The Optimed program is based upon the fact that as we get older, we lose our functional capabilities in a progressive fashion. This has become so prevalent that today, most people spend their time over 60 years of age in a disabled state. Medical science has helped us to live longer, but it has not helped us to live better.

This is a program of evaluating and treating the older patient with the goal off maximizing their metabolic, vascular, muscular, psychological and sexual function. This program rehabilitates the older patient by restoring their youthful capabilities using sound medical programs and scientific principles to evaluate and treat patients with conditions associated with aging.

The most common complaint people have with aging is a loss of energy. There are several functions that affect our energy level, and the Optimed program can work to correct these.


The normal heart loses 1 heartbeat per year from its maximum. If we add the loss in contractibility, the cardiac output or energy delivery drops 11 percent from heart rate and 5 percent from stiffness in left ventricle, valvular regurgitation and increase in blood pressure. This loss of cardiac output translates directly to a loss of energy available.

Muscle Aging

Just from aging, there is a decrease in the amount of muscles we have. Beginning at age 30, muscles begin to atrophy, or shrink and go away on their own. Between the ages of 30 to 50, we lose 30 percent of our muscle mass. Then, we lose 30 percent every 10 years thereafter. When we do the mathematics, at the age of 60, we have lost more than 50 percent of our original muscular volume. This loss does not translate immediately to strength, but does correlate with work and therefore energy.

Nervous Tissue

Aging causes a decline in our cognition and in the ability of nerves to transmit information. Aging deeply influences several morphologic and functional features of the peripheral nervous system. Aging also affects functional and electrophysiologic properties of the PNS, including a decline in nerve conduction velocity, muscle strength, sensory discrimination, autonomic responses, and endoneurial blood flow.

When we combine the above, we have a total loss of 75 percent of energy/physical capabilities by the time we reach age 70.

Here’s the good news—most of the above deterioration is reversible for both men and women!

The Optimed program is a complex medical system ,which includes comprehensive evaluations, testing of blood and serum, state-of-the-art testing with MRI, CT scanners and DEXA scanners. In addition to the evaluation by a medical specialist, the patient is evaluated by nutritionist, nurses and trainers. The program includes:

  • Comprehensive medical examinations and risk assessments, as well as a highly technical testing program to document the level of involvement of such disorders as arteriolosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, liver dysfunction, kidney disease, prostate disease and circulation disorders. All medical conditions that require immediate attention will be identified and appropriate treatment options discussed. The patient must be optimally medically managed before the program of age management can be initiated.
  • A complete metabolic evaluation of blood and serum levels to measure blood, coagulation, metabolites, enzymes and hormones.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of dietary, sleep and exercise schedules. A prescription for diet will be initiated under the supervision of a diet specialist. In addition to that an exercise prescription will be initiated and monitored by a certified trainer.
  • Nutritional supplements will be added to the regimen depending on the metabolic evaluation. Additional supplements can be added as we progress through the exercise program. Nutraceuticals such as resveratrol or enzyme Q10 will be evaluated and added. Hormonal supplementation, such as the human growth hormone, will be added when clinically indicated.

The patient will be followed on a monthly basis and can expect to see significant changes in lipid levels by the second month. They expect to see significant changes in enzymes, nutrients and lipids by the third month. Optimization of blood levels is expected by the sixth month of treatment.

Patients will see a significant change in energy levels by the second to third month.
Endurance levels will be significantly increased by the third month as measured by tolerance on the treadmill. Depending on the exercise program and the patient’s compliance with it, optimal results are expected by the six-month mark.

At that time, they expect the cholesterol and lipid markers to be at target levels. Significant weight loss will have occurred, but depending on the initial goals, the patient may lose weight for up to two years.

The age management program is supervised by a physician who is board-certified in rehabilitation medicine, and it is designed to provide a thorough evaluation and implement a rehabilitation program to restore the patient to maximal metabolic capability.

Optimed is a program designed to maximize your satisfaction with life during its last 20 to 40 years. The major factors that interfere with life enjoyment are addressed and remedied. Remember, the goal is to live better!  

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