Behind a Tough Exterior, a Special Breed
In his firm Rogers Counsel, attorney Lance Rogers leads a team of keen, compassionate, and hard-working legal professionals devoted to “setting things right” for clients.
by Leigh Stuart

Attorney Lance Rogers is a rare find.
He is the savvy, Ivy league-educated legal professional at the helm of a Main Line law firm that bears his name. He is a loving husband and father. He chairs the Claude Giroux Foundation. He strives to be an all-around decent human being—calm, direct, and fair minded, and tough as leather when necessary. It only makes sense that the firm he founded in 2009 would attract individuals of equally high merit and good character.  
“The team I have now is the best team I’ve ever worked with,” says Rogers, the owner and managing partner of Rogers Counsel in Ardmore. “What all these attorneys have in common is intelligence, but that’s just a prerequisite. Clients also need someone who is invested and will do whatever is necessary, pour in whatever time is necessary, to advocate on their behalf.”
Brian Newman is one such team member. From his vantage point, he believes his fellow attorneys in the full-service firm will “do anything for a client.”
“What we have here are people who for one reason or another have been drawn here through Lance’s vision,” says Newman. “Teamwork is important here, and we all like each other professionally and personally. That’s part of Lance’s vision, to better serve clients with a team that works together toward a common goal.”
Joe Heffern, an associate attorney with the firm, agrees. He says this convivial spirit encourages collaboration and creative problem-solving.
“We have diverse backgrounds from a legal standpoint,” Heffern adds. “Brian’s background is in general civil litigation; I have a background in intellectual property and complex litigation; and Lance has a background in commercial and residential real estate, and commercial litigation. The firm has other attorneys, also with varying backgrounds and areas of focus. Rogers Counsel has an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere. It doesn’t have the stodgy feel that a lot of white-shoe firms have.”
Rogers Counsel makes its services and resources available to clients via two different models. One being the traditional hourly fee model and the other is a unique fee model. It’s a flat-fee approach that Rogers invented when he started the firm in 2009. A corporation, for example, would hire Rogers Counsel as outside general counsel for a flat fee per month. By doing so, Rogers and his team would “become better acquainted with a company’s needs,” he says, and satisfy all the company’s legal necessities.
In some cases, Rogers suggests the firm becomes almost an extension of corporations themselves. 
“I sit on the board of some of my clients’ companies,” Rogers says. “Presidents call me at all hours with questions, but I understand their business model and goals, and love being in a position to help them. I came from a big firm, and I’ve seen how expensive big firms can be. We offer the same blue-chip service those firms can offer, but through a model that affords a client the benefit of five attorneys for one flat fee per month.”
Rogers Counsel practices primarily in civil litigation, meaning the team is well versed in handling disputes in court. Other areas of practice include real estate and intellectual property, though Rogers assures “most facets of law are covered.”
“The firm continues to evolve,” he adds. “When I started this firm twelve years ago, I was basically working out of my house with one client. We have since become a firm that has five attorneys and three excellent support staff. I am proud that we have evolved into a first-class firm with clients all over America and the world.”
Rogers Counsel’s client roster reflects expertise in matters large and small, as the firm represents A-list celebrities and sports figures as well as individuals, small local businesses, and more. His connection to many different worlds is how he met Claude Giroux, star forward and captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. Rogers now chairs Giroux’s nonprofit foundation, which partners with other organizations to transform the lives of children who are struggling, both in the Philadelphia area and beyond.
“The firm’s transformation has been exciting,” Rogers says. “I’ve had a lot of success in hiring the right types of people to offer clients the best representation possible. Lawyers here are a special breed; first, they are extremely intelligent; second, they’re extremely personable; third, they are invested. They care about cases. We also enjoy challenges. We take a fresh look at issues and try to resolve them in creative ways. We don’t apply a cookie-cutter approach because we know there is no single solution. We think through what’s in the best interest of each client so we can resolve their issue in a way that best suits their needs.”
Rogers suggests it’s far from uncommon for members of the Rogers Counsel team to speak on nights and weekends about cases. That said, Rogers Counsel respects the sanctity of family and the importance of balance.
“One of the nice things about Rogers Counsel—one of the reasons I’m here—is that Lance really values a work-life balance,” Heffern says. “He knows that a happy attorney is a good attorney. … He understands that sometimes family takes precedence.”
As the father of a child on the autism spectrum, Heffern says the flexibility and support of Rogers and his teammates has been invaluable. 
“My son has lots of doctors’ appointments, and I have lots of appointments with school,” he shares. “I’ve also had the opportunity to learn disability law here. As a patent attorney, I’ve learned so much about how to protect property and business, but when it hits home you know how it feels to be in a situation where your own child is at stake. I think this firm has been able to afford me a lot of perspective and become a more compassionate attorney.”
Rogers understands the gravitas of the service he and his colleagues perform every day. As attorneys, they must help people get through some of the darkest days of their lives. Few professions in the world impact a person’s life so directly, and Rogers and his team treat this responsibility with reverence. 
“We enjoy what we do, and it shows,” Rogers adds. “I have a strong sense of justice and doing the right thing, and I believe in making bad actors pay for what they’ve done. I take things very personally, and I truly feel a person’s disappointment, hurt, and anger. I want to do what I can to help and make things right.” 

Rogers Counsel
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Photograph by Nina Lea Photography

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, July 2021.