Nothing But the Best
From concierge service to best-in-class results, Waibel Dental aims to offer a dental experience unlike any other.
by Lindsey Getz

As many as 15 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. At the very least, relatively few say they enjoy spending time in a dentist’s chair—likely because they have not yet been to see Waibel Dental. 
Led by Dr. Lana Waibel, Waibel Dental is trying to completely transform the way people feel about a visit to the dentist. Dr. Waibel says it’s not uncommon for her patients to tell her they actually look forward to coming to the office to see her and sit in her chair. She says such sentiments from gracious patients have helped fuel her ongoing success. 
Patients feel the difference from the “typical” dental experience the moment they walk through the door of Dr. Waibel’s Ambler office. Their sense of smell captures the aroma of essential oils, while their eyes show them an elegant office that has more in common with a spa than a dental practice; rather than adorning the walls with before-and-after pictures of other patients’ smiles, which tend to generate more anxiety for people as they await their visit, Dr. Waibel used a minimalistic yet high-end office design focused on creating a sense of calm. 
In fact, the waiting room isn’t even called a waiting room; it’s called a guest lounge. Instead of listening to the distant murmurs of daytime television, patients hear soothing music. They also receive concierge service before their appointment begins, such as enjoying a complimentary cup of gourmet cappuccino or espresso, or perhaps a smoothie or flavored water. Every aspect of the experience aims to put patients at ease.
Dr. Waibel says not a day has passed without hearing a patient express how vastly the Waibel Dental experience differs from every other time they have gone to see a dentist. So often she sees patients who have become phobic or simply avoided going to the dentist because of previous experiences that have gone poorly. She takes pride in her ability to help these patients overcome their fear and distrust. Her caring personality and desire to make patients feel comfortable drive the entire positive experience from start to finish. 
After all, she got into dentistry because of a desire to help others.  
“To have patients come to see me and say it was an amazing experience makes me feel great,” Dr. Waibel says. “This is what I had in mind when I created this practice. Patients have told me a visit here has been lifechanging because they now want to take care of their teeth.”
She considers this point worth underscoring because neglecting one’s dental health can lead to much more serious health complications over time, such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. It can also cause issues tied to self-esteem and mental health, she says, because people often stop smiling when they feel uncomfortable about the health and aesthetics of their teeth and gums. 
In addition to her commitment to her patients, Dr. Waibel is deeply devoted to the health of the communities in which she lives and works. She donates part of her revenue to a local nonprofit called Welcoming the Stranger ( This organization provides free English as a second language classes to refugees and immigrants who come to the United States in search of a better life. 
Dr. Waibel has a deep personal connection to people in need, especially those who have overcome great hardship to pursue their dreams. After all, she emigrated from Russia in her quest to fulfill her dream of opening a successful dental practice. 
“I’ve always wanted to be more than just a dental practice,” Dr. Waibel says. “Welcoming the Stranger is particularly close to my heart. We also give to many other nonprofits, participate in local business events, and do what we can to give back to the community.” 
While Dr. Waibel and her team have created a patient experience that stands out, they also prove to patients that they are receiving the best dental care possible. From 3D intra-oral scanners to a state-of-the-art digital center, complete with handheld X-ray units and diagnostic equipment that takes panoramic images of a patient’s anatomy, Dr. Waibel says the latest technology helps her offer patients a “cutting-edge experience.”  
“Investing in the best equipment and technology helps make the dental experience more comfortable for the patient, and patients feel better taken care of as a result,” she adds. “Everything from the most comfortable ergonomic chairs on the market to the high-end equipment that we use for X-rays is the best that’s out there.”
The experience doesn’t end at Dr. Waibel’s office door. She says her practice partners with high-end dental laboratories in the area to help patients achieve the best possible results in terms of their smile’s aesthetics, comfort, and overall health. 
At the end of the day, Dr. Waibel wants patients to feel confident they are receiving the best service and the best results. Both, she says, are equally essential. 
“Peoples’ smiles are so important, and there’s nothing quite like helping transform a patient’s smile into one that they’re proud to show off,” she says. “Dentistry is truly an art, and I get a lot of feedback from patients who appreciate that I am so meticulous. But I think all dentists ought to be that way. When patients who have had previous problems with their teeth see their new smile, they get emotional. It’s rewarding for me to be part of their journey.” 

Waibel Dental
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Photography by Kermen Ednyasheva

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, August 2021.