Quarterbacking Patients’ Care
Dr. Dilip Dudhat of Advanced Dental Esthetics, recently named the official dentist of the Philadelphia Eagles, provides exceptional dental care for patients of all ages and backgrounds.
by Bill Donahue

Dilip N. Dudhat, D.M.D., has committed his professional life to protecting the health, function, and aesthetics of patients’ teeth and surrounding structures. It should come as no surprise when he says it’s essential for area residents of all ages to prioritize their oral health. When asked why some people let life’s obligations keep them out of the dentist’s chair, Dr. Dudhat responds with three simple words: “time, fear, money.”
Dr. Dudhat, the owner and primary dentist of Advanced Dental Esthetics in Colmar, has created a comprehensive dental practice that offers workable solutions to each of three of those objections. In other words, there’s no good reason for a patient to skip a trip to the dentist.
Just ask members of the Philadelphia Eagles football team. 
Dr. Dudhat recently became the official dentist of the Eagles, treating members of the team at his Colmar office and other affiliated locations throughout the Philadelphia area. If a professional football player can prioritize his dental health, despite commitments to games, practices, and other obligations, so can anyone else. 
Dr. Dudhat, who has been practicing dentistry for 23 years, has already treated several Eagles players through his practice. Some have sat in his chair to have their general dentistry concerns addressed. Others have sought him out for his sterling cosmetic work. One player came to Dr. Dudhat to treat a persistent case of obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially serious disorder in which the relaxation of the throat muscles disrupts an individual’s breathing while sleeping. Dr. Dudhat manufactured a custom oral appliance to cure the player’s sleep apnea without the need for a CPAP machine. 
“As a result, he’s able to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested so he can be more energetic during the day,” Dr. Dudhat says. “And yes, he says the treatment has absolutely affected his performance on the field.”
Dr. Dudhat is excited about the perquisites such an affiliation might bring to his practice. He believes the partnership will help generate new business from Eagles fans. When it comes down to it, though, he’s a fan himself and considers the affiliation a tremendous honor.
“I have been an Eagles fan since 1993,” he says. “I came to Philadelphia to go to dental school at Temple University, from 1992 to 1996, and I fell in love with the team. A lot of my patients are Eagles fans, so we’ve always had that bond in common, and I look forward to treating more of their fans. Based on my training, my ability to provide same-day dentistry, and having multiple locations in the area, [the partnership with the Eagles] was the right fit.”
Of course, one need not be a professional athlete to benefit from Dr. Dudhat’s expertise. His practice offers a comfortable and relaxing environment ideal for all patients, regardless of their concerns. The practice provides the full gamut of dental services, from the simple (routine checkups and cleanings) to the sophisticated (complex procedures such as LANAP, short for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a minimally invasive procedure that uses a specialized laser to effectively treat periodontal disease). In addition, dental implants are an area of specialty; he has placed and restored more than 20,000 implants, treats failing implants, and replaces teeth with single implants all the way up to full-mouth rehabilitations. 
“Everyone can have a beautiful smile, but for the people who don’t, it usually comes back to the issues of time, fear, and money,” he says. “Our practice addresses all three. We save time by starting with the end in mind, pre-planning everything to carry treatment forward. We also have flexible hours; no one should have to miss work to take care of their mouth. For fearful or phobic patients, we offer treatment with laughing gas, oral sedation, and even general anesthesia, so you don’t have to postpone because of fear. Finally, we have an in-office dental plan, interest-free financing, and participate in network with PPO insurances. Dental care can be affordable for anyone.”
Dr. Dudhat enjoys the opportunity to educate patients about their health. Each patient who sits in his chair receives a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough medical history, a blood pressure screening, and an evaluation to detect potential abnormalities such as oral cancer. In addition, each patient receives a full gum health assessment and, when needed, a personalized treatment plan.
He also emphasizes the undeniable connection between oral health and systemic health. The bacteria created by gum disease have been linked to several serious and potential deadly health issues, ranging from heart attack and diabetes to pancreatic cancer and erectile dysfunction.
“I became a dentist because I enjoy helping people,” he says. “We’re here to help whoever needs help. If you’re looking for a brighter, healthier, more functional smile, you can count on us.”
Considering Advanced Dental Esthetics’ recent growth and its affiliation with a high-profile organization such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Dr. Dudhat has had a productive summer. What does he have planned for an encore? Stay tuned, because he may very well soon become the official dentist for another of Philadelphia’s major sports teams. 
“If I have enough time,” he says, “maybe I will consider helping other sports teams, too.”
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, November 2021.