It’s Showtime
Enhance your home and lifestyle with Audio Video Consultants
by Bill Donahue

Miguel Sanchez has made a career out of sharing his passion for music and movies. Audio Video Consultants Inc. (AVC), his award-winning custom-electronics design and installation company, now enables homeowners to experience the best of both—and so much more—in the finest, most luxurious atmosphere possible. Aside from enhancing a client’s lifestyle, his company’s services can also significantly increase the value of a home.


AVC, which has been creating cinema-quality home entertainment experiences for clients since 1995, has grown considerably in its size and capability to include showrooms in Paoli and Exton. AVC now specializes in transforming people’s homes into multi-room entertainment theaters, with the ability to distribute audio and video to anywhere in the house from one central point—enabling homeowners to enjoy what they want, when and where they want it, both indoors and out.


“With the economy the way it’s been, people are spending more time in their homes,” he says. “We spend a lot of time learning about how our clients live their lives—how they spend their free time, if they watch primarily movies or sports, how many hours they work, etc.—so we can design a system that works best for them, from concept to completion. Through this process we can find out exactly what kind of system fits their lifestyle.


“We have a passion for perfection in everything we do,” he adds. “We give every client the best job we can—period. Everything we do in a client’s home is about beauty and ease of use. We always strive to exceed expectations, and we approach each installation differently, because each client is different.”


AVC works with a number of leading entertainment-technology brands, including AMX, Marantz, NuVision, Savant, Sonos and SpeakerCraft, among many others, thereby providing customers with unlimited entertainment options. Its highly skilled employees are constantly trained in this evolutionary field to keep up with developing technologies, offering the industry’s finest technical expertise and customer service in the industry. They can also install systems discreetly, utilizing options such as retractable televisions and “invisible” speakers to preserve—if not enhance—a room’s aesthetic integrity.


AVC’s team of designers and engineers works directly with clients to create the right experience for each customer—from custom-installed convertible theaters that double as living spaces to dedicated luxury theaters, from high-definition TVs to multi-room music, from home networks to closed-circuit TVs. More importantly, AVC integrates them all into one easy-to-use, family-friendly control system designed to each client’s specific of requirements.


“It’s a consultive process,” says Rick Hopkins, AVC’s sales manager. “People are spending a lot of money with us, so we make sure we do it right every time. We take the time to figure out what you need to attain the lifestyle you want. . . . By coming to someone like us, we can help you create the exact home-entertainment setup you want—and save you money in the process by making sure that you’re not wasting time or resources.”


More than Entertaining

Although home entertainment is its heritage, AVC does much more than just enhance a client’s home viewing and listening experience. The company now enables customers to access their home systems remotely through innovative iPhone and iPad applications, thereby providing greater security and peace of mind. Such systems give clients the ability to detect “events,” such as a child coming home from school or even something unexpected, and then send an alert to the homeowner’s smart phone with a link showing video of the event.


Such security and surveillance solutions give clients the assurance of knowing their homes remain safe and secure around the clock. AVC can create a system that enables clients to connect directly to a security or CCTV system as a way to keep informed of the status of their properties, with total control  through convenient interfaces such as an office computer or smart phone.


Furthermore, AVC’s integrated systems for energy management and lighting control can contribute to a home’s asset value by cataloging reductions in energy costs. Through these systems, homeowners can employ energy-saving strategies at the push of a button, including dimming lights, adjusting temperatures and turning off appliances based on motion sensors or time of day, with energy dashboards that let the client view energy consumption in real time. The system can also be programmed to calculate the exact dollar amount a homeowner is saving, a feature which further drives up a home’s value. And thanks to the widespread use of touchscreen monitors and other related technologies, the costs of such systems have come down considerably—a nearly two-thirds reduction compared to what they cost just a few years ago.


AVC welcomes clients to its showroom at the Paoli Design Center, a “one-stop shop” for all things related to the home, to experience all its capabilities. In addition, the company is opening a new 3,300-square-foot showroom in Exton to accommodate expansion.


“Customers can come in and experience all these things,” says Hopkins. “A lot of times, clients won’t know what they want, but when you come here you can see what’s possible.”


Audio Video Consultants Inc.

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