Building Relationships, Restoring Smiles
The Dental Spa branches out from its roots in Center City to provide its distinctive brand of patient-centered care for adults who live and work on the Main Line.
by Leigh Stuart

As the son of a prosthodontist, Jeremy D. Kay, D.M.D., has dentistry in his blood. Dr. Kay is carrying on his family’s tradition of excellence in dentistry at The Dental Spa, his boutique Center City practice. More recently, he has partnered with Nicole Deakins, D.M.D., FACP, to expand The Dental Spa’s footprint to include a new, state-of-the-art office in Bryn Mawr so their team can offer the same top-notch care and service for patients who live and work in the suburbs.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to have a practice in a more suburban area,” shares Dr. Kay, whose practice focuses on general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as prosthodontics. “This area in particular has really been transformative. The people are very intellectual, very in tune with their health needs, and the demographics are so diverse, ranging from young professionals with growing families to people watching their grandkids grow up.”

Like Dr. Kay, Dr. Deakins has an impressive C.V., beginning with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where she currently teaches and serves as the Director of the Clinical Honors Program. (Penn is also Dr. Kay’s alma mater, and he continues to serve the institution as a clinical instructor.) Both doctors trained in respected residency programs in New York City; Dr. Deakins completed a postgraduate prosthodontics residency program at Columbia University and subsequently became board certified, while Dr. Kay did his prosthodontics residency at New York University.
“We are both extremely passionate about what we do,” Dr. Kay says. “Dr. Deakins and I both take a very philosophical approach to dentistry that starts with treating everyone with the utmost care. While every patient’s treatment is very different, there are similarities. For example, we treat patients’ needs in the moment, but also look towards the future to ensure patients remain comfortable and healthy. We both believe in the importance of establishing relationships.”
In fact, Dr. Deakins considers each moment she spends with a patient as a building block in what she expects to be a long-term relationship.
“Dentistry has a mental and emotional component, so being patient centered is very important to us,” she says. “We do not offer just a transaction of services; we want patients to feel comfortable coming into an environment that’s more calming.”
Pillars of Service
No thriving practice can succeed without the support of an excellent staff. Like Drs. Deakins and Kay, all team members at The Dental Spa are committed to providing patients with the best experience possible. Dr. Kay says each member of the team “tries to ensure every patient gets the attention they deserve and are comfortable at all times.”
“Given that we’re a smaller practice, it’s important for our team to have a teamwork mentality and also a commitment to building a one-on-one rapport with patients,” Dr. Deakins adds. “Our hygienist has been in the field for over 30 years. She has patients that have followed her to our office.”
Cutting-edge tools and methodologies are pillars of service at The Dental Spa as well. Specializing in general and cosmetic dentistry, as well as prosthodontics, both the city and suburban offices offer the latest and greatest everything, from lasers to scanners to furniture. Cone beam computed tomography, for example, allows for precision scans that are invaluable for diagnosing and treating implant patients, or patients whose dental pain requires further investigation. Invisalign patients benefit from iTero digital scan technology, which has effectively replaced traditional putty-type materials for taking impressions.
“We want patients to see that our dental equipment is all clean and new,” Dr. Deakins says. “These tools also increase accuracy in treatment and shorten turnaround time. We feel these are worthwhile investments for our patients.”
The Dental Spa’s host of tools also includes a diode laser, which can be used to perform oral soft-tissue surgery, such as treating aphthous ulcers and soft-tissue modification. Compared with scalpel cuts, laser treatment offers a significantly reduced healing time for treated areas. The laser can even be used for photobiomodulation, a form of light therapy that can reduce inflammation and relieve pain for patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.
“Our basic philosophy is that we’re dental specialists,” Dr. Deakins says. “We aim to provide quality service in a patient-centered atmosphere. The amount of time we spend with people is our biggest differentiator. Sometimes patients don’t feel heard, and it is my job to really listen and get an understanding of what will make that patient see success in their treatment process.
“Restorative dentistry is very relationship based,” she continues. “With prosthodontics, you can have patients who are with you for the majority of your career. Restorative dentistry has psychological benefits as well as benefits to your physical health; it can impact confidence and wellbeing.”
Dr. Kay agrees, adding that patients will feel comfortable only if they trust their care providers. Forming strong connections built on trust begins with the practice’s leadership; Dr. Kay says he would trust Dr. Deakins to treat his own family, and she would trust him to treat hers.
“It’s important that dentists are up to date with new equipment and procedures, but it’s most important to treat patients as people and care for their long-term health,” Dr. Kay says. “We’re a boutique, patient-centered practice. When patients come in with a problem, it’s our job to diagnose and address the issue and make sure the treatment we provide lasts for a long time. Our goal is simple: We want to treat patients with the intent of having a long-term positive effect on their oral health and lives.”
The Dental Spa
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Philadelphia, PA 19102
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234 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 203
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Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, June 2022.