A Perfect Fit
Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery continues its upward trajectory with a growing team, upgraded facilities, and the acquisition of one of the area’s most beloved practices.
by Leigh Stuart

Since opening its doors in Feasterville more than 40 years ago, Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery has remained in a near-constant state of growth. The practice now has three offices and four highly skilled practitioners who specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Such expansion has more to do with fate than design, according to Michael B. Salin, D.M.D., the practice’s owner.

“Growth has found us,” he says. “It was never my intention to expand beyond a single office. I’m grateful every day that we were successful when we started but have become even more successful with time. We have needed to acquire new locations and seek talented surgeons to keep up with demand.” 

The most recent example came with the addition of the practice of E. Steven Moriconi, D.M.D., a highly regarded oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in Jenkintown who recently retired. Dr. Salin describes the acquisition as “a perfect fit.”

“Dr. Moriconi was looking for a certain type of practice to take over his,” says Dr. Salin. “He didn’t want a big group to come in and take over and take away the personal feel. He and I share very similar values in terms of our practice and how to treat patients.”

In addition to shared values, Dr. Salin says a commitment to continuing professional education and development helped draw the two practices together. 

“All the surgeons currently working in our office have dentistry in their family,” he adds. “My father, as well as Dr. [Jared] Weiner and Dr. [Bryan] Nack’s, practiced general dentistry, while Dr. [Adam] Semanoff’s father owns an IT business catering to dentists. We watched them have great relationships with patients over the long term, and though we didn’t want to practice general dentistry, it was important to us to build that family rapport through the years. That’s what’s important to us.”

Also, Dr. Salin and Dr. Nack will follow in Dr. Moriconi’s footsteps to mentor dental residents at Abington - Jefferson Hospital. Dr. Moriconi served as chief of the Dental Division at Abington Hospital and program director for the hospital’s general practice dental residency since 1987. Dr. Salin says he looks forward to bringing his own experience to help educate the dental residents.

More Growth on the Horizon
While the Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery team will hold fast to the family values that have made the practice special, more change is inevitable. For example, the practice’s Newtown office recently completed a renovation designed to make the space more modern and functional, including the addition of a radiology center.

“We are also in the midst of acquiring a freestanding office center in Abington,” Dr. Salin says. “This new larger facility will feature all the modern surgical amenities and dental technology patients should expect, in a comfortable and inviting space.”  

Likewise, the clinical team of Drs. Salin, Weiner, and Semanoff has grown with the addition of Bryan Nack, D.M.D., a graduate of the Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry followed by completion of his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Nack’s interests include dental implant placement, corrective jaw surgery, and trauma surgery. While he may be the newest addition to the practice, Dr. Nack is no stranger to Dr. Salin’s work. In fact, Dr. Salin mentored Dr. Nack through dental school and his subsequent specialty training in oral surgery, which involves much more than dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction. 

“Our surgical specialty is very broad reaching,” Dr. Salin says. “Whether our patients have been through major facial cancer surgery or require facial reconstruction after a traumatic injury that led to the loss of their jaws and/or teeth, we have modern surgical therapies to give them their smile back.” 

One such implant therapy is referred to as a zygomatic (or cheekbone) implant. Often patients are told they are not candidates for conventional dental implants; however, through the use of zygomatic implants and other jaw augmentation procedures, new teeth can become a reality. Another alternative for many patients is the All-On-4® treatment concept that can be used for complete teeth replacement using just four anchor implants, with new teeth placement within 24 hours.

“We do things that are very cutting edge that may not be performed in university hospital settings,” Dr. Salin adds. “As a private practice, we have less red tape. If we want a piece of dental technology equipment, we can buy it. If there is a new technique, we can reach out to the person who created it and undergo intense clinical training with them and incorporate it into our daily practice.”

More than anything, Drs. Salin, Weiner, Semanoff, and Nack pride themselves in their ability to offer hope to those who might have been turned away by practitioners who have not incorporated these new reconstructive procedures into their practices.

“When other dental surgeons say ‘no,’ we can say ‘yes,’” he says. “Most people just don’t know what options are available for them. Additionally, in office general anesthesia for these outpatient procedures has really changed patients’ experiences for the better when it comes to dentistry.”

For those who may have been traumatized by negative experiences elsewhere, the practitioners of Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery stand ready to prove that not all dental professionals are created equally. More so, they want each patient to know that they have a deep understanding of how much a healthy smile can impact a person’s life.

“What do people love most?” he says. “People love to eat, they love to smile, and they love being happy. Most people can’t imagine going without those things. To restore a smile for someone who has been diagnosed as ‘end stage’ and make them ‘feel like a real person’ again, that is the most rewarding part of our career.”

Fast Facts
Since its inception, Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery has honed technique and perfected artistry through the completion of procedures including those listed below.

* Removed more than 85,000 wisdom teeth
* Administered more than 30,000 outpatient general anesthetics
* Placed more than 12,000 dental implants 
* Placed more than 400 All-On-4® dental implant prostheses
* Completed more than 7,500 jawbone augmentation procedures 

Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery

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Photograph by Gabriela Barrantes

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2021.