Always Improving
With the addition of Dr. Mina Yacoub, the West Chester dental practice founded by Dr. David Stall enhances its ability to provide comprehensive and trusted dental care.
by Jenny Graham

Known throughout the area for providing comprehensive dental care for nearly four decades, David Stall, D.M.D., has become a fixture in the West Chester healthcare community.
“For the past 38 years, I have put everything I have into this building to create the best practice for my patients to have care,” Dr. Stall says. “We exceed all ADA (American Dental Association) and CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) requirements for safety. I want people who’ve been putting off dentistry for a long time because of fear to know that we are here for them.”
Knowing trust is more important than ever in a practitioner-patient relationship, Dr. Stall emphasizes that “good enough” is never a standard at his practice.
“Here we provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages in all areas of dentistry,” he says. “We accommodate complex cases, as well as people who need sedation and people who want advanced implant care. We see a lot of people who are ‘dentally debilitated.’ For one reason or another, someone might need all their remaining teeth removed, and have implants placed—either for snap-on implant appliances or fixed dentures that are screwed in. Replacing a few teeth with implants now can replace the old style of bridgework.”
Another procedure Dr. Stall has become known for is the frenectomy, an oral procedure involving the laser removal of the frenum, the membrane between the underside of the tongue and the floor of the mouth or gums, to help infants having trouble nursing. In a procedure that takes as little as 30 seconds, Dr. Stall can offer infants and concerned mothers with a solution to a baby’s nutritional needs. In fact, Dr. Stall estimates he performs six to 10 frenectomies per week. He also does this procedure on “tongue-tied” adults who have speech or sleep issues. 
This success with the tiniest patients speaks volumes to Dr. Stall’s commitment, both personally and within his practice, to customize treatment according to each patient’s unique dental needs. This individualized approach helps to explain the rising demand for his expertise. In an effort to accommodate more patients who wish to benefit from his philosophy of care, Dr. Stall recently brought aboard Mina Yacoub, D.M.D., a summa cum laude graduate of Philadelphia’s Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, where Dr. Yacoub was a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a national dental honors society.
“His father was a respected dentist in Egypt, and I handpicked him to join this practice,” Dr. Stall says. “Every time we spoke, over many visits, it was clear to me that he could provide the trusted, compassionate care I strive to offer patients, and do it comprehensively. He’s very bright and has additional training at Abington Hospital in all areas, including a general practice residency program where he was highly regarded.”
Dr. Yacoub, who started his academic journey in pharmaceuticals, decided to follow in his father’s illustrious footsteps by pursuing a career in dental medicine in the United States.
“I had very extensive training at Abington-Jefferson,” Dr. Yacoub says. “As I finished my residency last spring, I was in search of a private practice where I could grow. I wanted a professional home, not just a job. Our philosophies aligned, and Dr. Stall’s patient-centered perspective seemed similar to mine. Now, I have a lifelong mentor and a colleague who thinks like me that you should not just treat ‘cases’ but whole human beings, which has always been my No. 1 goal.”
Dr. Yacoub credits Dr. Stall, as well as his unfailingly kind and capable staff, with the ease of transition into his new professional home. Cutting-edge technology such as 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and treatment options such as sedation dentistry also contribute to the success Dr. Yacoub has seen in treating patients since joining the practice.
“This is a very high-tech office,” says Dr. Yacoub. “I have completed over 100 continuing-education credits since joining the office. Like Dr. Stall, I’m always trying to improve.”
Photograph by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, October 2021.