Conservative Care
Dr. Judy Buxton’s approach to care puts patients first
by Jenny Graham

Judy Buxton, D.M.D., knows her neighborhood well. She raised her children on the Main Line and subsequently chose to establish her practice in the area. She began her dental career without a patient base, and her first patients were the classmates of her nursery school-aged children. Dr. Buxton serves the full gamut of her neighbors as well. She sees patients in her practice who range in age from 2 to 106.

Dr. Buxton performs all the cleanings, tasks often assigned to staffers in other offices, as she feels such procedures provide an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with her patients and put them at ease. “From a young age, I loved working with my hands,” Dr. Buxton says. “I enjoyed sculpture and painting, and my science background (dentistry) seems a natural fit.”

Today, Dr. Buxton has parlayed her passions for art and the sciences into a thriving practice, where she performs a host of dental procedures ranging from root canals, extractions, fillings, restorations and cosmetic improvements such as teeth whitening. As an alumna of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Buxton is also extremely well versed in periodontal care, or the care of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

“I’m conservative in dental care,” she says. “I try to save as much tooth structure as possible.” She provides appropriate care, evaluating the needs of each patient. Maintaining and/or establishing the ability to chew, smile and talk are essential. Dr. Buxton’s office incorporates technological advances, even as such advances are being introduced at a rapid rate. She has a host of cutting-edge machinery in-suite that allows for a superior level of patient care. The DIAGNOdent laser, for example, provides the most accurate reading possible regarding tooth decay. Incorporating this advanced technology, Dr. Buxton can be apprised of, and treat, areas of decay not yet visible to the naked eye.

Another tool is an intraoral camera. This piece of technology allows patients to view exactly what the dentist observes before dental work commences. It is a learning tool. This ties directly into Dr. Buxton’s teaching background, which is just one of the many impressive credentials she brings to her patients.

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Dr. Buxton is also a certified teacher. She taught biology for five years in Lansdowne and Center City. Her last position as an educator was teaching anatomy and physiology at Georgia State University. This academic background is a boon to her patients as Dr. Buxton communicates with her patients in a clear and concise manner regarding their procedural options. Tools such as the intraoral camera, for example, enhance this transparency.

“I think it’s important, if you are talking about something going on in somebody’s mouth, that they get a visual image in order to relate,” she explains. “Holding a tiny, little mirror in the mouth is difficult. For example, I can print out a picture for the patient to hold and this allows for better understanding.”

She describes hers as a “boutique practice,” because the atmosphere is calm and the office is intimate. Appointment timeliness is one way in which she demonstrates respect for her patients. “I don’t rush appointments,” she says, noting that such policy ensures that treatment is carefully provided. “I spend a lot of time talking to people. I know about their interests, their children, their pets and they also know about me, if they are interested and want to ask.”

Such personal details include Dr. Buxton’s involvement in numerous academic and professional organizations. Her credentials are impressive. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the Philadelphia County Dental Society, the Montgomery Bucks Dental Society, the Academy of Stomatology and the Main Line Dental Society.

In addition to these affiliations, her personal loves include her children, two now grown, and grandchildren. Dr. Buxton is also a part of a ukulele group, a rowing team and the Medical Musical Group, with whom she sings in the chorus. She shares her artistic talents as a teacher at Main Line School Night, where she has instructed students in painting on glass. She also hopes to join more volunteer initiatives. She participated in providing dental services to underserved athletes during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Even with her various personal and work-related obligations, Dr. Buxton still finds time for professional growth in her field, which she notes is not just vital but also a fascinating component of the job.

“Learning new things about dentistry, new technologies, new materials and new techniques is what I find stimulating,” she says. “I learn about new dental products and incorporate many into my practice. The latest are restorative materials that are bioactive, meaning they help rebuild tooth structure. Learning is the key to enjoying the profession. I’ve also just been inducted into the National Academy of Practices. This is an organization made up of health care professionals from all over the country. We try to formulate health care policy during the course of the year and at the annual meeting.

“Dentistry is a wonderful profession because it allows for personal as well as professional growth. Each patient is unique, each technique challenging, in a positive way, making each day exciting.”

Dr. Judy Buxton
234 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: 610-525-6060  |  Fax: 610-525-3302

Photograph by Jody Robinson