Built to Last
The COMPASS RE team led by Realtor Deana Corrigan strives to make a lasting impression on the lives of families in Bucks County and beyond. 
by Bill Donahue

As a preeminent Realtor in Bucks County, Deana Corrigan has the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of other people. She has long had a profound desire to help others, though she initially imagined following a much different career path. 
“I started my career in sales and marketing, and I was very good at it, but my passion was in social work,” says Deana, a Doylestown resident originally from the suburbs of Albany, New York. “I loved doing social work because I was able to help people who really needed it. At the same time, I also needed to make money, so I started doing real estate on a part-time basis. What I’ve found is that all work is social work if you’re doing it right.” 
Deana eventually transitioned to working as a full-time Realtor. Another significant change occurred when her husband, Tom, was presented with an opportunity to relocate from upstate New York to the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania—specifically, Bucks County. Although Deana “came along kicking and screaming,” she quickly fell in love with the area’s idyllic landscape, welcoming neighborhoods, and superior schools. She knew she would have to start from scratch in an unfamiliar market, but she saw unlimited potential.  
Deana has since become one of the highest-grossing sales producers in Bucks County. In December 2021, after several years as an owner/Realtor with another firm, she joined the team at COMPASS RE. 
Deana credits two hardworking women for her success. Her mother worked two jobs to support her family and later built a small empire in residential and commercial real estate. Meanwhile, Deana’s grandmother spent almost all of her free time volunteering at a hospital, and she always seemed to find a creative way to uplift her friends and neighbors.
“From an early age I understood the importance of being a good steward of your community,” Deana says. “I also learned the benefits of a hard day’s work. Trust is everything in this business, and you have to work hard to earn that trust. You also have to do the right thing all the time, even when nobody’s looking.”
Purely a seller’s agent, Deana leads a team of real estate professionals devoted to helping buyers and sellers in Bucks and Montgomery counties, as well as Philadelphia. Her team has grown to include six buyer’s agents—including Tom, who started working with Deana more than five years ago—and a talented administrative and support staff.  
“We are a team without ego, with people who collaborate and help each other,” she adds. “Other than Tom, we’re an all-female team, and two of us are trained social workers by education. I feel so passionate about what I’m doing, and I truly enjoy working with sellers who are open to my suggestions about how to get their home ready for market, find the right buyer, and get to the closing table. People can’t always see beyond their vision, so it’s our job to help them see the potential.”
She cites programs such as COMPASS Concierge, which is designed to help sellers net a higher return on investment by fronting the cost of value-added home improvements, such as painting the downstairs and removing old carpets. The seller would repay the amount at settlement, meaning none of the loaned sum would come out of the seller’s pocket.  
“This is a business of details,” she says. “I hire a professional photographer for every listing, and that includes aerials if the property warrants, so buyers can get a good feel for the home. I also have a home stager come in and prepare the home for sale; it doesn’t cost the homeowner anything, and it makes all the difference.”
Likewise, the COMPASS technology platform has helped streamline Deana’s marketing efforts, and also widened her reach. For example, Deana has seen an increase in prospective buyers from as far away as California, Florida, and New York. Sellers have done extraordinarily well given current market conditions, with low interest rates and record-low inventory. Prospective buyers have had a different experience, but Deana says her buyer’s agents go above and beyond to help clients realize their dreams.
“Tom, my husband, loves working with first-time homebuyers, educating them about the process and putting them in a position to succeed,” she adds. “Education is a big part of what we do. With buyers, it’s our job to help them realize what’s most important and what they’re willing to accept or live without, because there’s no such thing as a perfect house. And if we don’t think it’s a good house, we’re going to tell them straight out.”
Besides working on behalf of clients, Deana lends her talents to philanthropic causes devoted to helping veterans, the homeless, and cancer survivors. She’s also a voracious reader, preferring books about achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, not only as a form of self-improvement but also to share inspirational lessons with her team. 
As she looks to the horizon, Deana is excited about future growth prospects, both close to home and much farther afield; she is considering expanding to an office in South Florida to serve buyers and sellers in the fast-growing Naples area. In addition, she’s happy to report that her passion has rubbed off on the next generation. Her oldest son, Matthew, sells commercial real estate for her a large firm in Philadelphia, while her youngest son, Kyle, has expressed interest in following in her footsteps.
“It’s been a really interesting ride,” she says. “A lot has changed since I first got into real estate, but what hasn’t changed is the passion I have for what I do. Helping people change their lives for the better never gets old.”  
Deana Corrigan, Principal/Realtor
54 W. State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 850-8792 | (215) 348-4848
Photograph by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, March 2022.