How to Choose a Lawyer
How to Choose a Lawyer When in need of the guidance, advice, or representation of a skilled attorney, consider this advice from the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand.
by Staff

There will come at least one day in every individual’s life when they need to expertise, advice, or representation of a skilled lawyer. When that day arrives, how will you go about choosing a lawyer?
Should you choose a lawyer who has significant experience, or should you choose a younger lawyer who may be learning on the job? A lawyer who is engrained in your community, familiar with the courts, or someone who would convince you that they may go into a county or state with limited experience and no “drop off” in the level of representation?

Do you choose a lawyer who has an extensive network of reputable experts, or someone who is developing their network? Do you choose a lawyer who is pragmatic and conscientious, as opposed to a lawyer you feel is a so-called “pit bull,” protagonist, or someone overly aggressive to suit your needs?
Do you choose a lawyer who is reasonable, practical and willing to compromise, or do you choose a lawyer who is narrow minded, singularly focused, and will do anything to prove their point? Do you choose a lawyer who sets reasonable expectations at your initial consultation, or a lawyer who convinces you that you will get what you want? Do you choose a lawyer who tells you what you need to hear, or a lawyer who tells you what you want to hear?
These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you conduct an initial consultation with a new lawyer.
At Kardos, Rickles & Hand, our practice is straightforward, to the point, organized, and truthful. We also have an extensive network of experts recognized by the court, and have been established for many years to help you achieve the best possible solution given the facts of your case. We pride ourselves on being able to “predict the future,” in a sense.
Given the facts and circumstances of a family law case, for example, we will tell you how much you will have to pay in support, what type of future custodial arrangement will exist, explain your share of equitable distribution, and give the reasons why, all while striving to keep you grounded and pragmatic in your expectations concerning your case. These are the attributes of the lawyer that you should be looking to retain.
The lawyer you should hire should be somebody you respect, trust, listen to, and are confident that they know and understand your issues, and represent you in a respectful and dignified manner.
We know that you have many choices. We believe, that given the opportunity, you should choose us. Thank you in advance for seeking our representation.
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