Versatility, Redefined
Discover a Cadillac unlike any other with the 2017 Crossover XT5, now available at Hill Cadillac in Newtown Square
by Phil Gianficaro

The night is young. The moon is full, and an earlier soft rain has drifted away. Perhaps you’re headed to dinner or the theater, or maybe, just maybe, wherever the mood takes you.

As you pull up to a traffic light, its reddish glow reflects off the wet asphalt. Something catches your eye. You slowly turn your head to the left. The vehicle in the lane beside you is draped in the white light of a streetlamp. You’re struck by the long, chiseled lines, the jewel-like headlamps—the presence of something truly unique.

“Gorgeous,” you say to yourself. “I’d love to get behind the wheel of a vehicle as stunning as that.”

As the light turns green, you hesitate, allowing the object of your desire to pull ahead. The luxury SUV is one you wouldn’t mind owning: stylish, expressive, bold. To your surprise, you spot a familiar logo as it disappears into the night.

It’s a Cadillac!

But this is like no Cadillac you have seen before. This is the 2017 Crossover XT5.

As its designers no doubt intended, Cadillac’s first-ever Crossover XT5 is turning heads. This distinctive sport utility vehicle delivers a unique perspective on adaptability and style. The vehicle, which is essentially an inspired evolution of Cadillac’s beloved SRX, checks all the boxes on what a luxury SUV should deliver.

“People are going to be very impressed by the XT5,” says Randy Hill, pre-owned sales manager at Hill Cadillac in Newtown Square, whose family has owned the dealership for 24 years. “Anyone who is fair minded owes it to themselves to take a look at this vehicle. It has everything you’re looking for in a luxury SUV, inside and out.”

The Cadillac XT5 will serve as the cornerstone of a series of crossover vehicles bearing the XT designation. As the versatile successor to the current SRX, which is Cadillac’s bestselling product worldwide, the XT5 features a generously sized interior brimming with advanced features to help keep you safe and connected, as well as exterior lines that make a striking visual statement.

Available in front- or all-wheel drive, the XT5 is a four-door crossover that seats five more than comfortably. It is offered in a base model, luxury, premium luxury and platinum collections. The XT5 offers the swagger of Cadillac’s luxurious Escalade, combined with the sophistication of a Cadillac luxury sedan.

“This is a new look for Cadillac,” says Craig D’Anjolell, assistant sales manager for Hill Cadillac. “It’s very contemporary. It’s not going to be a tiresome look after a few years, like other vehicles. It’s a look that is always going to remain fresh.”

The XT5’s interior feels plush, roomy and, at times, indulgent. Drivers marvel at everything from the expansive dashboard, to the cut-and-sewn wrapped panels, to the preponderance of leather, starting at the XT5 Luxury level, to the large storage space beneath the center-stack utility tray, to the integrated navigation screen with eye-popping graphics.

By aggressively pushing the wheel wells to the four corners of the vehicle, Cadillac engineers have created more interior space for added comfort. Industry resource WardsAuto was so impressed with the design, it named the XT5 to its 2016 “10 Best Interiors List.”

The XT5’s performance is equally impressive. Under the hood is a 310-horsepower V6 and eight-speed automatic, which delivers quick acceleration, while the torque-vectoring all-wheel drive delivers smoothness, efficiency and sharp handling.

Technology? The XT5 has it in spades, beginning with the CUE system, or Cadillac User Experience, which brings the intuitive control of smartphones and tablets safely to the road. The CUE system is designed to provide drivers with a complete suite of “infotainment,” navigation and communication tools for keeping the driver connected. It also offers 4G connectivity, as well as valuable options such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“The XT5 has so many in-car features,” Hill says. “There are a lot of cool electronics—things like the CUE touch screen and voice capability, like Siri on iPhone. And it has a lot of neat safety features, like automatic parking assistance and drive assist packages that aid vision and help avoid collisions. It also has a rear camera video mirror that enhances the driver’s rear vision by 300 percent.”

You’ve seen the Crossover XT5, and now you want one of your own. With a number of Cadillac dealerships in the Greater Philadelphia Area where you can make this dream a reality, why choose Hill Cadillac?

“Hill Cadillac has a reputation as a family-owned, friendly and no-pressure dealership for many years,” says D’Anjolell, who has sold Cadillac vehicles for 33 years, including the past nine years at Hill; he has ranked among the top Cadillac salesmen in the country for many years. “You come to Hill Cadillac and you get a good deal at the best price and great service from the best salesmen. We’ll greet you at the door and let you take your time looking around. If your car is being serviced, we put you in a loaner car. We take care of our customers. There’s no better place to be than with us.”

Randy Hill learned the business from his father, Geoffrey J. Hill, president of Hill Cadillac. One of the most important lessons the younger Hill learned, regarding attracting and retaining customers, was also among the most straightforward: Treat people right and give them a fair price. This philosophy helped Hill Cadillac become the retail sales leader in Pennsylvania for 2007, 2010 and 2011, and it has been paramount in the dealership’s success as it approaches a quarter-century in business.

“The customer comes first,” Hill says. “I know everybody says that in business, but with us it’s true. We’re friendly, not high pressure to make a sale, and value our clients. We want their business now and in the future. How you do that is by treating them right.”
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