Collector’s Item
Stenella Antiques carries the limited edition, high-end furniture you’re looking for
by Sharon A. Shaw

Like a new luxury automobile, high-end furniture depreciates as soon as it leaves the brand new furniture showroom. Many of these items are still beautiful, timeless pieces, and if purchased from the right retailer, like Stenella Antiques, they are likely to retain the value or may even appreciate in value.

As owner Jim Stenella explains, estate museums will occasionally license the plans for one-of-a-kind items in their collection to high-end manufacturers for production of limited edition reproductions. These pieces are prized by collectors who wait years to add them to their homes or collections. These customers may even request that Jim acquire specific works for their home.

“It is amazing how happy people get about finding a piece they have been searching for,” Jim says.

The Colonial Williamsburg Collection from Kittinger is extremely popular, and Stenella Antiques is one of the nation’s largest sellers with an entire room devoted to the collection. His customers know what they want and understand the value of investment-grade furniture.

Jerry Smith and his wife Denise are two such customers. They have been collecting reproduction pieces from the Williamsburg Collection since their wedding. As Jerry tells the story, he knew his bride enjoyed collecting antiques, so he suggested they honeymoon in Williamsburg. It was there, he says, that they fell in love with collecting. According to Jerry some of their best finds have come from Stenella Antiques.

“There are only a few good sources for these pieces,” he says, “and I would put Stenella at the top of that list.” Jerry adds that he would prefer to keep it a secret, though. “It really is a gem,” he says.

The Smiths visit the Stenella Antiques showroom a few times a year and also browse the online catalog. Inventory in the 26,000-square-foot showroom is mostly of formal traditional design; early American and English styles with some modern and decorative European pieces. At any time more than 1,500-2,000 items are displayed stacked in open rows or featured in room settings. Much of the stock is also available to view online.

With more than 25 pieces in their collection, Jerry says he and his wife continue to ask Jim Stenella to find specific pieces to add. Stenella Antiques recently located a bookcase breakfront with the original finish in good condition that the Smiths had been trying to acquire for a while. Next on their wish list is a one-legged corner table that Jerry has only seen once before. The Smiths have furnished both their home and garden in the Williamsburg tradition.

Stenella Antiques offers one of the East Coast’s largest selections of discounted high quality new, pre-owned and antique furniture from such renowned names as Stickley, Henkel Harris, Baker and Kindel. According to Jim, formal dining and service pieces are especially popular this time of year as families prepare for seasonal gatherings. It is also a good time to consider creating a comfortable guest room for visiting family or adding extra seating in the living room for friends.

Through contracts with numerous estate and bankruptcy attorneys Stenella Antiques is able to acquire unique, high-quality furniture from some of America’s best decorated homes and exclusive stores. These pieces range from fine heirloom antiques to pre-owned furniture exchanged while redecorating and new collections being liquidated by high-end retailers. These pieces are well-designed, finely crafted and timeless investments. The furniture is gently used (if at all), well cared for and available at a fraction of what it retailed for.  

Though the Smiths have chosen to collect one style that they love, traditional pieces do incorporate easily into many decorating styles and can compliment a variety of existing rooms beautifully. Though all of the pieces they carry have been detailed and are ready for use, Stenella Antiques also offers refinishing, upholstery and specialization services. Customers may choose refinishing, sometimes even performed by the manufacturer, to ensure a new purchase matches their existing decor. The upholstery service allows customers to select the fabric of their choice, while specialization may include adding new hardware, shelves or lighting.

Well-designed furniture such as that offered by Stenella Antiques has timeless style, an important quality for such lasting pieces that will be in use for many years to come.

Whether you enjoy gathering pieces to complete a collection or gathering just your family around the table, Stenella Antiques offers pieces that are of timeless style, quality craftsmanship and will continue to age beautifully instead of just gathering dust.   

Stenella Antiques
104 South 2nd St., Perkasie

Sharon A. Shaw is a freelance writer living in Doylestown.