Cherry On Top
With the welcome addition of Cherry Blow Dry Bar, the Main Line now boasts the latest craze in hairstyling
by Theodora Malison

As the iconic fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy once said, “Hairstyle is the final tip-off of whether or not a woman really knows herself.” Women living on or near the Main Line can know their best selves 365 days a year, thanks to Cherry Blow Dry Bar, which recently brought its fabulous blowout services to its newest location in Paoli.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar can help the fashion-savvy woman flaunt the latest in trends in hairstyling, whether she’s in the bridal party of a posh wedding or simply wanting to turn heads for a night out with a special someone. With its convenient hours and central location in the heart of the Main Line, Cherry Blow Dry Bar is eager to accommodate the increasing demand for its distinctive style.

“We’re located in a very good location,” says Bob Ferry, the owner, who formerly served Goldman Sachs as a vice president. “We knew we wanted to be on the Main Line, but it was a matter of where. After looking throughout the area we decided this was the best location due to the ample parking for our clients.”

The Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise launched in 2013, specializing primarily in hairstyling—meaning, no cuts or hair color. All Cherry Blow Dry Bar stylists are cosmetology licensed. The salon’s team of highly skilled stylists offers six different blowout looks, updo, half-up and braided styles for bridal parties and other large parties. Other services include hair extensions, using Hot Heads and Keratin Express treatments.

“Every blow dry bar has its own methods and signature styles,” Ferry notes. “There are many different methods to styling, so we train our stylists on our particular method. Everyone gets trained on every service we offer.”  

Other services involve reparative protein treatment, scalp massage, hair extensions and full-face makeup application. Most of the salon’s regular clients come in for a weekly blowout, whereas weekends are common for members of bridal parties, according to Katie Marucci, the salon’s master stylist. Regardless of the day or time of visit, guests are welcomed into an upbeat atmosphere that tends to be more relaxing than a traditional salon setting.

“When our clients come in, they’re initially greeted by a sales associate, and then given a consultation with a stylist,” says Marucci, who previously led another blowout bar located in Center City for nearly four years. “From there, they choose from one of our six signature styles, and if they choose to do so, they can add their own twist on the style for no additional charge.”

In addition to having a standard menu of signature looks, Cherry Blow Dry Bar offers styling options aplenty. Clients can choose from the classic “Straight Out” style or can opt for a more daring style such as “Retro Glam,” a more classic glam curl, or the more subtle “Wondrous Waves.” When asked about the most requested styles, Marucci cites “Beachy Keen,” a tousled, effortless day-at-the-beach style, and its neater alternative, the customizable and voluminous “Big and Bouncy” as the two most popular, which comes as no surprise considering the rise in textured hairstyles throughout the country.

“When you’re a full-service salon, you’re not always trained to know how to style hair,” she says. “They may be able to cut well, but a lot of customers end up saying they hate how their hair gets styled or blown out after the cut. … That’s why we focus solely on styling all different types of hair of different ethnicities to different textures and lengths. The quality of work we do will be better than any styling you’ll receive at a regular full-service salon.”

For clients who frequent Cherry Blow Dry Bar, memberships enable patrons to have access to professionally styled tresses any time of the month while enjoying significant cost savings.

Clients can choose from three unique memberships: the Signature membership, a month-to-month membership with two blowouts per month and any unused blowouts rolling over to the following month; the Trendsetter membership, another monthly membership with four blowouts per month; and the Prepaid membership, a package best suited to the occasional visitor, with 12 blowouts to use anytime over the course of the year.

“Having these membership packages not only helps the customer but also allows us to stand out among other blow dry bars,” Ferry adds. “When you visit a blow dry bar, it’s generally a flat rate, which doesn’t include the styling end of it. Sometimes there are additional charges for curling and other types of styling. When you use our packages, you’re able to come in whenever and you know how much you’re paying per month no matter the style you receive.

“The main benefit is the cost,” he continues. “If you’re going to come in at least twice a month, the non-member price is more expensive. Plus, when you sign up for a membership, you receive 10 percent off of all products. All packages save the customer money in the long run.”

Regardless of the hair type, the occasion or the client, Cherry Blow Dry Bar truly caters to everyone. Whether it’s the professional gearing up for an important meeting or the socialite preparing for a dinner date at a five-star restaurant, the stylists at Cherry Blow Dry Bar have options tailored to any event.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s flexible hours are another differentiating factor. From Monday through Saturday, the location is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The goal, as Ferry says, is to cater to “anyone who needs to look good for anything.”

“We’ve had great feedback thus far, for being open such a short period of time,” Marucci adds. “If our customers have purchased a membership, that’s a true indicator they were happy with our services. We want you to walk out of the salon feeling beautiful and the best version of yourself.”

Cherry Blow Dry Bar
Paoli Shopping Center
33 Leopard Road
Paoli, PA 19301

Photography by Jody Robinson