The Right Move
At Riddle Village in Media, residents have everything they need to enjoy a lifestyle designed to enrich the mind, body and spirit
by Theodora Malison

After enjoying much of their adult lives in the comfort of their family home, Glenn and Allegra Sanner ultimately realized they wanted—and, in a sense, needed—something different. The Sanners’ first step was to downsize by moving into a 55-and-older community in West Chester. They lived there, quite happily, for the next six years.

When Glenn began to develop some medical issues, however, the Sanners came to the realization that their current community lacked the sufficient continuum of care needed to sustain their health. After a period of thorough research and a number of visits to elite communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, the Sanners reached a decision. Their destination of choice: Riddle Village, a continuing care retirement community located in Media.

“We were happy in our previous community, but it didn’t have what we really needed—the medical care,” says Allegra. “Riddle also has a great location, very close to Riddle Memorial Hospital. Four of our doctors are right next door at the hospital, and at Riddle Village there are nurses on duty all of the time.”

At Riddle Village, lifecare—the ability to maintain the wellness of all residents, from those who are living independently to those in need of personal or skilled nursing care—is a core focus. Residents enjoy many benefits by having such attentive services and quality amenities at hand, according to Kristen Lamanna, marketing director at Riddle Village. This provides peace of mind, not only for residents but also for their families.

“Individuals looking to eliminate the hassle of home maintenance, preserve their independence, experience an active lifestyle and have access to great health care, should really consider visiting Riddle Village,” Lamanna says. “The best part about the lifecare contract we offer is that our residents’ ‘what if’ questions are answered. If their health needs change down the line, they know where their care will take place, who is providing that care, and they do not incur an increase in cost to their monthly fee for the care they are receiving. Monticello, the health care center, is on our campus, all under one roof. Residents can continue to see a spouse or friends without leaving the community and battling inclement weather.”

Riddle Village has created a resort-style environment that offers three types of living solutions, each one tailored to the individual resident: independent living, which is ideal for adults seeking an active and comfortable lifestyle, without the responsibility of running a household; personal care, best for adults who either prefer not to live alone or require some assistance with day-to-day activities; and skilled nursing, for residents requiring dedicated medical supervision. Residents can choose from 10 different styles of living accommodations, ranging from a 557-square-foot studio to a three-bedroom apartment measuring more than 2,500 square feet. Additionally, Riddle Village is the only community in the area to offer indoor parking, which is a highly sought-after amenity, particularly during times of inclement weather.

The Sanners reside in a two-bedroom apartment, utilizing the second bedroom as an office space.

“Our apartment is lovely and is one of the main reasons I’m happy here,” Allegra says. “I love the size of this place, because it’s workable and not overwhelming. Our living room looks just like it did before we moved. And I love our balcony.”

Lamanna suggests prospective residents should move to a community such as Riddle Village while they are in good health. This will allow them to take advantage of the wonderful programs, classes, entertainment, social events and so much more.

“Sometimes people wait until they experience a health situation before deciding that they are ready to leave their house and make a move to a retirement community,” she says. “Relying on an illness or health setback to signal one to be ‘ready’ is a common mistake. Unfortunately, some wait too long. I highly recommend moving in while you are able to enjoy the exciting lifestyle and wonderful amenities our community has to offer.”

In addition to its exceptional care, Riddle Village offers a variety of programs and cultural events for residents, who determine their own level of participation. The Sanners, for instance, enjoy the weekly movies, cash-prize bingo and frequent musicals. In addition, Glenn appreciates the Riddle Village putting green, while Allegra, who is a retired music teacher, enjoys her time singing with the choir and playing the piano for residents in the community’s skilled-nursing wing.

Other offerings include billiards, a computer club, golf tournaments and educational programs, to name just a few. Riddle Village residents also benefit from access to the fitness center and a full-time trainer, providing an array of classes—everything from balance and stability to yoga and aquatics.

“The time residents used to spend worrying about home repairs, preparing dinner or shoveling snow can now be used to enjoy cocktails with friends in the lounge, relax by the fire pit in our courtyard or join neighbors for daytrips to exciting new places,” says Lamanna, referring to a popular walking group that encourages residents to explore various locations throughout the region. “They were just in Annapolis, [Md.] and they are going to the [Metropolitan Museum of Art] in New York next month. It is great exercise and an even greater culture experience all at the same time.”

Lamanna cites two recent expansions and upgrades to Riddle Village: the recent renovation of the courtyard, which now includes an outdoor fire pit, sitting area, shuffleboard court and bocce ball court; and an expansion to the onsite wellness center. Services currently include audiology, cardiology, internal medicine, therapy services and more.

“We are all about the convenience,” Lamanna says. “Everything is connected and all under one roof. Unique dining rooms, a full-service cocktail lounge, entertainment, friendly staff and residents—it’s all here. And we are always looking to the future to ensure we are offering services and amenities that satisfy current residents and attract future residents for years to come.”

Although Riddle Village residents essentially have everything they need on the Media campus, the convenient location means residents can easily broaden their interests beyond the walls of the community. The Sanners, for example, have remained involved within their former community in nearby West Chester.

“One of the nice things about living here is that we’re in the middle of so many places,” Allegra says, adding that the garage and driveway allow them to keep their cars on site. “We still continue to go to our church and remain involved in our old community.”

Perhaps the greatest factor contributing to why seniors choose Riddle Village over other communities is the plethora of opportunities to socialize. According to Lamanna, socialization can have an incredibly positive effect on the richness and longevity of a resident’s life.

“A lot of people enjoy knowing they’ll have someone to have dinner with every night or a friend to join them on trip to the city,” she says. “Our residents and staff are extremely friendly, making Riddle Village a wonderful place to live. It is not uncommon to see residents enjoying lunch with staff or stopping one another in the halls to catch up. We are all a family here.

“We have a motto: ‘Smile, say hello and everything else will follow,’” she continues. “Staff and residents have integrated this motto into their daily lives at Riddle Village. Everyone is exceptionally welcoming and friendly. I often hear from residents how they wished they had moved in sooner because of it.”

The Sanners can attest to this. Since they moved to Riddle Village in August 2015, Glenn and Allegra have not had a single complaint. Glenn says the dining options are “excellent,” and the staff goes out of their way to do “anything and everything for you.”

“They really do take care of you,” Allegra adds. “It feels great to be here. We’re truly happy.”

Riddle Village
1048 W. Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063

Photograph by Jody Robinson