Lasting Impression
Known as industry leaders, educators, and “master artists,” the team at Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio produces elegant, natural-looking results that change lives for the better.
by Debra Wallace

When Valerie Weber starts talking about the art of cosmetics, her passion for the craft—and her devotion to educating others—comes shining through.
Weber has had a deep love for the arts and other forms of creativity all her life. She began painting and sculpting, as well as performing music, at an early age. When she entered the working world and learned about cosmetic tattooing, the discovery changed her, because she realized this innovative art form could dramatically change the lives of others. 
At the time she was an aesthetician working for someone else, helping people to correct their skin issues. Her ambition to learn permanent cosmetics and tattooing led her down a remarkably different path. In 2003, she founded Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio in Doylestown. The studio has not only thrived in the years since, but also experienced meteoric growth.
“We have a team of specialized professionals who cater to certain pain points that our clients want to resolve,” she says. “Since mediocre is not an option, all of the services that we offer are performed at a peak level. I am proud that every member of our team is as passionate about what they are doing as I am.”
Dermagrafix’s value proposition is crystal clear: a team of highly devoted team artists who are passionate about their craft, all committed to maintaining uncompromising standards in regard to clients’ health, safety, and satisfaction. 
“The public is generally aware of cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows and might even know someone who has it, but that’s where the similarities end,” she explains. “Our cosmetic facial tattoos include comprehensive options for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner techniques. While these services are common today, we bring a different element to the table.”
Dermagrafix developed its own proprietary techniques that have taken years to master. The studio takes an individualized approach to working with each client, using different techniques to meet unique skin characteristics and artistic preferences. Weber and her team adapt their style and “harmonize it with each client’s anatomy” to produce elegant, natural-looking results. 
Of course, the studio offers more than just permanent makeup. Other services offered include scalp micropigmentation, paramedical pigmentation, and skin rejuvenation, as well as henna, tattoo removal, and treatment preparation, among others.
“We take a person’s health, safety, and identity seriously, and our clients are able to have a trust in our dedication to those core values,” she adds. “We have made it our business to provide top-quality services, by well-trained technicians while looking out for each client’s optimum health and safety. Our artistic talents and certifications make us the experts.” 
Dermagrafix’s team of highly educated artists pride themselves on being well-trained and maintaining high levels of certification. “Master artist” may not be an industry-accepted term, but Weber uses the term to describe the artists on staff. After many years of dedication, honing their skills and continually adding to their education, the phrase certainly seems appropriate. 
Ian Krueger, who is Weber’s husband, is the team’s scalp micropigmentation specialist. He specializes in recreating the appearance of hyper-realistic hair stubble to conceal cranial scars from hair transplants or lifesaving surgeries. Krueger can conceal thinning hair and baldness from stress or hormonal changes for both men and women. He can also rebuild the appearance of a full head of shaved hair for those with alopecia. His customized approach always considers the preference of the wearer, and Weber says his clients trust his ability to construct natural-looking hairlines with undetectable enhancements.
Team member Marnie Rustemeyer is the studio’s areola and scar specialist. A former Wall Street professional, Rustemeyer is also a breast cancer “previvor,” meaning she was diagnosed with the BRCA gene mutation that put her at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. She opted to have breast surgery and reconstruction, which inspired her to help women (and men) who have had similar experiences. Her skills in scar concealment are nothing less than an art form, as they help survivors and previvors move past the trauma associated with their diagnosis. 
Restorative tattooing and scar camouflage help restore an individual’s confidence and sense of freedom. For example, areola recreation is a three-dimensional cosmetic tattoo that essentially restores the nipple area following breast reconstruction. 
“We never realize how much a person is mourning the loss of a body part like their breasts, but it is traumatic and a very long road to recovery for hundreds of thousands of people,” Weber notes. “Both men and women are affected by breast cancer, and we are able to help these patients to get their confidence back.”
In fact, Weber’s studio recently partnered with the AiRS Foundation (Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery) to help those who have been affected by breast cancer. The foundation aspires to assist uninsured patients with the costs of breast reconstruction and related procedures.
Dermagrafix also provides ongoing education and certification for industry professionals. Weber has two decades of experience, while her staff has an average of 10 years of collective experience and training. Weber and her team are all Platinum and Gold AAM Certified (American Academy of Micropigmentation), SPCP Trainer and Artist Members (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), and CPCP Certified (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional).
“Not many trainers can say they have 20 years of expertise behind them to pass on,” she says. “Our profesional artists assist in our fundamental training courses and host their own advanced workshops as well.”
In yet another example of how she maintains her position as an industry leader, Weber intends to launch her own eco-friendly scalp micropigmentation line, either late this year or early 2022. After two decades of evolving, learning, and nurturing her business, Weber says she still loves what she does—especially educating others, from clients to the next generation of artists through hands-on training, speaking at international conferences, and Weber’s INK-CREDIBLE podcast.  
“At Dermagrafix, we want to educate the public so they can decipher proper from improper results or care,” she says. “We also want the public to know how these services can help solve their needs, too. Each of us enjoys learning and growing, ultimately because of how it impacts others. This is the drive behind everything we do.”
Her advice to prospective clients before they step foot in any studio: “Do your research to find someone who is not only a good artist but also believes in continuing education and training. Education is what separates us. That’s why we spring out of bed each and every day.”

Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio
10 E. Court Street 
Doylestown, PA 18901
(267) 454-7464

Photograph by Jody Robinson

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, September 2021.