Grinning Ear to Ear
CG Orthodontics introduces Grin, a new remote-monitoring technology designed to streamline patients’ orthodontic care.
by Erica Young

When a patient considers orthodontic treatment, either for themselves or for a family member, a central question often bubbles to the surface: “Do I have the bandwidth to do this?” Budgeting is a big concern, including the budgeting of one’s time. Adding extra appointments into an already busy schedule may seem like a bridge too far.
Cathleen George, D.M.D., and Jordan Cogan, D.M.D., the leaders of CG Orthodontics, have not only taken these concerns to heart, but also expanded their practice with convenience at the center of all decisions. Located in both Yardley and Richboro, CG Orthodontics takes an all-encompassing approach to orthodontic care, offering a variety of products, appointment options, and treatment plans under one umbrella.  
“There are new ideas and new energy that we’re able to explore all of the time,” says Dr. Cogan, whose dual practice with Dr. George launched at the start of 2022 after several years of working together and building a team. “We are able to keep things fresh from that perspective, and it’s been really rewarding.”
One of those fresh perspectives at the CG Orthodontics office is a new technology that makes orthodontic care more accessible than ever. The Grin Remote Monitoring system is designed to make orthodontic care flexible and manageable right from the patient’s home. This unique tool and digital platform allows the team at CG Orthodontics to keep on top of patient care without added appointments. To be clear, the platform is a complement to in-person visits, not a replacement.
“When we meet patients for the first time the questions we typically receive are: ‘How long is this going to take?’ and ‘How often do I have to come to the office?’” says Dr. Cogan. “With that in mind, we wanted to find solutions that made orthodontics easier on our patients without compromising the quality of service that we deliver in our practice. Grin tries to improve on those aspects in the comfort of your home.”
Grin includes a smartphone app and digital scope that attaches directly to a patient’s phone. The technology can be implemented as part of an orthodontic plan at the beginning of treatment, or at any point of an existing treatment plan. The patient receives a regular reminder on their smartphone, then uses the scope to film a high-resolution video scan of their teeth and orthodontics, which is sent to Drs. Cogan and George to review.
“The whole process takes less than two minutes for a patient,” Dr. Cogan says. “In that time we are able to reduce the number of in-office visits while also developing a more comprehensive look at your orthodontic treatment.”
Grin works for all orthodontic treatments, and offers value to both traditional braces and clear aligners.
“With traditional braces, you might experience discomfort, or a brace could break between treatments,” Dr. Cogan adds. “In the past, a patient might sit with this for four weeks between visits, which can mean that movement stops for a month. Grin allows us to keep movement going, so we can look at the braces to update your treatment schedule or provide options to ease discomfort.”
When it comes to clear aligners, Grin helps maintain the success of the frequent changes that patients make at home. “With a product like Invisalign, the patient switches out their aligners every week at home,” explains Dr. Cogan. “So we’re allowed to really monitor that progress as it changes each week, to make sure there is no lost time between in-office visits.”
Grin, which works for iPhone and Android users, sends regular notifications to prevent patients from missing a scan. If a patient does miss a scan, Grin will issue a reminder and also notify Drs. Cogan and George to contact the patient directly. It’s all part of CG Orthodontics’ commitment to convenience and patient care of the highest quality.
“Our vision is to make orthodontics as comprehensive and approachable as possible,” Dr. Cogan adds. “Grin is another tool in our toolbelt that allows us to keep your orthodontics on schedule while reducing the disruptions in your life.”
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2022.