Success by Design
With a forthcoming location in Bryn Mawr, the construction and design firm Le Blue Goose Studio welcomes homeowners to discover the joy of transformation.
by Leigh Stuart

Harshil Kakadia has traveled the world, his education and career having taken him to distant lands including Argentina, China, India, and Spain. Considering his globetrotting past, one might find it surprising to learn he has chosen to put down roots in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania. He doesn’t understand why anyone would be surprised, though, because the region’s rich history and unique architecture appeal to the designer in him. 
“Most homes in this region are mid-century modern,” says Kakadia, the owner and lead architectural designer for Le Blue Goose Studio. “Other than new construction, most homes are on the older side, meaning 50 to 100 years old, so there’s a lot of opportunity. … We basically do anything for the home, inside or outside—furniture selection, remodeling, bathroom design, kitchen construction. We have one in-house team and architects and contractors that can manage all aspects of the home.”
Whether a client requires interior design or complete construction management, Le Blue Goose Studio offers uncompromising customer service and attention to detail. The firm has experience with a wide range of design palettes and styles, from Old World to contemporary, and from rustic farmhouses to sophisticated urban lofts. In addition to residential projects, Kakadia himself has worked on numerous commercial projects and hotels all around the world. 
Kakadia earned his bachelor’s degree from Temple University, as well as a master’s in architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego. His studies at home and abroad—Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Rome—have shaped not only his work but also his view of the world. His love of clean lines and materials such as concrete and steel reflect his passion for the Art Deco style. At the same time, he’s skilled at blending vintage with forward-thinking designs to achieve a look most would consider timeless.
Kakadia started his firm with a flagship location in Skippack, founded on a clear business philosophy rooted in honesty, hard work, and trustworthiness. 
“I believe you should take pride and responsibility for what you do,” he says. “If we might make a mistake, we will come back to fix it. It’s that simple.”
He sought those same qualities when he expanded his team with design associates Cindy Brody, Marc Brody, Karen Carey, and Alexandra Saboe, who he considers some of the brightest artistic minds in the area. Together, the design team has more than 40 years of experience designing residential and commercial areas, including homes, restaurants, spas, and hotels.
Carey, a former fine art photographer with 20 years of experience, honed her skills by focusing on texture, composition, color, and light. Interior design proved to be “a perfect transition,” she says, because photography and interior design are both about storytelling. 
Saboe, a self-professed wallpaper aficionado, translated her digital art background into design during her time with Thomasville Furniture. She shares Kakadia’s fondness for vintage pieces, as well as a love for designs that blend the traditional with the timeless. 
“I loved working with fabrics, but seeing that you are able to add other elements to a room was my epiphany moment,” she says. “I started to see fabrics that look great with wallpaper, and what you can do on the traditional side of design by bringing in other elements, and that led me here. We all work together really well. Everyone is so inspiring, and everyone’s background is so different, but we are able to collaborate and have a supportive staff that works well together.”
Carey agrees, adding that communication and collaboration are the beating heart of a good design. At the same time, she suggests a compelling design must focus on much more than artistry alone. A skilled designer must also take functionality and any limitations of the space into account to satisfy the needs of the client.
“The best communicators tend to be people who ask questions and listen to the responses,” Carey says. “If you have good communication skills, pay close attention to details, and are able to understand that people are a little nervous to work with you and be vulnerable, you can hold their hand and say, ‘I’m not going to let you do anything you’ll regret.’ We have the opportunity to work with people quite intimately to come up with something classic and timeless, but that is also infused with their personality.”

Something Special
Kakadia believes hard work yields great results. Le Blue Goose Studio is a fine example, as the company is expanding to a new location in Bryn Mawr. He says the new location will enable the firm to accommodate increased demand for the firm’s services.
“After this year, people are realizing now what they want at home,” he says. “Everyone wants clean and modern designs—more contemporary. The past few years, we’ve seen a lot of whites and grays. This year, we’re seeing so many shades of indigo and deep ocean green.”
Kitchen renovations have experienced a noticeable shift, he says, with “a lot of black,” a color that “never goes out of fashion.” Whereas customers recently clamored for white cabinets and white countertops, the trend has shifted to darker cabinets with lighter countertops as a counterbalance. 
While each member of the Le Blue Goose Studio team has unique strengths and tastes, they share a central philosophy—the need to understand a client’s specific vision and then translate that vision into something special that stands the test of time.
“Part of what I love about this job is the opportunity to work with people and bring them joy in their home,” Carey says. “I think it’s so important for us all to have spaces that are comfortable and where we feel safe and accepted. People work hard all day, so they deserve a place where they can feel comfortable and be themselves.”
Kakadia welcomes prospective clients to schedule a consultation and “find out what’s possible.”

For more information on Le Blue Goose or its locations in Skippack and Bryn Mawr, call (610) 584-9800 or visit

Photograph by Nina Lea Photography

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2021.