Straight Forward
With an innovative approach to orthodontia, the specialists of DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams
by Leigh Stuart

Orthodontia is a far-reaching field, especially when one considers such a discipline can be practiced on individuals ranging in age from children to adults. As such, practitioners need to be not only skilled but also at the forefront of their field to provide this wide array of people with the best care possible.

While individuals of all ages may find a trip to the dentist worrisome, this needn’t be the case—so long as patients know they are under the treatment of a caring, forward-thinking and highly educated professional. The practitioners of DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group exemplify exactly this.

To begin, both Drs. DelliGatti and Milewski possess the highest of credentials.

Dr. DelliGatti received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from St. Joseph’s University and went on to graduate summa cum laude as valedictorian of his class at Temple University’s Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry. During this time he earned numerous accolades from staff and peers, including a first place award at Temple University’s First Annual Clinical Research Day for his study, “High concentrations of L-Tryptophan induced gingival collagenase gene expression.”

After this, he moved to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill wherein he completed his orthodontic residency while obtaining a Master of Science degree. During that time, he aided in the development of a new surgical orthodontic textbook.

These successes made it easy for Dr. DelliGatti to transition into the professional world. Upon receiving his degree, he went on to work for a number of prestigious practices in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania before buying into the practice of Michael A. Cichetti, D.M.D., in 2003.

Dr. Milewski obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Delaware. Dr. Milewski did not, however, delve straight into a career in dentistry. Instead, he followed a unique path that first took him to a career in pharmacology—or as he explains, “pharmaceutical drug discovery”—wherein he specialized in evaluating chemicals used to treat diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. During his four-year tenure with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, he was published in multiple peer-reviewed journals for his efforts on the central nervous system team. It was also during this time that his desire to pursue a career in dentistry was ignited.

Like Dr. DelliGatti, Dr. Milewski attended Temple University’s Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry, where he completed both dental school and specialized orthodontic residency. Dr. Milewski also received a Master of Science degree for the completion of his graduate thesis entitled, “The angiogenic effect of erythropoietin on stem cells in-vitro.” The purpose of Dr. Milewski’s thesis was to identify and evaluate a molecule (erythropoietin) that could potentially hasten orthodontic tooth movement and reduce overall treatment time.

Dr. Milewski’s travels took him to the doorstep of his current practice, known then as Cichetti & DelliGatti, where he served as an associate for four and a half years. When the time came for senior practitioner Dr. Cichetti—who founded the practice in 1979—to retire, Dr. Milewski stepped in to take his place.

“Dr. DelliGatti and I gelled,” Dr. Milewski says. “We went to the same dental school, we were born in the same town [Norristown]; we had a lot of similar interests and were a nice match.”

Today, the partnership continues to thrive as both doctors remain committed to not only top-notch patient service but also important factors such as continuing education initiatives for themselves and their staff.

In addition to a passion for continuing education, the partners of DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group agree that staff members must be willing to “embrace new techniques,” Dr. DelliGatti notes, adding that staff are trained at least every three to six months on a new technology or technique, just to ensure his staff stays at the forefront of the field.

Both Drs. DelliGatti and Milewski participate actively and regularly in initiatives to improve their skills in the field through involvement in continuing education and through professional organizations. Dr. DelliGatti is a dental advisory board member for Avesis. Both partners are members of the American Dental Association, as well as the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Additionally, Dr. DelliGatti is a member of The International and American Association for Dental Research and National Institutes of Health.

Yet, advanced education is just one facet that sets the practice of DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group apart. Another unique attribute is the practice’s approach to what is known as “Phase One” care.

This type of treatment, also referred to as “interceptive” treatment, allows the team at DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group to address problems at the earliest possible opportunity so certain major issues—developmental dental or jaw problems, for example—can begin to be corrected before “Phase Two” treatment, which applies to permanent teeth. It is recommended, in fact, by the AAO that children have their first orthodontic consult around the age of 7. Such interceptive treatment can save time, money and pain down the line.

Other measures to increase patient comfort include: the utilization of tools including spring-loaded keyless palate expanders; nickel-titanium wires, which feature shape memory and utilize a far lighter force—50 grams per tooth—than traditional steel wires; and a state-of-the-art 3-D X-ray machine, which exposes patients to the least amount of radiation of any machine on the market, according to Dr. DelliGatti.

Above all, superior service is paramount.

“Our philosophy,” Dr. DelliGatti says, “is that the patient’s always right, so we accommodate them no matter what.

“We have the best orthodontic team in the area that embraces new technology and techniques and we take the utmost pride in our work and patient care,” he continues. “It’s most important to make the patient feel at ease, so they feel comfortable so that you can do your job in the most efficient, effective manner,” he continues. “Everyone has to be on the same page. If the team’s not working together like a well-driven, well-oiled machine, then the practice suffers.”

Dr. Milewski notes that patient care at DelliGatti & Milewski Orthodontic Group is unparalleled.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to our patients,” he says. “We try to meet or exceed their expectations. We also like to try to connect on a personal level and really interact with the patients, as well as their parents, because it makes for more effective treatment.”

Dr. Milewski adds, “If you show the patient that you are invested in them and care about them, then that puts them at ease. We want patients to know that we’re here for them.”

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Photograph by Felicia Perretti