No Time Like the Present
In an unprecedented market, COMPASS RE Realtor Robin Halpern and her team take a concierge-like approach to achieving the best possible results for each client.
by Erica Young

The current real estate market is unlike anything the United States has seen in decades, if ever. Stiff competition for available homes has resulted in lightning-quick sales, often at well above the asking price. For potential sellers, it seems as though the world is their oyster. While that may be true in one respect, the lack of available inventory has spurred fears among would-be sellers that they may have to compromise when purchasing a new home. 
Robin Halpern stands ready to help. As a longtime resident of the Main Line, Halpern takes a concierge-like approach to helping sellers of luxury homes reap the dividends of current market conditions. She also specializes in putting clients at ease. 
“People come to me right now feeling incredibly overwhelmed, and it’s my job to shoulder that stress and get my clients exactly what they’re looking for,” says Halpern. “I’m an incredibly moral and ethical person, and I love what I do. I make this experience fun, and that shows in what my team and I are able to accomplish.”
Having been a key figure in Main Line real estate since 2008, Halpern joined COMPASS two years ago. She describes COMPASS as “a technology company that specializes in real estate.” She considers this a significant advantage, because the affiliation has given her the tools and resources she needs to build her brand and better serve her clients. In other words, she feels supported in her ability to provide a luxury experience, exceed clients’ expectations, and put their fears to rest. 
“Right now, Step One involves changing the mindset of my clients—calming them down and showing them the potential,” says Halpern. “The reality is that we’re living in a low-inventory market, so there is less pressure on preparing a house for sale and more opportunity if you’re willing to see things differently.”
Halpern states the pandemic altered the country’s mindset as it relates to a home’s potential. Spending more time at home for remote work and schooling forced people to look at every room in a house just a little bit differently. Some have chosen to move in search of a home that better suits their needs, thereby creating opportunities for would-be buyers. 
“Home has a whole different meaning to people now,” she adds. “The room above the garage that everyone looked at and thought, ‘What do I do with that?’ has become a home office that everyone needs. Maybe you went from being two people with two spare bedrooms to being two people with two offices. We’re all viewing the potential of our homes alongside what we need for the future.”
Halpern realizes there is a population of people who might want to move but are refraining from doing so because of the increasingly negative headlines associated with the economy and world events; many fear a situation similar to the Great Recession of the late 2000s. Halpern hopes to allay those fears by letting people know that current circumstances are much different than those of nearly 15 years ago.
“That 2008 crisis happened for real reasons that are not the case that we’re seeing right now,” she says. “We see a rise in prices because of the desires for these reimagined homes. If you drew a line from 2008 to 2021 and did a normal valuation of how properties rise over time, we’re actually exactly where we should be. We just had this unbelievable quick pendulum swing to get us here.” 
Halpern adds that she has an “incredible referral network” of experts across the country to connect with people who are looking to downsize, relocate, or shift their investment into multiple properties. “This is a fantastic opportunity for downsizing and expanding your reach,” she says. “We can direct our customers to top agents across the country to facilitate a summer home or a second home.”
For luxury sellers, Halpern is able to utilize the COMPASS “Private Exclusive” package to create a bespoke home-selling experience. This offering allows home sellers to list their homes without unwanted publicity. “You don’t have to put a sign in your lawn or put photos of your home out on public sites,” she adds. “It allows you to market a great listing to an exclusive group of buyers.” 
Regardless of the home, those who are ready to sell face a lingering question: Who do they turn to in order to make their dreams a reality? Halpern suggests that working with an experienced Realtor is more essential than ever. 
“There’s nothing to be afraid of in this market, especially if you have knowledge and you have someone in your corner,” says Halpern. “You need a person who knows the area, knows the market, and knows what to look for. With the right person by your side, you can find exactly what you are looking for in that reimagined home.”
No matter the client or the situation, Halpern’s goal is always the same: to build a relationship founded on honesty and trust, and to achieve the best results possible. 
“I love my job and the people I work with, but I know the reputation that comes with real estate,” Halpern says. “People have hesitation around offers and listings in real estate, because they are worried they’re not getting the best offer. I understand that, which is why ethics and morality are tenets of my career and of my life. That’s the key piece of me that I want my clients to walk away with.” 
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Photograph by Brendan Lowry
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, February 2022.