Renewed Hope
August 2017
by Josephine Cusumano

“WHAT HAPPENS NOW?” It’s a common question most couples may think of when filing for a divorce and requires expert assistance to guide them through, what will a hopefully be, a smooth process. Whether it’s aid in divorce, the negotiations surrounding custody and achieving an overall fair parenting plan, the financial obligations of child support or any other aspect pertaining to family law, you need an attorney who is well-versed in state guidelines and more.

While the process can seem daunting, we here at Suburban Life/Philadelphia Life are hoping to make it a little easier. We asked our readers for their picks in law firms and attorneys who have aided them during their most difficult times and the results can be found in our 2017 Top Family Law Firms. It highlights the best legal experts who can help give families a sense of renewed hope for a more peaceful future.

Hugh J. Algeo IV
Judith A. Algeo
Judy Hayman
Kimberly Litzke
Eastburn and Gray P.C.
(215) 345-7000

Robert E. Angst
Valerie Rosenbluth Angst
Angst&Angst P.C.
Doylestown, Harleysville
(215) 348-5200
(215) 513-1517

Michael E. Bertin
Cara A. Boyanowski
Samantha J. Evian
Amanda W. Figland
David L. Ladov
Michelle L. Ringel
Amy L. Rokuson
Shari B. Veisblatt
Maris J. Weiner
Robert I. Whitelaw
Stephanie H. Winegrad
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Cherry Hill, N.J.
(215) 665-3000
(610) 825-3634
(856) 795-3300

Supti Bhattacharya
Barbara M. Kirk
Megha R. Thakkar
Hill Wallack LLP
Yardley, Princeton, N.J.
(215) 579-7700
(609) 924-0808

Phyllis T. Bookspan
Gail P. Roth
Bookspan Family Law Associates LLC
Radnor | (484) 431-3959

Jennifer A. Brandt
Cozen O’Connor
(215) 665-2000

Ryan W.C. Buchanan
Ciccarelli Law Offices
West Chester
(610) 692-8700

Dara Burns
Michael Kuldiner
Michael J. Petro
Shauna Quigley
The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner P.C.
Doylestown, Feasterville,
(215) 942-2100

Catherine Cardozo
Law Offices of Catherine Cardozo LLC
(610) 298-1081

Jennifer Courtney
The Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney & Associates P.C.
Yardley | (215) 493-3360

Marie I. Crossley
William J. Gallagher
Hillary J. Moonay
Lance J. Nelson
MacElree Harvey
West Chester, Kennett
Square, Doylestown
(610) 436-0100
(610) 444-3180
(215) 309-4020

Mary Cushing Doherty
High Swartz LLP
(610) 275-0700

Elizabeth J. Fineman
Lisa J. Gaier
Jamie Jamison
Jessica A. Pritchard
Antheil Maslow& MacMinn LLP
(215) 230-7500

Kevin L. Hand
Kardos, Rickles, Hand & Bidlingmaier
(215) 970-2755

James M. Jacquette
Timoney Knox LLP
Fort Washington
(215) 646-6000

Olivia W. Jolly
Charissa J. Liller
Francis X. Stecklair
Samuel C. Totaro Jr.
Curtin & Heefner LLP
Doylestown, Morrisville,
New Hope
(267) 898-0570
(215) 736-2521
(215) 862-0702

Kimberly J. Krzyzaniak
Law Office of Kimberly J. Krzyzaniak LLC
(610) 975-4468

Gregory P. LaMonaca
The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca P.C.
(610) 892-3877

Erin C. Lentz-McMahon
McMahon, McMahon & Lentz
(610) 272-9502

Jeffrey A. Liebmann
Mindy J. Snyder
David J. Sowerbutts
Liebmann Family Law
(215) 860-8200

Scott A. Lisgar
Keller, Lisgar & Williams LLP
(610) 449-1400

Charles J. Meyer
Hofstein Weiner & Meyer P.C.
Bala Cynwyd
(215) 561-1100

Kim Denise Morton
Morton Family Law LLC
West Chester
(888) 698-1787

Marlo Pagano-Kelleher
Amber L. Burke
The Pagano Law Firm LLC
(484) 441-6829

Enrico Pagnanelli
Maria N. Testa
Testa & Pagnanelli LLC
(215) 392-0863
(610) 239-1000

Michael A. Raffaele
Robyn E. Musi
Kathleen A. Piperno
Tiffany A. Shoemaker
Raffaele Puppio
(610) 891-6710

Sheryl R. Rentz
Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz
(866) 290-9292

Maureen C. Repetto
Law Office of Maureen C. Repetto
(610) 565-3008

Robert T. Repko
Shannon Kanavy
Jill M. Vogenberg-Richter
Repko Law LLC
(215) 348-9500

Anne Scheetz Damon
Lawrence R. Scheetz Jr.
Williams & Scheetz
(215) 322-7340

Sandra A. Snyder
Fox and Fox
(610) 275-7990

Nataha Taylor-Smith
Law Offices of Sean Kilkenny
(484) 679-8150

Tiffany Thomas-Smith
The Thomas Smith Firm P.C.
(215) 860-3747

Karen Ulmer Pendergast
Shane Dilworth
Amanda G. Malamud
April M. Townsend
Karen Ann Ulmer P.C.
Langhorne, Doylestown,
Princeton N.J.
(215) 752-6200
(215) 348-3800
(609) 279-0200

Kathleen B. Vetrano
Sarinia M. Feinman
Vetrano Vetrano & Feinman LLC
King of Prussia
(610) 265-4441

Joseph D. Visco
Joseph D. Visco Attorney & Counselor
(215) 348-3755

Randi J. Vladimer
Randi J. Vladimer P.C.
(610) 975-9898

Jeffrey M. Williams
Jennifer R. Ryan
Robert J. Salzer
Susan J. Smith
Melanie J. Wender
Williams Family Law P.C.
(215) 340-2207

Douglas I. Zeiders
Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin P.C.
(215) 661-0400

Kevin M. Zlock
Brian A. Coverdale
Katherine V. Coverdale
Zlock & Coverdale P.C.
(215) 340-5500
(215) 968-1800

John Zurzola
Carolyn R. Mirabile
Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin
Weber Gallagher
(215) 972-7900

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life Magazine, August, 2017. 
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