Reaching New Heights
Philadelphia’s Tarik Moore, who’s on his way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, prepared for his journey with half-mile hikes during his lunch break.
by Gwyneth Donahue

After completing his first backpacking trip just last year, Tarik Moore has a more ambitious target in his sights: climbing the world’s tallest freestanding mountain.
On June 14, the 34-year-old Moore left his home in Philadelphia for East Africa, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro—all 19,340 feet of it—along with 10 other members of a nonprofit organization called Outdoor Afro. Hardly a professional climber, Moore is an accountant and father of three who trained for his trip by hiking a half-mile loop around his office during his lunch break. 

Moore is dedicating his climb to his wife and three children, as well as to his mother-in-law and uncle, both of whom passed away from cancer. 

This is an ongoing story. Photograph courtesy of Outdoor Afro