Smile Rejuvenation
Dr. Nicole Armour specializes in restoring health to the maturing smile.
by Staff

Nicole M. Armour, D.M.D., has crafted a unique state-of-the-art dental practice offering services that draw clients locally and traveling from out of state. 
A glimpse of her website photo gallery demonstrates what sets her services apart. She works with a private master porcelain ceramist to create customized smile makeovers. While she treats patients of all ages, she offers a special focus on “Smile Rejuvenation of the Mature Smile.” Many of her clients find that they can finally take care of themselves after years of career and family building.
Some cases require restructuring the entire dentition or an arch of teeth, while many can be accomplished with a “Mini Smile Makeover” of only four teeth. Dr. Armour explains, “A smile makeover can be as powerful as a face-lift in refreshing one’s look and unleashing a second wave of vitality and confidence. We understand how to create seamlessly realistic porcelain dentistry that brings out the best of each individual client.”
Beyond aesthetics, a deep understanding of the mechanical function behind tooth design is required for treatment success. Dr. Armour fine-tuned her skills through more than 20 years of pre- and post-doctoral experience in the dental field. Her background includes serving as a member of the clinical faculty at Harvard Dental School and clinical attending at Massachusetts General Hospital while practicing in Boston prior to settling in Pennsylvania. As the owner of her Newtown practice, she is dedicated to enriching lives through the art of dentistry.  
What’s Involved With a Smile Makeover?  
“Whenever possible, treating the fewest number of teeth in the simplest manner to achieve one’s goal is ideal,” Dr. Armour explains. “One must also consider the degree of time, money, and effort to invest.”

Dr. Armour outlines these factors here:
* Time: Most cases can be completed within two months of starting treatment. Some cases benefit from orthodontics or dental implants prior to the makeover.  
* Money: It is important to speak candidly about the investment portion of treatment as this is often the most significant consideration. The cost of treatment is commensurate with planning a home renovation. Fees vary depending on case complexity and involvement of adjunctive treatment, such as dental implants. Fees also reflect the use of the best materials, ceramics, instruments, techniques, attention, and skill needed to achieve the results patients seek. 
Cosmetic treatment investment ranges from conservative changes under $1,000 (whitening, teeth reshaping, some bonding), to $5,000 to 20,000 (a makeover with veneers or crowns), to $25,000 plus (full-arch cases or full-mouth cases).
* Effort: While Armour Dentistry offers all of the comforts of a spa-like retreat, dentistry is still required to achieve the final result. Dr. Armour’s practice has developed painless and precise treatment to minimize possible complications and maximize the patient experience and outcome. Care must be taken in the interim period between appointments while wearing temporary (“provisional”) teeth. A focused commitment to the final prize creates a successful mindset to complete the steps involved to achieve that result.
Each case begins with a discussion of patient goals and ends with a refreshingly confident, customized smile. A common patient “complaint” heard in Dr. Armour’s office: “I wish I had done this sooner.”  
Nicole M. Armour, D.M.D.
104 Pheasant Run
Newtown, PA 18940
(267) 364-5117
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, April 2022.