A Name to Know
After practicing for several years in Pennsylvania, Murtaza Pagri, D.M.D., brings his brand of personalized and technology-rich dentistry to central New Jersey.
by Lindsey Getz

People who live in Bucks County, Pa., likely already know the name Pearl Dental Arts. The practice, which has locations in Newtown and Levittown, has been serving patients since 1981. In the years since, the practice’s clinicians have come to be considered “top dentists” in the region. Now, by way of a well-established dental practice in Monroe, N.J., Murtaza Pagri, D.M.D., is proud to see that wonderful reputation follow him to Central New Jersey.
Dr. Murtaza says that it’s always been a dream to move his family to New Jersey, and the purchase of this new location has made this dream a reality. Along with his wife and their 18-month old son, the family is already enjoying what the area has to offer.
“We are so excited to be in Central Jersey,” says Dr. Murtaza. “When I’m not working, I love spending time with my dad fishing. I’m thrilled that our new location is so close to the bay here. In fact, we see lots of fishermen come through the office.”
Dr. Murtaza is the son of Abid F. Paghdiwala, D.M.D., who founded Pearl Dental Arts and will continue at the Newtown and Levittown locations while Dr. Murtaza leads the new office—which is not exactly new, to be accurate. Their Monroe office has a 40-year history of serving patients, many of whom have been going to that office since its inception. 
“We feel proud to carry on a legacy by acquiring this office,” says Dr. Murtaza. “We recognize that many of the patients have been here for a long time, and our plan is to carry on with the high-quality service that those patients have come to expect. This office has a fantastic history of phenomenal dental hygiene, and nothing will change with that.”
A lot of what patients have come to love about the Monroe dental practice has been its people—and not a lot will change there, either. In fact, the same familiar faces that patients already know—Pat as office manager, Barbara and Paulette at the front desk, and Darlene, Jo, Denise, Swetal, and Erica performing dental hygiene—remain with the practice.
“Having been part of Pearl Dental Arts, a family-run business, I understand the importance of familiarity,” says Dr. Murtaza. “Patients value going to a practice where they really get to know the dentist and the staff—a practice that has a small feel to it. Nothing about that will change here.”
Of course, it’s important to recognize that even though the practice has that personal and close-knit feel, it’s exceled at keeping up with the latest technology. For patients who often feel as though they must choose between a practice that is advanced but impersonal and one that is more personal but behind the times, Dr. Murtaza says this office offers the best of both worlds.
That’s because Pearl Dental Arts has its finger on the pulse of technology—particularly technology that tends to reduce treatment time and make patients’ lives easier. For instance, Dr. Murtaza says 3-D digital technology for dental implants makes the procedure incredibly precise. The practice also offers Invisalign, a technology-driven treatment program wherein patients wear a series of custom-fitted aligners to gently shift teeth for better aesthetics and comfort. 
“Keeping up with the latest dental technology allows us to offer our patients the best treatment options,” he adds. “We’re not just shooting in the dark; we’re making accurate and precise decisions when it comes to anything from fillings to implants to various cosmetic procedures.”
In the end, patients receive the best possible treatment—and the best possible results. That’s exactly why the Pearl Dental Arts locations in Pennsylvania have continued to grow and receive such positive feedback from patients. Dr. Murtaza says he’s excited to expand that reputation to New Jersey.
“We’re proud to already be an award-winning dental practice in Bucks County and plan to bring that same level of professionalism and skill to this office—an office that was already doing great things,” Dr. Murtaza says. “We want patients to know, whether they’re new here or have been part of this practice before, that we are truly committed to offering them the best possible experience.”

Pearl Dental Arts
365 Spotswood Englishtown Road
Monroe, N.J.
(732) 251-7711

Photography by Chris Sheehan
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life Magazine, November 2018.