Above and Beyond
Homeowners turn to GSI Bath Showplace for the finest luxury bath fixtures and accessories
by Theodora Malison

The bathroom should be a soothing place, even a sanctuary, where homeowners can both prepare for the day ahead and also unwind after the workday has reached its end. It deserves all the most compelling creature comforts and modern designs to make the space as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

In the Greater Philadelphia Area, discerning homeowners turn to GSI Bath Showplace for the finest luxury bath fixtures and accessories. With showroom locations in Devon (Wayne), Doylestown, Southampton and the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, as well as two in New Jersey, GSI Bath Showplace offers seemingly infinite options for faucets, sinks and toilets, as well as every other fixture or accessory that might find its way into a home bathroom.

At each location, a team of industry professionals has the knowledge and expertise to guide homeowners through the decision-making process to create a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful. As a locally owned and operated business, GSI Bath Showplace prides itself on its team members’ professionalism and knowledge base. Customers who purchase fixtures and supplies through GSI Bath Showplace can rest assured knowing they will be taken care of before, during and even long after installation.

“When you come into the showroom, we’re here to help you make any decision you need to make,” says Jaci Doebley, a showroom associate at GSI Bath Showplace. “From the color scheme to the flooring to how your shower is going to function, we’re with you every step of the way. Say a customer has an issue down the road; they can call us and we will generally be able to identify the problem. If we personally don’t know the answer however, we work with you and our vendors to get the problem resolved expeditiously. Try getting that online.”

Aside from its knowledgeable staff, GSI Bath Showplace provides a place where customers can “touch, feel, see and learn about our various products,” Doebley says. Customers will see a wide variety of options and styles for every fixture—something they might not find in a home center, and certainly not through a website. However, customers are not limited just to what they see on the showroom floor; a homeowner is virtually guaranteed to find exactly what he or she is looking for. Of course, customers can also start their bath remodel from the comfort of their home by browsing GSI Bath Showplace’s newly redesigned website, www.gsibathshowplace.com, to choose from a selection of hundreds of thousands of products. Then, once they go to GSI Bath Showplace, a professional can then review a customer’s “wish list” in the showroom and continue the process of refining and perfecting the bath project.

GSI Bath Showplace guides customers through the options available when choosing the function, style and color to help create the unique design they can call their own, with an eye toward current trends. At present, residential bathrooms are now geared more toward simplicity, with trends having strayed from fixtures to those that look cleaner and less obvious. Doebley says she has seen more homeowners embracing the “urban city” trend when redoing bathrooms.

“Simple showers and satin brass are really on trend right now,” she says. “The other big thing we’ve seen is the shift to having a skirted toilet, meaning the pipe is concealed and encased so it’s not physically visible, which creates a much cleaner appearance from the side.”

GSI Bath Showplace offers a number of high-quality fixtures and accessories from leading brands, such as Fleurco, Toto and Moen, among many others. Of particular note is the DXV line of faucets, sinks and toilets, with all related accessories, from American Standard. Available exclusively through luxury showrooms such as GSI Bath Showplace, the DXV line of products is inspired by the most influential design movements of American Standard’s almost 150-year history, all reimagined to fit contemporary consumers’ aesthetic and performance demands.

“This line in particular sells very well here,” Doebley says. “It’s American Standard’s higher-end product, with better-end china, better brass, etc. This line really hits it out of the ballpark.”

Another GSI Bath Showplace product that has attracted a lot of attention—and also one that underscores the increasing demand for simplicity—is the ActiClean, American Standard’s first-ever self-cleaning toilet by way of a replaceable cleaning cartridge.

“The ActiClean is one of American Standard’s newest products, that includes and utilizes a replaceable cartridge rather than regular toilet bowl cleaner,” Doebley says. “Though the product has been out for only a few months and is fairly new, we have high expectations for how the product is going to sell. We are making this product well known, as is American Standard.”

Each cleaning cartridge lasts about three months, depending on the frequency of usage. The ActiClean offers a safe and effective solution for removing stains, all with the simple press of a button. The toilet has two distinct cleaning cycles—a quick clean and a deep clean—with each cycle ideal for situations both big (an upcoming Christmas party, for example) and small (everyday use).

“The one-minute clean is a quick way to get the job done without having to do it yourself,” she says. “The 10-minute clean completes a thorough cleaning throughout the inside of the bowl, which is ideal after many uses.”

She also adds that the ActiClean’s hybrid of modern and traditional aesthetic can complement any bathroom, regardless of size or style. Also, the installation is “surprisingly easy,” according to Doebley. The ActiClean utilizes AA batteries, and has indicators to let the homeowner know everything from when the batteries need to be changed, to when the cleaning cartridge requires updating.

“The system is very user friendly for all ages, but it’s a great choice for elderly people who maybe have lost some mobility,” she says. “It’s also a great choice for busy families who have a lot of kids, because with one press of a button, you can keep the toilet clean consistently without having to worry about it. … It really comes in handy when you’re running short on time; it does everything for you.”

Whether a homeowner is in need of a self-cleaning toilet, a freestanding tub or a complete bathroom renovation, the team at GSI Bath Showplace stands ready to serve.

“The staff goes well above and beyond,” Doebley says. “The atmosphere is a friendly place, and it’s a nice place for customers overall. We can tell that our customers appreciate all that we do, and we truly appreciate them, too.”

Visit www.gsibathshowplace.com for showroom locations, hours and the brands represented by GSI Bath Showplace locations.

Photograph by Nina Lea Photography