Agent of Change
Realtor Jamie Adler applies her specialized expertise to helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals amid the challenges of today’s real estate market.
by Jenny Graham

The real estate market has been white hot over the past few years, rife with both risk and reward. For this reason, buyers and sellers require the guidance of an expert such as Jamie Adler, a seasoned Realtor with COMPASS RE. 
“I have created my own real estate team, which has been a huge endeavor,” says Adler, who joined COMPASS earlier this year. “That’s my biggest change, but change is a big part of this business. I’ve been able to manage the changing times and continue helping homeowners throughout my career. 
“Every day the market changes, but you have to continue being an expert,” she continues. “I can sell a home for over asking price and help people price homes to spark that ‘bidding war’ to get the best offer. I think a lot of my success is because I understand how to maneuver to accommodate this changing time.” 
In the more than 15 years she has worked in real estate, Adler has earned a sterling reputation that has enabled her to build an ever-growing client roster, almost all of which has come by way of referral. She did more than $50 million in sales last year, a feat she attributes to her honesty, perseverance, and commitment to constant communication. 
“I work 24/7,” she adds. “You can become a person’s lifeline, being on the phone with them all day, available to them all day. I always joke that every month I get new friends, because when I’m in a transaction, my clients are my friends.”
Focusing largely on the luxury home market, Adler and her dedicated team boast in-depth knowledge of southeastern Pennsylvania. She specializes in helping clients buy and sell homes in some of the most coveted neighborhoods throughout Montgomery County. 
To maximize a seller’s return, Adler and her team go above and beyond to make sure each home hits the market in the best possible light. From professional staging and styling to connecting homeowners with skilled home-improvement professionals who can spruce up a home in advance of the property going on the market, Adler and her team can do it all. 
“It is 100 percent more important today to have an experienced real estate agent,” she says. “The ever-changing market has gotten so convoluted that a lot of people don’t know how to put their best foot forward. I can advise them. Plus, relationship management is huge today, and I know so many agents in this market.”
Another area in which Adler specializes is helping buyers set realistic expectations. 
“When both buyer and seller are expecting everything today, having someone there to balance expectations, finances, and the buying process is really important,” she says. “It’s also important to know the area on a personal level. I lived in Blue Bell for 22 years before moving to Villanova, so I can speak at length about the local schools because my kids went through them.”
Aside from experience and hard work, Adler’s approach to helping buyers and sellers emphasizes the importance of human connection.  
“I can have 20 transactions at the same time, but nobody would know that,” she continues. “I keep all my buyers and sellers calm by making myself available to talk them through issues when they need me. I pride myself on holding someone’s hand from start to finish. I am hugely patient throughout the process, and I answer every last question they can think of.”
Understanding clients’ needs is vital to matching a buyer with the home of their dreams. Rather than bombard a client with dozens or more listings a day, she first gains an understanding of exactly what the client wants and then tailors her suggestions to suit the client’s precise preferences. Many clients now want “move-in ready” homes due to ongoing economic challenges that have affected the labor market and the supply chain. 
“For sellers, I work to get clients the best price on any house, and for buyers, my goal is to help them make the most attractive bid that will get them into the home they want,” she says. “Fortunately, I’ve been very successful.”
The Jamie Adler Team
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Photograph by Jeff Anderson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2022.