Even in the most uncertain times, Liebmann Family Law leads clients through complex family legal issues using an approach rooted in compassion, honesty, and trust.
by Debra Wallace

Going through a divorce or custody dispute is often described as being on a boat during a vicious storm: often tumultuous, potentially disastrous, and almost always unpredictable. Having a trustworthy legal team to rely upon can help to “calm the waters,” thereby putting a client’s mind at ease and helping him or her sleep more soundly at night.
That’s especially true during times of great uncertainty, such as the middle of a deadly pandemic. Just ask the individuals and families who count themselves as clients of Liebmann Family Law. 
Since 2008, Liebmann Family Law has been offering high-quality, thorough, and caring guidance and representation in domestic matters involving divorce, monetary support, division of assets, child custody, and more. During the first half of 2020, when the COVID-19 virus turned the world on its ear, the Newtown-based law firm’s steadying influence proved all the more valuable. The attorneys have sought to reassure clients that their family law matters, no matter how complex, are being handled safely, responsibly, and with sincere compassion.
“People are more fearful right now; there is much more uncertainty about their future,” says Jeffrey A. Liebmann, the firm’s founder. “Because of the uncertainty of what the future will look like, especially for those going through a divorce or other complex legal issues, that kind of trust is tantamount for success.” 
Liebmann’s firm moved swiftly to respond to the stay-at-home restrictions as a way to serve clients in need of comfort and reassurance, or those who merely sought answers to pressing questions. For example, the firm offered teleconferencing with attorneys, curbside notaries for wills and estates, and opportunities to troubleshoot a variety of family law issues, even when the courts were closed.
Now that Liebmann and his fellow attorneys, David J. Sowerbutts and Mindy Snyder, are back in the office, they continue to practice social distancing—complete with plastic barriers, facemasks, and other safety measures—for their clients’ protection as well as their own. The attorneys remain accessible and are scheduling in-office meetings with clients in ways that limit client-to-client interactions. 
What Happens Next
The pandemic has caused a number of ripple effects that extend into Liebmann’s areas of expertise. One example: people not being able to, or simply refusing to, honor custody agreements as a result of losing their jobs or having their income reduced. Another: already complex custody arrangements become even more tangled when one parent embraces mask wearing while the other does not.
“Different rules for different households can make things complicated,” he says. “I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for parents these past four months, especially parents of young children having to teach and entertain them all day long. Overall, the biggest mistake that people make during family law matters is that they let emotion cloud their judgment, which is understandable under the current uncertain circumstances. It is the job of your family law attorney to make sure that every decision is based on fact, and not on emotion.”
While Liebmann does not see the divorce rate skyrocketing as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, he believes many couples who were on the fence about going ahead with the proceedings realized after three or four months together 24/7 that they had to take a chance. On the other hand, he’s seeing an increase in the number of divorcing couples who continue to live amicably under the same roof, especially if there are no support or custody issues. 
If he sees any silver lining in the pandemic, it’s the generosity and charitableness of his fellow humans, “which is really heartwarming to see,” he says. He’d like to see another positive outcome: “that, going forward, each of us will appreciate the time that we spend with family.”
Some marriages, though, cannot—and perhaps should not—be saved. Liebmann knows that there’s never a good time to begin the process of breaking up a marriage, but a divorce may be the best antidote to living unhappily. Before beginning the process in earnest, he suggests carefully vetting prospective family law attorneys to make sure they not only have the skill and experience needed to address a client’s legal needs, but also that the chosen candidate feels like a “good fit.” 
“This is an essential part of the process and one of the most important things that people often fail to do,” he says. “Talk to two or more attorneys and find someone you are comfortable with. Even if you are not yet comfortable with an in-office visit, you can arrange a one-hour video conferencing call from your desk or kitchen table. The person you hire to help you through it is going to play a big part in what happens next.”
About Liebmann Family Law
For more than a decade, Liebmann Family Law has been building on its considerable experience and knowledge in family law and other related legal matters. The firm’s three attorneys have extensive courtroom and litigation experience, as well as a background in complex property division issues, custody disputes, and support and alimony issues. The firm has represented a broad cross-section of the community, in all aspects of their family law issues, both in successful negotiations, settlements and inside the courtroom, if necessary.
The firm’s legal team—Liebmann and fellow attorneys David J. Sowerbutts and Mindy J. Snyder, aided by four legal assistants—takes pride in thoroughly explaining legal policies, procedures, and ramifications, every step of the way, and navigating positive outcomes. In fact, when needed, any one of the three attorneys can step in and handle a client emergency, as well as answer any questions that may arise throughout a case.
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2020.